How's that for gangsta...50 Cent is set to share the silver screen with Romantic Comedy mainstay Meg Ryan. Variety reports that the G-Unit General has joined the cast of Lives of the Saints, a drama that tells the story of a group of troubled Los Angeles residents looking for redemption.

John Lithgow, Anthony Anderson and Esai Morales will all also star in the flick—by writer/director Chris Rossi—which will begin shooting on November 13 in L.A.

In related news, Fif's Cheetah Vision production company recently inked a $200 million partnership deal with Hedge Fund Film Partners. The joint venture is expected to finance at least 10 films to be released by Grindstone Entertainment/Lionsgate.

Lives of the Saints will be hitting theaters via BCDF Pirtures, not Cheetah Vision. As of press time the movie does not have an estimated release date.  —Elan Mancini