50 Cent Links With Meg Ryan for New Drama

How’s that for gangsta…50 Cent is set to share the silver screen with Romantic Comedy mainstay Meg Ryan. Variety reports that the G-Unit General has joined the cast of Lives of the Saints, a drama that tells the story of a group of troubled Los Angeles residents looking for redemption.

John Lithgow, Anthony Anderson and Esai Morales will all also star in the flick—by writer/director Chris Rossi—which will begin shooting on November 13 in L.A.

In related news, Fif’s Cheetah Vision production company recently inked a $200 million partnership deal with Hedge Fund Film Partners. The joint venture is expected to finance at least 10 films to be released by Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate.

Lives of the Saints will be hitting theaters via BCDF Pirtures, not Cheetah Vision. As of press time the movie does not have an estimated release date.  —Elan Mancini

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  • Joe

    Sounds like a fake a$$ ‘Crash’…good look for him tho

  • dr.jim richers WWWJIMRICHERSCOM

    doesnt the movie industry recognize that making a movie “street” should have a dude who is at least relevant.i bet at producers of this shit are still saying bling bling!!dont player hate!!jive turkey!!what was that cancer movie 50 did…what happened to that? and that drug movie with white kids from the suburbs hahaha..flop

    • Trev-O-Negative

      nigga u prolly got bieber fever,fuckin fag!!! stop h8in,da moviez u r talkin bout ain’t came out yet & i don’t c how u say he’s not relevant??? as a actor he is more experienced than say a lil wayne & t.i. back in da box,so then who??? & if he so irrelevant y u wastin ur time 2 h8??? b happy a black rapper is makin movez,unless u’re not black & if datz da case jus sit back & watch how a boss moves.

  • Meg Ryan

    I was the one who shot you nine times, 50! It was me! Shouldn’t never have messed with my business! What kind of shit was that, sending niggas out to rob my workers? Fuck nigga my only regret is that I didn’t finish the job!

  • Official Fully

    Hate it or love it, 50 stays winning. Dude got a good business mind.

    • Boca

      Now all he got to do is put out a decent album.

  • jane

    Keep sleeping on 50 if you want to. That dude is a true business man with cross-over appeal.

    He raps for kicks now.

  • http://www.videoansehen.de/Kitezh/ Kitezh

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