Bushwick Bill Released From Custody, No Longer Facing Deportation

Bushwick Bill is a free man. Facing the threat of deportation, after getting arrested in Atlanta last May for drug charges, XXLMag.com has learned that the former Geto Boy won his removal case, and was released from custody last Monday (October 18). XXL spoke to the Jamaican-born rapper and his lawyer to clarify his legal status in the country.

According to his attorney, Carlos Solomiany, when Bill was arrested five months ago for possession of marijuana, police did a background check and found out that along with carrying a green-card, he had three previous convictions on his record. After paying his bail, BB was transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who tried to initiate removal proceedings against him. But after last Thursday’s hearing on the case, the rap vet is “back to being a lawful permanent resident of the United States,” Solomiany said.

Although the misdemeanor charges are still pending, Solomiany is confident that the Small Souljah will not have to serve any more time behind bars, as he hopes to enroll him into a rehabilitation drug court program.

Fans first became aware of Chuckwick’s legal troubles when he failed to show for an appearance at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors last June, where he was scheduled to perform the Geto Boys’s classic song “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” along with Willie D. Game took over in Bill’s absence.

Although the Little Big Man is now free, it doesn’t seem like fans will ever get to see the veteran Southern rap group together any time soon. XXL asked Bill if he plans on working with Willie D and Scarface again, and he said they didn’t seem interested in his new musical direction. His 2009 album, My Testimony of Redemption, saw the born-again rapper rhyming about his religious leanings.

“I don’t think any of them is interested,” he said of appearing on record with his former partners-in-rhyme. “I’ve never got the vibe that they would do a gospel song. ‘Cause when they talking about doing another Geto Boys album I said I would do it if I could rap like I’m rapping on my gospel album, I didn’t get a whole lot of cosigning on that from all the political parties concerned.”

Bill is currently working on his new album, The Road to Redemption. A court date has yet to be determined in his misdemeanor drug case. —Jesse Gissen

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  • LoopDit

    Did he change his name to ‘Chuckwick’ while the story was being written?

  • Official Fully

    Anyone that beats the system gets an official fully. Fully man…

  • BeerGangsta

    Bushwick!! Lifting weights make you bigger. You lift me you be a dead as nigga!! Love that song. I hope you grow up and make the world more good music!!

  • Q461

    Thats a good look for Bushwick no doubt….Who’s the biggest little mothafuka you know???? lol Damn.. Mind’s playin tricks on me was my shit too…

  • |

    dumb fruit

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  • Pharoethagreatest

    @loopdit. My dude, chuckwick is another moniker he uses. Thats some old shit. I’m assuming you’re pretty young cat, or you haven’t really listened to his library of music?

  • Mortis

    No one wants to hear that jesus rap.

    • Anonymous

      Say u don’t because there are paid gospel rappers, the world is big so think big

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  • GB4L

    That’s so awesome to hear! Stay strong Bill, you didn’t deserve deportation and God be with you.

    A Geto Boys reunion is a MUST! Fans want that, The other GB’s can do a couple of gospel songs with Bill and then he can do the same on his solo songs but Will & Face can do their usual gangsta shit on the rest of the album. That’d be killa!

  • Mortis

    How is that gospel rap treating you, Bill?? Sell 20 copies??? Get back to who you really are.

  • gully

    The world needs a combination boxing match and battle rap video with Bushwick Bill and CJ Dippa. REAL TALK ALL DAY SON.