15 Rap Bangers Inspired By Sade Samples

Sade “Love is Stronger Than Pride”
Cru “My Everlovin’”

Sade “Sally”
Curren$y “Famous”

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  • http://twitter.com/pinklimo_lex Lex!

    rosado is the best charles hamilton song right next to starchasers and every now and then

    • DV8

      out of this particular list Charles Hamilton had the best beat.

      I liked AZ’s joint as well (gotta find that CD)

      “Burdens of his youth” by The Bidness was another hot one.

      i know there are a few other songs out there that wasnt listed and isnt on whosampled.com. Wish I could think of them right now.

  • reaver

    i have never heard charles hamilton but i like his sample the best

  • Charles Isn’t Whack

    Spazzed on that production and lyrics, he needs a manager and an executive producer so he can stop losing

  • hiphopdoc

    damn that charles hamilton sample is dope as fuck! Of course bitch please is a classic dre beat but i dont hear smooth operator on it

    • wilson

      yea i couldn’t hear that sample either

  • loco-K-Noso

    yea, i think ol Charlie took a Win this time. maybe if he got a smart manager and some1 big to coproduce with him he wud be big. i herd his unreleased songs that were co-produced by Dj Toomp and they were all bangers. his other music is just eehhhh to me.

  • Anonymous

    u forgot chamillionaire mm7 disc 2,”king of tomorrow”,sade sampled

  • Dead President

    yes i like, i like, but my fav DEF gotta be ‘feel no pain’/'hard time hustlin’ strait up so much soul in that 4real i feel so strong bout that my shit right there

  • Q461

    I love Sade’s music….its beautiful and soulful.Tracks like Kiss of life, Hang on to your love, Sweetest Taboo, No Ordinary Love, Smooth Operator, etc …perfect babymaking joints. Drake would prob sound nice with her, but word is she doesn’t go for collabos and prefers to work alone. Guess rappers just gonna have to settle for samples and shit.

  • Anonymous

    people actually likeing charles?
    thats whats up

  • WestCoast Injuztice

    That Krayzie Bone S**t is Dope, Yall Cant Front On That One…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nz77ATFVhs Smooth Operateur

    Good job XXL! I feel y’all starting to try to englobe the whole hip hop world and not just the mainstream, by talking about Droop-E’s mixtape – which, by the way, is a great one, since nobody in hiphop ever took the time to give Sade its fair respect as one of the greatest contemporary female voices – but also by diggin through the internet (which is easier that diggin the crates isn’t it? I dont think you would have been able to find Z-Ro’s song since you have yet to speak about one of the greatest rapper alive. Oh, but that’s because he did not sell 1 million independently like Tech N9ne right?)…

    Just to say, AZ’s song is ok, Krayzie is just a cover, Snoop is just using some little vocals on a bullshit song, AND Z-RO’S “RESPECT MY MIND” IS WAY ABOVE EVRYTHING ELSE HERE. LISTEN TO IT !!!!

  • Carlos

    on ghostwridah first tape there’s a song called “dying to survive” definitely a top cut

  • Q461

    That Charles Hamilton track is dope….hes got alot of dope joints….I agree, don’t know why cats be hatin….

  • FZA

    CRU!!!! I love that disc! I gotta blow the dust off it and give it some play, ha!

  • Sha

    Charles Hamilton track is the best.

  • Sha

    It’s a shame she doesn’t work with hip-hop artists. The only group even remotely connected to working with her is GANGSTARR. And that was a remix. She did it because she stated that she was a huge Gangstarr fan.

  • http://bones_42@hotmail.com Doobie42

    Every once in a while yall lay down a post that makes me remember why I occasionally bother to read the articles here.

  • Gooch

    How’d you forget BDP “13 and good” Super Bien Total

  • http://www.xxlmag.com E.nygma

    What about delinquent habits western ways?, they sampled smooth operator too

  • BigNat137

    doom and charles flipped them the best

  • Sean E. Depp

    Don’t be stupid, DOOM goes the hardest in the paint

  • Skham

    Hamilton sampled the best, but Z-Ro just ripped his apart. Going from singing the hook, to flowing the hell out of it, Ro takes this hands down.

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  • http://oldmenshouldntstealfromchildren.com SnoopSCAM

    Where are snoops commentators that have casted votes…I see some corporate BS, an old man doesnt want to be beat. Let charles have his glory, the title of snoop’s song is what i say he needs to hear…. SO SNOOPY… B1tch Pl3as3… Dont be a dog, and stop stirring up your office personal/clerical secrateries to vote for your OLD song…. hahahaha Mr. Hamilton is a winner by far just to see him running toe2toe with you. Snoop is definate a legand but time to pass the tourch… support your Next generation of TALENT… CH is probally the only youngster with MUSIC TALENT!!!!!!

    Cant wait to see charles break out of what ever it is that is holding him back… and it isnt his talent because kid has talent!!!

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  • keys

    Just end the vote now because Krayzie straight murdered his Sade sample.

  • hiphop101

    I say Krayzie Bone’s Hard Time Hustlin. That was a dope track and he talked about some real ish… the type of ish most ‘artists/rappers’ don’t talk about anymore. He gets my vote. A lot of good ones on this list.

  • Anonymous

    Man … Krayzie bone is just on such a differnet level than they guys its “krayzie” ha hence the name

  • Anonymous

    Krayzie Bone has my vote, he’s the realest.

  • OHnadime

    krayzie bone’s song hard time hustlin is the best imo such a underrated rapper classic song i bump that shit all the time still theres some other good ones up there though but krayzie got it imo.

  • Anonymous

    Krayzie Bone >

    End voting.

  • Flamborgini

    yall got to give props and mad respect to the currensy – famous !!!!! damned didnt know it was a song from sade – sally :o :o