Cassidy Live Interview on

Cassidy will be coming up to the XXL offices on this afternoon (October 13) for a live interview on our  weekly UStream show, Spotlight.

Following our sit down with Dipset last week, the broadcast is scheduled to air in real-time simultaneously on both and Channel Live at 4 p.m. EST. Fans are encouraged to hit @XXLStaff on Twitter with their questions for the Philadelphia native.

Cass is currently prepping the release of release of his fourth studio album, C.A.S.H. (Cass A Straight Hustla) on November 2. “The best album I ever put together,” he said in a statement. This will be the first album by Cassidy to be released through a deal with the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony’s Krossover Entertainment and Entertainment One Music/Larsiny.

Be sure to tune in to Spotlight with Cass below. —XXL Staff

UPDATE: There was an error with the feed and the footage of the interview will be up as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience as we look into the problem.

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  • antonio

    where cass at

    • Anonymous

      collectin welfare

  • evander

    Cassidy said he will battle Lloyd Banks for 500,000 paperview!!!

    • Anonymous

      neither them niggas can rap

  • Leawood2

    dats push montana…wheres cassidy

  • LEEFCVpCmd

    he said Sum bullshyt

  • power up

    Look. I’m gonna post this all over this site. We got an election nov 2nd and the republicans is voting to eliminate the mutha fucking minimum wage! They also voting to end all public college scholarships cause they rich and greedy. Last but not least, they plan to make anybody caught with so much as a joint do federal time. Who you think they wanna fuck with these laws? Like your minimum wage paycheck too generous and your employer need a break?! Are you kidding me!

    You got less than 5 days to register to vote up DEMOCRATS and beat the bigots in the republican and tea party back. You can register to vote at the DMV and you can also do a search on google for voter registration in yo state. We aint beat yet and Obama can’t do shit if we don’t vote up his allies on nov 2. DEMOCRATS NOW! Fuck the bigots in the tea party and slimy ass republicans.

    • Anonymous

      fuck u nickuh

  • Mpho

    wtf??, why isn’t Cassidy’s shit showing here?? fuckin xxl

  • HouTex

    Is Someone Ever Goin Fix This

  • Anonymous

    can somebody please fix the problem