Young Buck Plans to Sue 50 Cent & G-Unit Records

Just yesterday (August 31) reported that David “Young Buck” Brown had filed for bankruptcy, and now it looks as if the Nashville rapper is looking for a payday from his former boss, label and business associates.

Buck’s lawyer Lynda Jones revealed to the Nashville City Paper that they are planning a lawsuit against Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, G-Unit Records and ex-business manager Bruce Seckendorf.

“Mr. Brown intends to reorganize his debts and pay off the IRS in a timely manner through Chapter 13,” she said. “We hope to secure the return of his personal property quickly. He will also be filing a lawsuit in the next 30-60 days against his former manager, G-Unit label and Mr. Curtis Jackson.”

While it is uncertain for what exact amount Buck is planning to sue for, when filing for bankruptcy, the Tenn-A-Key MC cited as a $5 million contingent, his claim against Fif, G-Unit and Seckendorf.

In an interview with yesterday Jones said that she believes Fif’s business practices against Buck were unlawful. “Mr. Brown’s attorneys believe Mr. Jackson breached contract [with Young Buck] and the duty of good faith and fair duty,” she said.

To further explain her point, Jones used an analogy: “[If] you are contractually obligated to teach someone how to swim…then you are giving a swimming lesson [and] you hold the person’s head underwater, you’ve breached that contract.”

When contacted by XXL to speak on the case, reps for G-Unit declined to comment.

Buck is expected to appear in court on September 21, pertaining to his bankruptcy proceedings.

Stay tuned to as more on the planned lawsuit develops. —Jesse Gissen

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  • jay



  • Vegeta

    Cocaine is one helluva drug.

  • Gotta Wonder

    Souljah boy next, cause he snorking too! Coc Heads didn’t learn from Rick James? LOL!

  • J-Dub

    XXL is late. It’s already been confirmed that’s he’s not suing 50 at all. I’m sure they’ll post that soon.

  • rrahha

    Bitch ass buck is at it again…tsk tsk tsk…let’s not forget that, using the lawyers analogy, Buck pretty much asked 50 to leave him in the waters alone…he sayed FUCK YOU FIF, AND FUCK THE UNIT…lets not feel so sorry for this dude that we forgot that he brought everything on himself. He’s a turncoat, traitor, FUCKBOY!!! YOU’S A SNAKE, RAT ASS, FUCKBOY BUCK!!!!

  • Sha

    I should probably say this first. I’m not a Young Buck fan. And I absolutely am tired of G-Unit and their arrogance. With or without Young Buck.

    That being said…..

    Buck is making some smart moves. Contrary to what people think, these moves are solid and are those of an intelligent person (I’m speaking of his legal team and not Young Buck). Let me explain…

    First, we don’t know what kind of dirt will come out of this. We don’t know what lies Young Buck has told (to his attorney or to G-Unit). I’m sure shit will come out.

    But this is a smart move for several reasons.

    First: If you are going against an employer with a limitless source or income, media connections, and outright complete freedom to make any move across the board, what do you do? You can’t fight fire with fire because you ain’t holding none of those chips. Well….

    You do as Buck has done. You hire competent people (at least they seem to be). You get a good attorney who knows the value of your name and the value of tarnishing a giant’s name. And you get them for pennies on the dollar.

    What makes me think that Buck got this attorney for cheap? Three letters….. I.R.S.

    Not only does the attorney know about his financial troubles, this attorney can’t come after Buck with tremendous fees and demands because the laws of Bankruptcy prevent such exploitation. So this attorney has a vested interest in getting a victory from Mr. Curtis Jackson. And I doubt the attorney would have taken it if she didn’t analyze this. And so what if Buck can’t pay? This lawsuit will get much media coverage and other people will solicit.


    50 Cent is a huge target. He isn’t the same giant he was. Last I heard, he just signed a new distribution deal for G-Unit Records. Who knows what kind of dirt Buck has? But if it’s substantial enough, no artist in their right mind will fuck with 50. And this is not a good look for 50. His clothing line is floundering. His records aren’t even close to the level they were. And how many time “Brick” did the last G-Unit album go? Not to mention 50 has alienated 70% of the industry.

    Like my man Sun Tzu says….. “If a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it.” But I assure you…. 50 could win this fight and lose the whole fuckin’ war.

    And other people have talked about what Buck owes 50. Dudes, please. Bankruptcy is a beast. It can kill any debt. Big or small. How else do you think Donald Trump kept so many chips?

    I can’t speak on Buck’s personal intelligence because I don’t know the man. But this is a very very strong beginning. Much stronger than I could have imagined.


      Just wanted to say what you wrote was nothing but the raw truth.It’s nice to read comments that are well written and thought out instead of the poorly written,every two or three lines threatening and insulting people for no real reason.

      XXL needs to give you a spot on here to write.Stay up and i hope you have a blessed day.

    • Dinero

      “Like my man Sun Tzu says….. “If a battle can’t be won, don’t fight it.” But I assure you…. 50 could win this fight and lose the whole fuckin’ war.

      And other people have talked about what Buck owes 50. Dudes, please. Bankruptcy is a beast. It can kill any debt. Big or small. How else do you think Donald Trump kept so many chips?”

      Real talk…..

    • Clever

      I must say that was well spoken, and well thought about. Well done Sha.

  • enzo

    Jesus Christ. You put a lot of thought into that there. Cohesive well structured commentary right there.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    more money = better representation….good luck buck. sings “you can’t win…”

  • ola

    I have to cosign @somethinnew they should definitely give sha a guest blog spot what could it hurt? Im sure it could be More informative, and thought provoking than alot of the garbage they put on this site.

  • Sha


    I really really appreciate your comment. Real recognizes real. You’re right. There are a lot of comments on this website that are racist, insulting, and downright wrong. But I try to remove any personal attacking (unless I am pushed too far). Thanks for reading. An XXL spot would be nice. Maybe I’ll approach them sometime in the future. But I do this for the love of hip-hop.


    Thanks for reading. I see you!


    I have thought about approaching XXL. I know they keep these posts. Who knows? But regardless of where I write, I am grateful for whoever reads. Thanks for acknowledging my small contribution.

  • Sha


    Thanks for reading. I really really appreciate your opinion. I see you!


    buck need to remember two things DONT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU & NEVER OUTSHINE THE MASTER (50 cent) thats why his ass broke disloyal muthafucka

  • Kenny D

    Props to Sha for actually having a brain on XXL blogs. As for Buck, I get sick of everyone saying that Buck betrayed 50. How? By saying he wanted to grow as an artist? By making friends with people 50 had beef with? Lets all remember, Buck didn’t start saying fuck 50 Cent til 50 released a taped conversation and him, Yayo, and Banks started running their mouth. Same shit happened with Game too. Game didn’t start his G-Unot campaign til 50 said Game wouldn’t be a successful artist on his own and how he talked so much shit about Game. I just can’t stand the arrogance of 50 and G-Unit. That’s why they went from powerhouse rap group to absolute garbage. Imagine what they coulda been if 50 wasn’t so arrogant. 50, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo, Game, Mobb Deep, and MOP.

  • young buck’s lawyer

    fuck u sha ur pussy