Cover Debate: 50 Cent & Soulja Boy or Baby & Lil Wayne?

Earlier today (October 19) we leaked the upcoming cover of XXL’s November 2010 issue, featuring 50 Cent and Soulja Boy. The two polarizing figures and close friends posed together for a provocative image with a masked Fif’ draping his arm over the shoulder of a shirtless SB in a sign of solidarity and brotherhood. Still, in the hours following the reveal, hip-hop message boards have gone nuts over the image. A similar flurry of comments came a couple years back when Baby (aka Birdman) and Lil Wayne stood in a similar pose. Based on the striking similarities between the two provocative cover images and equal amounts of mixed feedback, we decided to ask; which cover do you love to hate more?

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  • myronallen

    Baby & Wayne’s is better…especially because of the background.

    • teacher

      Whether or not this is a “gay” cover is irrelevant. If either of them identify as gay in their personal life, who cares? It hurts the black community for this kind of homophobia to persist.

      I teach many young black men in an inner city environment. One of my kids was murdered in a gang related shooting recently.
      This is what we need to be worried about.

      You know why people cover their faces in photos and videos? They do it when they’re showing off their weapons so the police can’t identify them. That is the meaning I take from this photograph. This acceptance of gang culture and violence is disgusting. Children die because they are confronted with imagery and music every day that glorify that kind of lifestyle. Combine that with poverty, and the outcome is severe.

      But its ok. Make your provocative photos, call each other homos, rap about whatever you feel like – the effect will never touch soulja boy or 50 cent – just the kids that listen to their message.

      • dude

        ur such a douche. a gay-loving douche. if the cover is gay is relevant. thats what the blog is about. take ur gay-promoting ass to a gayblog.

        • gee

          haha, you a closet gay?

        • Teacher

          I’m a woman.

          I’m neither a douche, nor a closet gay.

          The homophobia demonstrated in hip hop culture damages the children that buy into it. We are creating a generation of young black men who refuse to participate in reality. (I think thats what you refer to as being a “gay-loving douche.”)

          The entire existence of this topic is disturbing. It has nothing to do with rap or hip hop culture in general. Thats the point you idiot.

          • Taylor Siluwé

            Thank you, Teacher,
            … for taking the time to drop a little wisdom on this site. The depth of the ignorance about gayness, gang-life and thug culture is scary.

            The sad truth is you can shoot somebody in the face get more respect than to come out as gay. Priorities are all twisted.

        • Mrs D

          Gay is sticking a man’s thing into another man. Where you see that here?

  • swluvsmusic88

    Both are extremely homoerotic, reminiscent of Boondock’s Booty Warrior episode and how much prison culture have infiltrated hiphop.

    To answer your question though, 50 and Soulja Boy’s cover is the worst. Baby and Wayne aren’t glistening *riley voice* like 50 and Soulja Boy, and they are in a neighborhood, unlike 50 and Soulja Boy who look like their cover could be in front of a gay Playboy magazine. I mean, look at 50′s hand… Why is it close to Soulja Boy’s behind? And Soulja holding his junk… The only mixed feedback is determining which one is on the receiving end of that “train”!


      I’m with you on this. This is far one of the worst I’ve seen from XXL who’s doing the poses for this shoot? It really does look a lil soft especially for 50 I love all these cats but this is not cool. You cant put tough bodies in a soft situation it just doesnt fit…or pop..


      • Taylor Siluwé

        You can’t put “tough bodies in a soft position”?

        First off, why is an arm around a shoulder soft? Sounds like you’re having a little homo panic-attack, ChocolatecoveredGurl. Men who are comfortable with their own sexuality don’t give a shit about any of this. And women who are overly sensitive have probably dealt with one too many down-low brothers.

        Brothers who, by the way, become down-low because of bullshit like this thread. So keep up the good work Chocolate Gurl, and keep driving more and more brothers to hide who they really are.

        And second — 50 cent is hardly “hard”. LOL I know a drag queen who’s harder than him.

        Bottomline, ChocolatecoveredGurl — your homophobia is showing, and its ugly.

    • momo

      love it !!!!!!!!

    • Taylor Siluwé

      We can agree on one thing, it is homoerotic (the 50 pic – the Wayne is just gross). Fortunately, some of us like homoerotic.

      It would seem like most people have a problem with these pics, ’cause, apparently, black men are only supposed to kill each other. But bottom-line is men who are comfortable with themselves don’t care about this shit and wouldn’t even bother to comment.

      So to all the ones who did – maybe some soul searching is in order.

  • yoprince

    it’s hot as hell in the NO, that’s how a lot of dudes walk around down there in the country/more hood parts. that pic kinda made sense.

    that 50 and SB photo is pure suspect. i’m not calling them gay, but the photo is. 50 in that mask? SB’s face looks bruised? the body angles? all very gay.

    but be honest XXL, these homoerotic photos are just good for business, right?

  • mine

    i just voted wrong – the wayne cover is worse

    • Alex Buntu

      lil wayne and BIRDMAN make the best cover models no doubt………

  • dopeman

    i guess we got wait till dem pics of 50 kissin soulja surface a la baby and wayne!

  • Saint

    Birdman & Lil Wayne’s iz wayyy better

  • BeerGangsta

    You talking about ugly!! This XXL cover is the worst in History!! Dam ya’ll running out of people!! XXL is about to end in 2011!! I hope not. Ya’ll got to get your A Game back up again!!

  • K Da Villian

    I dont think the Weezy and Baby cover is too gay its more like father son love

    now 50 and Soulja Boy dont consider themselves father son, and Soulja boy has expressed his admiration for 50 in interview after interview

  • http://comcast d.

    It looks very homosexual! For real!


    50 & Soulja Boy don’t even have a song together. Thank God !

    • T-Mac

      Yes, they do have a song. And it’s terrible. Don’t even bother listening to it.

    • Anonymous

      yes they do stupid

  • John Cochran

    The Kanye issue yall just did was dope. Now you follow up with this?? Please don’t put this out. I know there’s some better photos of these guys than this. I’m not homophobic enough to call it gay, its just wierd and lame.

    • Old School

      I agree! Brothers….why are we continuously allowing the media to portray us with feminine characteristics or traits. Be conscious that youth that dont have proper supports systems in their lives will refect this sodom and gomorrah like behaviour and think it cool. Through out history it has been made clear that african american males are under attack, why participate with creatiing images that promotes these media inspired stereotypes which ultimately reduces our self worth or value in society as a whole. Take responsiblity and be accountable for all images we are portrayed in!



    MOGUL $$$ GAME ’10!!


    Both those covers look suspect as hell!!

  • Karla

    wayne and baby’s cover isnt that bad.. er’body just knows that they be kissing in shyt, thats why it looks gay- however- that sb abd 50 cover screams gay by way of the wave cap, wife beater, no shirt for sb, with his hands on his genitals. and the way 50 has his arm on him, sort of like a possesive mate or something.. they have definitely been intimate before.. you can just tell

  • Karla

    50 looks too comfortable behind sb azz and sb looks like he’s used to takin it- plus I heard rumors about 50 and how he likes men to give him head.. I know he doesnt just leave it at that.. he gets some azzz too.. and sb be so high- he prolly an industry pass around with a loose bootie- sb lips look kinda red, is that lip stick or lip gloss?? whatever it is.. its gay

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  • E-Hustle

    I fucks with Fif, but that cover is gay, but not as gay as the Cash Money cover with 2 nigga with no shirts on.
    This poll is all about which is the Gayest XXL Cover.
    btw, does anyone still buy this shit?
    Out of 90 pages and issue 85 of them are advertisments for Roca Wear. SMH.

    50 need to be more worried about marketing my nigga Banks HFM2 album Nov 23,.. or should I say 22 because he is going to have to push it up a date with everyone else unless he falls back 1 week.

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  • zayzkidd

    Don’t really matter, both 50 and Soulja boy rap about the same level as Baby. Garbage.

  • Dan

    hmm 50 and baby both have rings on their left hand. is that supposed to mean something?

  • biggamike

    These are by far the gayest magazine covers I have ever seen. The 50/Soulja boy cover is worse than baby/wayne cuz 50 got that jihad booty warrior mask on.

  • Master CHeef

    what makes it so gay, imo, is sb holding his junk while this embrace is happening…

    in retrospect, the wayne and baby cover is kinda fly. wayne, before he started wearing tight pants, could rap his ass off.

  • Master CHeef

    well, I guess I say kinda fly just because of how colossally blinged out wayne is. but the fake blood shit and just finding out that they were kissing did make it pretty gay.

  • MightyGrinch

    I refused to comment on this website, no matter what retarded shit xxl posts (and believe me, there’s a whole fucking lot), but man… This is gayer than 2 guys in a prison cell watching “pretty woman”.

    Why on earth is soulja boy’s ass poking backwards???? he looks like he gave his ass to 20 guys before giving it to curtis.

  • MsSensual

    Dam! Is every black man in the world gay? Depressing!

  • NYC

    Yooo the 50 & SB cover is hot. Call it whatever you want. Thats whats really hood!

  • G-Preet

    man i think baby an wayne luk kik bak in da hood
    buh 50 an soulja luk lyk der on da edge in a studio
    an didnt 50 hav tatts
    yo wayne an drake dat wud be a mean wun

  • dmoney

    why everything got to be gay these days… they making money… millions at that… why yall penny pinching just to pay yo internet bill… people are pathetic…

    • El Tico Loco

      Elton John making money too. What is your point?

  • Anonymous

    dat aint fif!!!

  • teddy

    there not similar poses look at 50 he has a domination mask and is clearly pointing his jewels in the direction of soulja boys ass while he soulja is clearly clentching that is some supa dupa pause

  • teddy

    not to mention soulja cant rap wayne was murdering everything and had been around for like 10 years had a bunch of tapes albums 50 is washed up soulja is on his way and hasnt done shit they probably got the cover because 50 has shares in the shit and can hop on whenever he wants for doing nothing, but i guess its not like anyones been releasing albums so you have no one else to put on except that time this year when u didnt put eminem on when recovery came out fucking fail

  • AJ

    Their All Faggots!!!

  • El Tico Loco

    50 and Birdman, both looking like the Eddie Long of rap.

  • Kimmi Flu

    50 and Souja looks too be a little bit more suspicious because of the way 50 is leaning more towards Soulja. Baby has a more open stance. Now dont get me wrong they both are a little too much. I think both Baby and 50 are gangstalicious anyway….

  • MarciB

    Out of 200 hundred or so pictures taken, this is the one they choose??? They picked the picture that would stir the most controversy, so that they could sell some magazines….SMDH… They could have made the title, “Undercover/Down Low/ Gay Banging Rappers” and bent Soulja Boy over touching his toes in front of 50 & I still wouldn’t have bought the magazine…Sorry XXL, try again.

  • Shawty J

    I think I hate the 50/SB one more. The two have collaborated all of once. I’m also annoyed by the fact that SB is appearing on another XXL cover period. The last thing I heard about him was that “this nigga’s a fucking cokehead, yo.” I don’t exactly find that buzzworthy.

  • GIFT

    both covers are so fuckin gay that i couldn’t vote lol!!!!!somebody tell soljah bwoy to put down that coke and get that nigga a burger lol!!!!!

  • Technique

    First one I’m gonna cop since the Strange Music cover.


    It kills me how so many so-called “straight” people are SO involved in, SO curious about, SO knowlegable about and SO obsessed with any and everything “gay.” I mean, we can’t have a cover photo without all you insecure, borderline closet cases screaming gay this and gay that.

    Homophobia and calling someone gay is almost like, “whoever smelled it, dealt it,” meaning if you’re SOOOOO into calling everything and everyone else gay, there’s probably some sugar in your own tank. Just saying.

  • -VSIV-

    The one with Birdman & Lil’Wayne is better…
    Soulja Boy looks like he’s going to get butt raped by 5o cent

  • morris kalb

    wayne’s is definetly tha best. for 50 and soulja LMFAO

  • Myohmyok

    In my opinion they’ve either been put on an assignment from the white men in power to help with the gay agenda, seen as they prob took the oath. The photo shoot looks like its been directed, with somebody telling them what to do & how they want the front cover to look. I dont believe that as soon as 50 & SB stood infront of the cameras that they automatically took those poses, without being prompted by somebody else.
    But if this style of shoot was there idea, then they homo.


    Actually cheese dick 50 cent and soulja boy do have a song together it’s called “Mean mug”

  • me.

    xxl knows good and well that this cover is gay. it looks like a cover story for down low brothas, homo-thugs or pedophelia.

  • mike

    fucking hell you tards.

    neither of the covers is gay.

    apart from the birdman and lil wayne one LOL

    birdman is just a twat

  • illy

    lil wayne and babys is way gayer because there is proof of them kissin then for them to do that cover is like fucc it we gay and proud but everybody no damn well 50 aint fuccin soldier boy no damn well thats a pistol in his hands the fags are u skinny jean rockin bright hair and color havin extascy poppin lip pearced havin that is gay black men dressing like asian girls then callin it gangsta its g-unit the only niccas who keep gangsta rap alive

  • Rich

    Fifty is my dogg but that cover is sooo gay. Why is 50 wearing a mask? Is it because he’s got his arm around a shirtless Soulja Boy whom is groping his grundle… I think it’s time for a re-shoot! Fix it… Peace Out!

  • jojo

    hott photo. they make a good couple!


    I fucc wit errbody on the covers of both mags and lil waynes an birdmans is not bad at all jus two niggas in the hood in a picture

    now on the other hand fifs an Sb pic look fake as fuc like 50 was photo chopped in. And isnt he suppose be skiny as hell now, i thought he was playin a crack head for a movie so i doubt thats even him or they even took the pic together. jus look at it it looks fake but also gay as fuc.

  • SOD

    Soulja boy conserteza o melhor (fix the best) Brazil here

  • toppatoppa

    Lil Wayne & Birdman’s Cover Photo look like Sum Normal hood Pozin ‘Ish, but Every1 knowz bout their allegedly homo-erotic Relationship. whether or not it’s true, there’s nothing wrong with black men showing 1 another Love & Affection. perhaps, like ‘Teacher’ sayz if we allow black men 2 show affection & Love 4 1 another without condemning it as ‘suspect’ or ‘homo’ there may be a lot less black on black crime/violence. Who knows? …either way, as a Black Man raised within this extremely homo-phobic culture, I foe 1 admire and respect Lil Wayne & Birdman’s Relationship. Homosexual/Bisexual or not I’m sure They pull more & finer Chix than any hater poppin shit on this blog…

    Furthermore, the Fif’ & SB cover Photo is %100 homo-erotica & I for 1 dig it. ain’t nuthin wrong wit a Good Black Bromance. Fif’ be pretty blatant wit his ‘osh tho. Take for example him kissin the Game after their public ‘Make-Up’. the entire thing seemed like a lover’s quarrel to me. But back to this upcoming photo, it seems as tho SB is on the recieving end from the pose. Fif’ is in position to ‘infiltrate’, if you know what I mean. but fuck it, if that’s how They Get Down, then to Each his/her Own. As opposed to being brought up to fear and hate 1 another based on our personal preferences, we need to teach/show young black men that they can be free and do not necessarily have to fit themselves into the boxes allotted in order to be embraced, loved and accepted within our communities. Anything less is a problem. It’s oppressive & it’s repressive. We’re tragically continuing to proliferate the ideals of Willie Lynch. If you don’t ’bout him look him up. Divide & conquer. This is why our communities continue to play a limited role in society, economically and sociologically…

    But to answer the ques, I prefer Fif’ & SB’s Cover Photo. It’s more-so artistically intriguing… However the real issue that no-1 seems to be addressing is the crude fact that both their music sucks sweaty balls. I mean underground Fif’ was my dude. Mainstream Fif’ is unbearable after his 1st album dropped. As far as SB goes, I don’t understand why our radio stations ever had to be assaulted wit his disney on ‘syrup’ music & lyrics. y r any of these two on the Cover of anything? I mean, “wtf!?”

  • t

    50 stole dat t-shirt idea from YAK

    Biting iz not Kool!;~(

  • http://myspace ashley ayers

    lil wayne and baby j is way better fuck 50 cent and soulja boy real talk bro

  • GrandCruToo

    It’s weird cause i seen this magazine on the shelf at the store and something struck me as odd but i didnt get to deep into it.. cause 50 and soulja boi are not people I care to know about. But now that you mention it there are strong homosexual undertones. It’s my opinion that this must have been intentional whether to make a point or because they are indeed gay. Theres no way a professional photographer, editors etc chose that picture out of im sure hundreds because it was the best. As far as photos go it is awkward in several regards. body positioning, props, wardrobe, lighting etc especially when you consider the purpose and who they’re marketing too. It’s statiscally unlikely that so many professional’s bad sense could allign to equal this cover. I mean if so many readers saw it immediately, dont you think one office head would of been like “yo this is kinda homo”. Finally, it’s not just the gayness that bothers me, it’s the domination thats alluded to. The s&m mask, the dominant position (when i hold my girl it dont look like that). The vulnerability of SB, less clothed, blatantly at a physical disadvantage, the bruised looking face that is expressionless. This shit is just creepy. Gay or straight or w/e that kind of abuse should never be glorified this way.

  • sam

    50 Cent & Soulja Boy look like “battyman fi real.” As Buju would seh, “fire bun fi di chi chi man dem… “

  • Truth

    The truth is that homosexuality IS wrong…if It wasn’t (and I know you’ve heard it before …) men could have babies with men.
    Jesus didn’t design it that way. If every person born were to turn gay “at this moment” the entire Human Race would be dead with in lets say…the next 105 years. No???
    Im no angel so dont try to label me as a closed minded christian or anything like that , but deep down we all know right from wrong..Some of us are just far more reluctant to admit truth then others.
    Bottom line..these dudes is doing their part in promoting gay enuendo whether they no it or not (which they probably do)even though it’s subtle enough to lead to debate, which could also be by design..Do your self a favor and look up popultation control/reduction…Opperation paper clip & miseducation of the negro..PEACE

  • http://thisis50 mcl14

    no kissing from 50 n soulja boy tho….cant c dt happenin like gay wayne n his daddy!!!lol:):)

  • Anonymous

    Notice how both 50 & Baby have wedding rings on!!!

  • Anonymous

    AND Soulja Boy is grabbing his dick

  • Briana Campbell

    I have ta go wit Lil Wayne n Birdman’s there’s look way better then the crap nxt to them n plus 50 cent didnt even show his face….How do i kno dats him????? Exactly lolz

  • astonished

    i swear people read too much into EVERYTHING. its a fucking photograph wtf!