50 Cent’s Production Company Inks $200 Million Deal

50 Cent is once again expanding his empire. According to Variety, 50 has inked a deal that will partner his Cheetah Vision film production company with Hedge Fund Film Partners for a $200 million fund.

With an estimated budget of $20 million per film, the joint venture is slated to produce an estimated total of ten films which will be released by Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate. The goal is to shoot between four and five movies per year, with the filming on the first, Set Up, set to begin next month. The story follows a group of friends in the middle of a dangerous heist and will star 50 Cent and possibly Paul Walker, who is currently in talks to join the cast.

“The thing about ’50 Cent’ is that, just like in his music career, he isn’t someone who sits around and waits for things to get done,” Emmet told Variety. “He came to me and said, ‘How do we move quicker on projects?’ With this new fund, we are able to do that.”

Variety also reports that, “Healthcare magnate Richard Jackson, real estate developer Gary Sakwa and Daniel Ret will provide the equity. Remainder of the fund will be made up of debt and tax credits.”

The Queens-bred rapper started Cheetah Vision along with Randall Emmett in 2009, while the company that they are partnering with is run by George Furla.

Gun, which was Cheetah’s first film, is currently in post-production. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Big D.

    I’m Hustler Baby!

    One thing about that nigga fifty…he gets money.

    • rick ross

      no he duznt nigguh

      • G.Dope

        yous no rick ross bitch you lost, 50 makes more money smackin his dick in yo mommys face then you do at your everyday job. so i dun see why you sayin this nik dun maye bricks of cash.

  • Dub

    Never been a fan of his music, but dude’s grind is something to be admired


    Nigga 200M aint shit. Fuck nigga you a bitch!!!! BTW pussy nigga its Oakland all fuckin day snitchessssssss.

    • mack

      200million aint shit huh lol hell you smoking. and theres more to life outside of oakland clown


        No nigga there aint. You aint never been to the hood nigga so you cant talk whiteboi.

  • The Kid 50 Cent



  • damn

    good shit for Fif, now make some tyter movies

  • fuck the bay

    who can fuck with the hustle honestly?..not jay-z

  • http://twitter.com/jerzhiphophead The Jerzhiphophead

    Assuming that films with his branding can actually attract a big enough audience, this could really be huge. The hip hop community isn’t as relevant in the mainstream world as rock but 50 could still pull some shit off. 20 mil a film ain’t shit though, he better have all star casts in each one.

  • Sha

    Man…. Yall niggas are acting like 50 got a check written to him for $200 Mill for his own personal use. This is budget money. And this is not all of that. $20 Mill per film? That’s going to be a hard one to pull off. Everyone knows 50′s star is falling. That’s why he’s trying to work with some of his previous enemies (Kanye). But I personally don’t think 50 will get to use all of the budget. Once his film flops, the plug will be pulled on this immediately. 50 could have definitely pulled this off 5 years ago. But now? Master P has a better chance of winning an Oscar.

  • SP1


    Of course your hating self can not see 50 making any hits. Lets get a few things clear Mr Ignoramus, 50 and Kanye have never been enemies. That 50 vs Kanye shit was all for publicity and they even worked prior to releasing their albums in 2007 and have yet to release the material. Next, 5o and his production company Cheetah Vision are getting funding for a 10 movie deal and that does not mean he will be starring in all the movies he produces. If he can get the correct script then he can call up many other talented actors out there and his ‘STAR POWER’ can attract many talented actors.

    But it does not matter if 50 gets hated on by dudes who stay frontin’ all day. He is still going to make his money.

    Oh and please cut out the shit about not ever being a fan of 50′s music. Nobody cares who you like but quit frontin’ like you never liked the mans music lol. Go to every 50 song posted on XXL or HiphopDX and just view the number of comments this man gets and then people want to front like the man never made smash hits.

  • Sha


    I respect your opinion. But in all honesty…. You come off very emotional. Like you work for 50 or somethin’.

    You stated “Star Power”….. Interesting choice of words. If you had said that 5 years ago, I could co-sign. But now???? Nope! He is getting some guest appearances in movies with some other famous people. But no REAL ACTING GIGS. He ain’t starring.

    The great Rakim once stated,

    “It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.”

    50 was a titan. No doubt. But his last album went TRIPLE WOOD. Sorry but it’s a fact.

    And answer this…. What superstar do you know of that will take a BLOW $6 MILLION salary for a movie with a budget of only $20 Milli? Name one superstar cause I can’t think of one.

    And the Kanye controversy? Yeah, everyone knows he never had true beef with Kanye. But let’s keep it real… Prior to that concert where Jigga and 50 spoke, Kanye was not releasing anything done with 50. Yeah, Kanye might not have had beef with 50. But Kanye’s brother was sure in Kanye’s ear telling him not to mess with him. Manufactured beef or not. I find it funny 50 started messin’ with Kanye AFTER he was on the outs with Interscope.

    I respect your opinion (as I do with everyone). But I can shoot holes in your theories 500 yards off.

  • pimparelli

    nigga i wipe my ass with that kind money nigga im a bawla

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    @ Sha

    so you’re saying $20 mil ain’t enough for a movie? What about ‘Paranormal Activity’? How much did that movie cost to make?

    Please try to explain to me how just because this is 50, 200 mil in funding is a loss, because he doesn’t have “star power”. I read you comment, every movie doesn’t need a 100 mil budget to be successful. Someone gave him the money, they believe in him. What’s the problem? If you don’t like him personally, it is what it is. Obviously there are a whole lot of people, who ain’t hoodrat rap lovers, who like his craft.

    Like certain actors out there wouldn’t take that amount of money to be in a movie that has a very good script. Cats act like son don’t know Pacino, Deniro, Midler, Hawke & Rourke. There is unknown acting talent out there too.

    DVD & TV reruns are very good residual earnings, better than records (yes that 20 mil a project can be for a TV show). Anyone notice how BET is showing all of 50′s movies lately? On demand charges bread too.


    ^ that’s what we’re calling RIAA certified gold these days? According to the industry, NOT 50, NOT commenter’s, that is successful.

    So let me ask you, what fact finding do you have to state that 20 mil a project ain’t the business? Or it’s destined to fail because of his “failed” rap career? Or is it personal intangibles that affect your stance?

    Son picked up a camera, like anyone else could, and parlayed it into a multi-million dollar business. Kudos. How many other “hood” dudes have this type of outlet with Hollywood, to even put some of them REAL BLACK movies & scripts on? Think about it.

    And fukk all that other “beef” sh*t, it’s old like Ross’ CO job.

    • Sha

      @Don mccaine……

      Dude, you’re coming off very emotional too…. Ok. So I’ll respond….

      First, let’s classify “Star Power”. Star Power to me is Denzel, Will Smith, Forrest Whitaker, Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Kevin Bacon…. Anyway you get the point.

      But what underlying constant does most of these people have? They all have a history in acting. And before you get into the “Will Smith” was a rapper stuff let me break it down. Will Smith has multiple years in TV Sitcom experience. That classifies as experience.


      Ok. Those are his movies. But of that limited exposure, how many of those movies were starring roles? One. What does this mean? On the silver screen he has very minimal “Star Power”. Facts are facts.

      So when you say he will use his “Star Power” to attract others, who are you speaking of? Other rappers? If he uses too many rappers then the movies will come off wack because everyone knows that just because you rap doesn’t mean you can act (Nas). Straight to DVD.

      And hell no! 50 Didn’t just pick up a camera and parlay it. He did what a good business man would do. Invest in numerous activities, throw them all against the wall, and see which one stuck. But don’t get it twisted. Making “hood” money is waaay different than making “Hollywood” money. $20 Mill budget? Dude if you even knew what went into making today’s hollywood movies, you would understand this is some straight chump change. Pay the director. Pay the top actor. Pay the cast. You think you’re going to have anything left? Only if their C class actors. Straight to DVD.

      And yes, anyone could pull off a “Blair Witch Project”. But what made that movie different was the fact that these people knew their craft. They didn’t come into the game on some “I’m a rapper now I want to have a movie company” shit. This is the reason, in my opinion, there has only been two truly successful people to penetrate from the hip-hop arena. Will Smith and Ice Cube. Others come off like Master P and Rocafella. Translation? Peanuts.

      And to speak to his musical status…..

      Ok. He went Gold. From 10 Million sold stateside??????? To him that IS triple wood. Yes, his star is fading. Why do you think Dre got back with The Game? Because 50 is no longer the money horse he was before. Previously, Dre had to do whatever to make 50 happy. Now? As Jay-Z put it,

      “Ain’t nobody afraid of 50.”

      I don’t even have to get into the tons and tons of people he alienated with his manufactured beefs.

      And let’s be even more honest. 50′s last album sucked! The tracks he’s releasing now suck! Just check the club track recently displayed on XXL. The problem is that 50 was never really an artist. 50′s marketability was mostly because of his gunshot stories. Not skill. So based on that? He was never a true hip-hop artist.

      Now I’m a hip-hop fan. I consider myself a true hip-hop fan. But even with my favorite artists, I call them out when they are on some bullshit. I call that being honest with myself.

      Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was a beast of an album. But when you come into the game and show no love and respect to those who paved the way (Nas, Fat Joe and Jigga. He even started dissin’ Dre until Eminem checked him) and all you do is show hate, then all you are gonna get back is hate.

      Now even a broken clock is right twice a day. So I could be wrong. But I’m a betting man. And the odds are stacked tremendously against 50. He tied all of his businesses to his fame as a rapper. And now he’s burned bridges. It would be hard as hell to come back from that.

      • http://babyfacemonster.blogspot.com babyfacemonster

        they got u on this 1 professor Sha, though u make some valid ass point bout his decline in stardom, but ur coming off as just a fucking hater.
        am i getn emotional too lol
        even though 50 is a bitch who makes fake beefs n does anythin on twitter for a attention why can’t we just be proud that a black man from poverty has excellent biz sense and could make a deal of this magnitude???

        • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

          “Dude, you’re coming off very emotional too”

          ^ k

          Read Dallas’ response below. That is a perfect example of star power.

          “why can’t we just be proud that a black man from poverty has excellent biz sense and could make a deal of this magnitude???”

          your emotions have you missing this in it’s entirety. Take off the “why I don’t like 50″ shades for a minute and see it. I never wore the stan Ray-bans BTW.



  • power up

    Look. I’m gonna post this all over this site. We got an election nov 2nd and the republicans is voting to eliminate the mutha fucking minimum wage! They also voting to end all public college scholarships cause they rich and greedy. Last but not least, they plan to make anybody caught with so much as a joint do federal time. Who you think they wanna fuck with these laws? Like your minimum wage paycheck too generous and your employer need a break?! Are you kidding me!

    You got less than 5 days to register to vote up DEMOCRATS and beat the bigots in the republican and tea party back. You can register to vote at the DMV and you can also do a search on google for voter registration in yo state. We aint beat yet and Obama can’t do shit if we don’t vote up his allies on nov 2. DEMOCRATS NOW! Fuck the bigots in the tea party and slimy ass republicans.

  • RoofTop T

    thats a good look for fif..and all ya’ll talkin bout 200 mil aint nothin when have you ever touched that kinda of money or came anywhere close to it..stop hating it just makes YOU LOOK VERY EMOTIONAL..lol

    • Anonymous

      nigga i make way mo than that offa DEM BRIX

  • Dallas

    Sha, when he is sayin’ star power i’d bet he means his stature, 5 is famous, he is known, he knows people, he has a name for himself, meaning he has many contacts and acquaintances..obviously. I think dude was coming more from that angle as opposed your “veteran of that field” theory. A ‘star’ could do a lot of things better than a joe like us because of their status. /twocents

    • BeerGangsta

      Shut up bitch

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