Tech N9Ne: “Lil Wayne Said He Wanted Me On ‘Carter IV’”[Video]

This past August, Lil Wayne conducted one of his first radio interviews from jail with Funkmaster Flex. During the call to New York’s Hot 97 FM, the incarcerated MC was asked which artists he’d like to collaborate with once he was released from Rikers Island, where’s he’s currently serving a one-year sentence for a 2007 gun charge. His response, “I’ve been saying to myself that I really want to do a song with either Andre 3000 or my man Tech N9ne.”

Since then, the hip-hop community has been abuzz about Wayne’s interest in Kansas City MC, Tech N9ne, who, despite amassing a cult like following,has seen much of his success outside the mainstream circle.

Last week, Tech and Strange Music signee Krizz Kaliko appeared on’s weekly Ustream series, Spotlight, [watch here] and the KC MC revealed that he was scheduled to meet Wayne that Wednesday. Unfortunately, there was a mix up on the days and he was denied entry to the visiting area at Rikers. However, 24 hours later, Tech and Wayne were able to have their first face-to-face meeting this past Thursday.

In an exclusive sit down at the XXL offices, [watch below] Tech revealed some of the surprising details of his three-hour conversation with the Young Money CEO. “We talked about creationism and Darwinism, man,” Tech said. “We talked a lot about people, we talked about Kanye, we talked about Waka Flocka, we talked about Nicki Minaj, we talked about T.I…. But three hours just kickin’ it, man… It was a wonderful visit. They say at Rikers Island you can only get like an hour or two but we were there for like three and a half hours just going until the warden came in. The warden came in and it was time to stop, but I ain’t wanna go, man.”

Before ending his visit, Tech and Wayne got to speak about everything from family and religion to the all-important possibility of collaborating in the near future. “[Wayne] also said that he wanted me on Tha Carter IV and I’m like, ‘Yeah, nigga, let’s go,’” Tech explained. “I said, ‘I got one for you, too.’ I got [a song] called ‘This is Hip-Hop,’ if I could get Marsha Ambrosius to sing on there and possibly get Eminem on it, too… He was like that sounds dope.”

Despite the prospect of working with one of the most successful artists in the game, Tech says he appreciated the opportunity to sit down with a real dude. “[Wayne] seemed happy as hell, man,” he added. “I just hated to see him in that orange suit. I told him that he ain’t belonged there. He talked about how bad he wants to get out and see his kids. I told him you’ll be out sooner than later.” —Anslem Samuel

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  • Anonymous


    • Mason

      Tech has always been mu nigga, since i went to his show here in spokane wa, always been my nigga, since i first herd him in 2003, been reppin him ever since, an now to see him and the hottest nigga in rap, wayne, talkin an just choopin it up, thats just amazing…. i have been talkin about tech an wayne doin music together for a while, an now its finally happening, way to come up tech, that opens alot of doors for alot of people

      • Mason

        Tech has always been mu nigga, since i went to his show here in spokane wa, always been my nigga, since i first herd him in 2003, been reppin him ever since, an now to see him and the hottest nigga in rap, wayne, talkin an just choopin it up, thats just amazing…. i have been talkin about tech an wayne doin music together for a while, an now its finally happening, way to come up tech, that opens alot of doors for alot of people, and shows that u urself can make ur own name in the music industry, you just gotta keep pushin…. TECH NINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

      • Lil Techanina

        You guys don’t even understand Wayne is one of the best lyrically and one of the best rappers. Yes he is mainstream but I’m sure Tech would love to be a household name too. If you want to talk about mainstream nowadays talk Eminem but that’s a whole different story. Wayne plus Tech equals absolute craziness that would be a hit. Wayne use to be underground too , but after the Carter III he did go a little more mainstream. Tech kills every song hes on so you know his capabilities also. Since Wayne has been released his new shit is insane. Tech N9ne and Lil Wayne. Two best rappers alive!



  • MotaHipHop

    Nice article!


    love tech hate wayne dont do it …………

    • Chef Vice

      Totally agree with ya Bullets, Tech’s all about this FTI Music and staying outta the mainstream, then he meets with this industry whore as well as doing an interview with MTV, seriously wtf. I just hope he sticks to being himself and doesnt turn into what lil layme did

      • daze

        u have no idea what tech means by FTI..what tech means by industry is da people who run radio n video not the artist..he always says his music is for everyone u seriously think that he doesnt want to be in da mainstreams eye? Techs been getting mad plays on MTV jams n not to mention the mtv woodie award he won..the industry is finaly lettin tech in n da whole world is bout to get infected

        • techiNfEcTiOuS

          Hell YeA DaZe luv what you’re saying totally the damn truth….. Tech deserves everything thats comming to him :) and his music is for everyone! he even said that all his fans might not get along…. but thats a good thing because his music is real and hits everyone!

      • E.RHYMES

        Yall trippin out there. Tech tryin to get more money man. Dont hate this nigga. Its about comin up in Hip-Hop and makin that paper. Wayne prolly the hottest in rap and the nigga can spit so Tech just appreciate what Wayne bring to the game. And Wayne feel Tech so its a logical collabo. Dog on the real, aint a nigga on Tech’s label fuckin wit Wayne so you think Tech wouldnt jump at the opportunity to record with the hottest nigga out? Come on man yall niggas need to understand how real niggas think and operate. FUCK A LABEL. We all Black we just express ourselves differently. Tech and Wayne got a lot of similarities. Quit gettin caught up in this underground/mainstream division. Its WILLIE LYNCHISM!!!!!! 2010 U SUCKAS!!!!

    • Anonymous

      tech is the shit but cant stand lil wayne he is wack as hell anyone can sound like him an his winnie ass voice

  • Indy

    Tech N9ne is about to take over the mainstream. You know what I’m sizzlin’!


  • IndyKid

    Dudes nice on the mic but he’s so freakin weird. A collabo w Wayne would be pretty dope though.



    YO! glad to hear wayne is doin’ aiight. TECH is cont. to see the fruits of his labor. K.C. til I D I E. That GATES album is some heat yo.

  • No Name

    I’m not really a fan of either, but they’d sound good on a track together no doubt.


    Tech N9ne is coming to Chico Ca to do a show AGAIN. That fool tours like crazy. He’s been here like 30 times. Still sick tho.

  • Anonymous

    do it tech but stay tech when u on that shit

  • Anonymous

    do it tech but stay tech on that shit

  • Tyler T.SliZz Slack

    Be on the Lookout for the Collab with JL from the track “Far Out” and the SensiIllYa group!!

  • JaySinister

    Too bad Lil Wayne thought he was from the motherfucking West Coast in that interview with Funk Flex! GET OFF THE TECH N9NE/STRANGE MUSIC BANDWAGON WAYNE!!! Fucking dickrider!

    • mc taktx

      let me ask you one thing hata do you rap do you know what it takes to get on a stage and perform in front of thousands of people???i bet not or better yet let me ask you do you know what the definition of art means creativity you dumb fuck before you go hatin on a page check ya lyrics or you might get dissed!i got luv for tech nine all day waynes been round for awhile gotta show em respect too but them collabin dont grind on their nuts when they do this collab and turn out youll be braggin real talk!

  • KOA

    I’d hate it if Tech worked with Lil Wayne. Wayne is a completely different fanbase to Tech. I can see how Wayne is higher up in terms of income and mainstream recognition but as an artist he is NOTHING compared to Tech. This will not go down well – it will only dilute Tech’s talent.

    • Anonymous

      This is kinda narrow-minded. I do think Tech to be the better musician all around, but, he’s said himself that he doesn’t really freestyle. And, Wayne’s said he doesn’t rap fast. Tech would have my vote, but, he can’t even see Wayne’s trail when it comes to wordplay. They are both masters of their trade. I can’t wait to see this collabo… Especially, knowin’ Tech’s gonna kill it and get all the recognition he’s always deserved.

  • G


    • youstupiddumbass

      did u even watch the video you fuckin chump?

      • HeartlesS

        tech ain’t goin mainstream.. mainstream goin tech. Just like he said they would. Wayne’s asking for tech, not the other way around. This is just a means to an end for strange. They make this collabo, and so many doors open up it’s insane.

  • heidi

    tech im so excited for u love! i wish people would stop saying stay real dont change…..stfu! tech has always kept it 100! love you tech cant wait for ur bmore return!!!!!

  • Pixy

    Hellz yeah, I say get Tech, Wayne, and Krizz up in the studio adn watch the magic happen ;)

  • willbill

    I say do it up, this is gonna be sum sick shit

  • Pixy

    Hellz yeah, I say get Tech, Wayne, and Krizz up in the studio and watch the magic happen ;)

  • Anonymous

    i say do it but do it on your terms dont sell out and no machines on your voice or anythin

  • Tyler D

    yo tech dont do it man it aint you, keep to the underground where you belong, with the rest of us.

    • youstupiddumbass

      did you even watch the video you fuckin chump?

      • Anonymous

        yea tech.. stay not making as much money as you should or letting near as many people hear your music as they should. Just stay underground and be a slave to the will of your current fans.. don’t make more by hitting it big and making your dream come true.

        You fucking morons. you do realize by the FTI movement he was saying “fuck you for not letting me in the mainstream”… Right? Now he’s finally getting it and you all wanna be stingy with his music like it belongs to you alone? That’s fucked up. Tech, man… get yo muh fuckin paper. Get that beautiful music out there like it always should’ve been. Make that dream come true homie. you fuckin deserve it more than any other artist I’ve ever known.

  • JaySinister

    Too bad Lil Wayne thought Tech was from the motherfucking West Coast! Shows how much he respects and follows Tech and Strange Music…he’s just trying to ride the dick.

  • biznaz

    Seriously Tech, i hope u read these comments, if u do it im gonna think about removing my strange music tattoo

    • Anonymous

      Yea.. I’m sure that’ll hurt his feelings, idiot. “No tech! don’t fulfill your dream because *I* don’t want you to”.. You’re a piece of shit…. seriously..

  • Nick Furio

    honestly, tech needs to do this collab. He needs to prove that the underground… can be equal or even surpass mainstream. Honestly tech is the best rapper alive. I hope he slaughters the track with his own style… hit em with that quickness/ lyrical genius. so that all these industry punks see wtf is good. Tech is a mastermind.. i feel that this is his time..Tech deserves this. n before tech is done rapping… he has to change music, the whole industry for the better. he has the power to change a lot of things…. i hope he does for the future of music. Change it for future generations.ANd people like me n people that got REAL music out there. Tech is a crazy mothafucka i feel like hes got a huge plan in store for us all….. Everyone will soon realize who the best rapper alive is…

  • BabyBloo

    Do it! That’s fuckin amazing! I’m glad to hear some good things about Wayne cause I hear alotta people talkin shit on him. I think it would be some sick shit if you do a track or two with him. I can’t wait! ^_^ I’m down with Tech for life.

  • Jay 3rd

    as long as wayne doesnt do that whiney flow and talk about martians it would be a nice track.. wayne was good back then.. i think the auto tune and drugs killed him.. but honestly Tech i would rathe hear you Eminem and Royce 59 do that track. or even u and eminem.. shiiit u toured with slaughterhouse homie get with them cuz thats some sick music there.. i wish nothin but the best for ya homie.. keep doin you ive been a fan a real long time and strange music is up there now and u guys did it on ya own.. last track u and eminem did was for that tech n sway shit its time u guys killed a “FEW” more tracks not just one

  • Mari

    If you end up doing it make sure Lil’ Wayne actually sings.

    90% of his songs he just monotone talks and it sucks.

  • richard

    Tech, Your king so go ahead and help get Lil wayne some good references lol

  • Bill

    Yo tech please tell everyone who keeps hatin on you that just because you r collabin with wayne dosent mean your goin out like a punk

  • MaMMaG


  • Dwam

    do it tech…it’ll dope as hell.

  • Jre

    I agree with Tech. I always encourage people to listen to his music and now he has the opportunity to let a big name to do the same for him. I don’t really listen to Lil’ Wayne because most of his stuff just doesn’t relate to me and it’s not my style, but a collab with Tech N9ne would probably be pretty sick like the “No Love” Eminem/Lil’ Wayne collab was.

  • Anonymous

    dont do it waynes weak

  • cameron

    techs gonna do what he do an if thats doin a song with wayne then let it be i cant really stand the guy an ive talked my shit about wayne but when tech does that song we all kno itll hit hard (hopefully) so quit talkin shit cause tech dont wanna hear it

  • Anonymous

    after your done with this, do a collab with Immortal Technique. After Technique drops knowledge Tech tears up the track with his lyrics. it would be sick !

  • Cole

    Can’t wait for Tech to murder Wayne on his own song

    • Chef VIce

      Lol Tottaly agree! thats why if anything good comes out of this little cryin ass “rapper” lil layme, it will be showing fans what a real lyricist and hip hop artist is.

  • Cardy Lo

    Do what you do man! Just make sure to always bring it to the fullest!

  • Bromotion

    We doing this all day and all night, for the haters: KEEP SUCKING ON THAT JELLYSICKLE!! BTW, I GOT SOME TRACKS CONFIRMED FOR TECH’S “ALL 6′S AND 7′S” ALBUM COMIGN FEBRUARY 22ND 2011.

    These are the tracks that has been confirmed so far, go to Tech’s Wikipedia for more info:

    * Industry Is Still Punks
    * Mad Man
    * Head Trauma
    * Lets Begin
    * On My Own
    * Walking Alone

  • Mr.Reala

    It would be good bizness move for Tech, so you can’t be mad….but I don’t think Wayne iz on Tech’s level, but remember that Wayne also benefits from this! Think of Wayne’s fan-base’ image vs. Tech’s…and evry1 saying Tech is bout to take over the mainstream…listen here, Tech doesn’t need the mainstream, he has the underground game locked down already!

  • katie

    do it fuckin do it!!!!!!! my two favorites together fuck yeah!!

  • wesley cole_strange ni66a till i die

    This is tha shit,all the punks talkin shit bout tech collaboratin with wayne needs to jus shut tha fuck up. Tech n9ne and wayne coming together will prob be one of both artists greatest accomplishments so far. and thats real talk,bc both are real niggas. Strange music 4 lyfe

  • midwest BOOGIE munstah

    i Think it will Be Somethin 2 Look 4ward 2, i wouldn’t Neccessarly Say that Lil Wayne is On The TechN9ne/Strange Music Bandwagon, it Prolly Took Him Being Locked’Up 2 Recongnize and Really Notice Tech and His Talents…

  • Anonymous

    Real talk I’m not as big a wayne fan as I was when he first started but music evolves with the person so f@#! it, but I can’t wait to hear the carter 4 if it’s gonna have tech on it I listen to tech more than a lot of current rappers so I know it’ll be a hot track about time the mainstream want a piece of tech in there music system but watch I’m gonna call it here and now 09/13/2010 at 5:14 pm someone is gonna say Tech is a free mason or some other bs after he and wayne do a track.

  • Anonymous

    tech i respect your opinion and all but youre the king of the underground. Not the king of mainstream. Everywhere you go people know who you are. You dont need wayne to get you to the top… youre already there

  • hello23454

    if he does it it will blow him up, im all for that i just really hope he keeps his style and dont change in anyway. i am not a wayne fan at all.

  • Jon S.


  • JumpAroundTheRoom

    You are worlds above Wayne, and you know that. But this would be a great move income and career wise. Grats to you Tech, can’t wait to see you here down in Denver.

  • strangelypsychopathic

    Tech isn’t a equal rapper to Wayne. Tech’s verses shit on Lil Wayne. And that’s just what’s gunna happen on a track.

    • Anonymous

      tech is the shit and wayne blows dick look were he is

  • xavier

    i say go ahead. you deserve the publicity, you deserve the fame. give lil wayne his first good song. Tech N9ne for life!

  • Anonymous

    do it man. screw haters you’ll both kill it

  • james miller

    That’s what’s up homiee,murder that shit!!
    57 fo life,

  • Anonymous

    the number one endepedent hip hop artise in the world worken with lil wayne wonder whats goin down

  • Anonymous


  • P.mag

    No,no,no this ain’t F.T.I music. Don’t let em tale the soul outs your music , Wayne makes bullshit music for retards , please don’t sell out

  • El Jay

    Cant wait to see Tech rip up the trac and show why he deserves the mainstreams ears to recognize his talent on the mic, a true emcee.

  • thelifewelead69

    all tech fans are on the FTI shiit cause the industry is fuckin wack its been watered down so much that wayne is on top of it… wayne maybe has one song for every hundred songs that he does that are even worth listening to. (wen he works with talented artists like eminem, tech) wayne is basically britney spears to real hip hop heads. people think wayne has talent cause he plays the guitar? B.O.B that mother f*cker has talent sings, raps like a beast and plays guitar.

    Tech fans r gonna support tech always we dont want him 2 do the track but were gonna listen to it and if it garbage we were right, if its heat tech was right, were gonna bump it.

    at very least u hafta say wayne has a huge fan base that tech could reach, BUT wayne fans are probably about 95% functionally retarded. so techs music will get heard and overlooked by waynes fans. or am wrong and am an asshole and tech will blow up like eminem.

  • midwest BOOGIE munstah

    im Tryna Figure Out Why it Wasn’t A Problem When 2Pac Wanted Tech N9ne To Collaborate with Him? “He Was Mainstream too Right???”

    Get A Grip People… #LOL
    Quit Bein’ So Scary…
    You Gotta Ask Urself Do You Really Think Tech would Do that to his Fans…

    i See it’s Alot Of Moronic Minds On Here, i Wonder if Y’all Would Tell Tech To His Face How y’all Felt About it…… #CTFU!!!!

  • 2B

    N9Ne and wayne gonna be off the hook regardless of any shit in they way

  • Anonymous

    just because wayne’s a mainstream artist doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be a mainstream radio jam..

    tho i still vcte no.

  • Mike

    To all you people saying “Wayne sucks”, have you listened to The Carter 1 & 2, Dedication 1 & 2, The Prefix, Suffix, and Drought 1-3? Just curious.

  • shane

    I say if you do a song with wayne….do it on your accord, your album, your song, your beat, your style all YOur shit. . . DOnt let hime tell you what he wants you to do. There is a reason he likes you obviously, and thats your style. . SO i dont beleive he would want to auto tune your shit and put it on some whack beat. . . but who knows. . I havent liked wayne since he quit rappin with cash money. . but back then i was a fan. . like block is hot. . that was a good jam. . this shit out these days….not a fan. But tech, you do what you do. Im a fan of yours for life!

  • chubbylette

    Tech said hed never go mainstream, mainstream would go his way.
    im excited to hear what comes of the collaboration. i like a few wayne tracks. but i love TECH.
    either either gonna be good or bad.
    ya dont know unless ya try!

  • Anonymous

    do it, but make sure you get that track w eminem.

  • Laydii Spade

    I love both Tech and Wayne and I think all you self-proclaimed fans who are hating on this collab idea are jerks. Let the man do what he wants. Who cares if he’s doing a collab with a mainstream artist? FTI is a idiotic thing to bring up in this case. That song touches on douche PR people who won’t even relay info to their artists about underground artists who want to work with them. And, even if you don’t like Wayne as a rapper, you probably don’t know him as a person, so to talk shit is just ignorant. Much love, and more power to you Tech. I can’t wait for this, bby!

  • Piggofdoom

    Tech, Wayne, and Eminem track would be the collaboration of the decade. Way to get it done so early in! Keep up the beautiful music!

  • http://facebook Michael Hackett


  • Q!thaGreat!

    I been a Tech fan since ’99 my people, really ”98 so he been around awhile! he always go hard for the fans and always go hard for hip-hop. one of the few artists that you can tell really love the art and takes pride in it, but he been on the low way too long. now is the time, he needs to be exposed for the awsome artist he is!

    Strange music is strong with talent and maybe this collaboration will spark a change in this new era of hip-hop! maybe the wind will finally shift to KC for inspiration.

    but Wayne, Tech, Eminem and Marsha on the same song!!! that is bananas!

  • midwest BOOGIE munstah


  • t1mz1

    Do it!!!, TECH + WAYNE=the greatest track ever made.

  • Void Productionz

    Tech has always gave mad love to the los and lettes, i am not a fan of Wayne myself, buttheir aint no denying his skills and no reason to really hate on him, so I would back and support Techs decison on this one personally.

  • Pingback: Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne, Eminem, & Marsha Ambrosius Collab In The Works?

  • Anonymous

    personally i don tthink he should do it…just keep stayin underground…thats y tha fans like Tech N9ne…he doesnt get into the mainstream…underground is tha way to go.

  • midwest BOOGIE munstah

    This is Whut i Got in My iNbox For My Last Comment :

    [Author: youstupiddumbass
    Comment: did you even watch the video you fuckin chump?]

    What Kind of Question is That to inBox Someone When There’s a Wall Right Here… lol Fuckin’ #CORNBALL!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tech isnt going mainstream, mainstream is reaching out to Tech!

  • brandonson

    hell ya. tech has always made some good music and has never failed on puttin out a badass cd. so im with tech on this one and i can wait to hear that song ur goin to make with him. and keep up the good work man and can wait for the show in eugene oregon.

  • Morbid

    what’s crackin… I think Tech deserves all respect in the game. Nobody has his raw talent and skills.

    Lil Wayne and Tech I think that would make a chart topper.

    when I say Tech you say N9ne!!!! TECH!!!

  • joseph whitelow

    I respect that and i feel the the same way!!!!

  • True

    True talk, Tech N9ne.

  • dead boy

    do interested to c and hear tha outcome of tha collision of urself wit wayne n eminem, i personally think tha three of ur styles on uh track would b sumthin i would enjoy listening to.

  • SkullFuck

    i think wayne blows my wrinkeled ball sack BUUUUT Once Tech does a track wit wayne all the little mtv teenie boppers will know tech and as much as i hate that, maybe we can start to bring back some real lyricaly talented artist. It would be amazing if the mainstream crowd could reconize real hip hop again. Tech has done a lot for the underground and still does till this day. So i have faith in him. TEEEECH N9999999NE!

  • J.Carlson

    Oh shit!!! A song with TECH, WEEZY, and EMINEM… can’t wait a fucking second for that…. Chills from head to toes

  • Evan

    TECH N9NE!!!!!

  • Carmen Alegria (the official)

    Tech is the true Master of Hip Hop. Wayne is the Master of club bangers and hood anthems. I can’t say I have ever been a huge fan of his, but I can admit skills where they are present. I am excited to hear what Tech and Wayne come out with.

    All I’m gonna say is that Wayne had better bring all those multis and all his a-game for this track cause Tech is gonna beast it as always.

  • http://facebook,com Michael

    Man I been waitin on some crazy tech collabs for years… tech and three 6, got ‘em all… tech and twista, got ‘em all… now we need some more mid-west/southern collabs… not a huge wayne fan but would be curious to see wut original shit these guys can lay down for tha real fans man… 6688846993… all muthafukin day! tech u already know tha fukin 208 loves ya shit man!

  • P-Rich

    its about time they do somethin they both talented as fuck and got the game on loc mizzoo we here!!!

  • T-Pizzle


  • Leon Keller

    dont do it. UR better than fake ass devil worshipping wayne.

  • Kontraq

    Techs never let us down with his music, having wayne on a verse wont hurt us. If you dislike wayne I suggest you listen to his verse on “no love” off recovery. Ive been on his nuts eversince. pause. If tech says waynes a real nigga…then waynes a real nigga I rest my case.

  • babyfacemonster

    this article make tech 9 sound like a super faggot on wayne nutsack.

    • PLoc

      P.S from last comment posted I also believe from what ive been reading and can agree with some on the fact of not changing his style (tech)cuz if you look at weezy when he first came around on cash money is way different from his style now but one thang bout weezy is that he is a mad brilliant lyricist and Tech is always #1 but think back to what Pimp C stated in one of his songs “Yall need to get up off that dumb shyt, I got a bread truck get up off that crumb shyt” stating how much money there is in the industry especially when you collab with whether its mainstream lil wayne or underground with Tech if the oppurtunity advances why not take aim and get the bread shyt thats what its about and of course the sound is going to capture ears of some tyoe of audience . I dont think tech was on he nygaz nuts just bcuz he gave wayne props its just real recognize real and he vibed aint nothing wrong with showing him love especially being in the joint and have somebody like Tech come visit he needs that moral support I say ta hell with it do that shyt Im sure it’ll be Gangsta -Love u Tech Ya Gyrl PLoc

  • bossco


  • PLoc

    Thats righteous that gives everyone a dope a*# album to look forward to I cant wait to here that

  • Rickey Merckling

    Tech gotta do dis collab and kill dis track!! show the mainstream that Strange Music and the underground is official. Been reppin’ tech for almost 4 years and i’ve always wanted to see him slaughter somethin’ like this that mad heads would hear. this is it.

  • Jason

    Tech N9ne brought in over $10 million through his record label last year. This year he’s probably going take in $15 million. Mainstream labels want to know how he’s doing it, so they’re on his dick now.

  • alex

    Ok frankly im disgusted that some of the so called “devoted” tech fans would begin to hate on this. First of all tech, to my knowledge, has only done 1 song due to fan request which was Demons on KOD and thats only because he mentioned it years ago and people were getting anxiously impatient to hear it. besides that tech does whatever the fuck he wants to do. Hes said time and time again that hes inside-out meaning he doesnt sugar coat, beat around the bush or hold back thoughts and feelings. Thats what makes him great, he doesnt write for his fans he writes for himself and it just so happens that his fans love every syllable he spits.
    Tech is INDEPENDENT, hes on his grind and has been for the last decade. Mainsream artists like T.I and Jeezy can take it back to the “trap” all they want but they dont do it alone like tech. That alone will forever make tech underground to some extent.
    I didnt hear any complaints when he got Ice Cube on “blackboy”. Try and tell me Cube aint mainstream, hell hes got a sitcom on TBS and he does movies like “Are We There Yet”. How can you judge the idea before its even finished. Tech is almost twice the age as wayne, he was soo woopin on the streets in KC when lil wayne was nothing more than another piece of cum in his dad’s nuts. So with that said how can you say or even hint that Wayn is going to change Tech’s approach? If anything nina is going to change Wayne, Tech doesnt let anyone change who he is.
    Finally the whole F.T.I argument is comical at best. Have you “fans” even listened to the lyrics?

    “Said yo thang was about the game claimed
    Then he banged but you lied
    Bout yo artist but yo artist is the farthest
    from the hardest but you market”


    “In the industry chain
    (Fuck perspective Warner Bros., Qwest and JCOR’s name)
    Strange, we independent and you suckas
    Are the enemy you fuckin up the industry
    You bustas will remember me”

    or how about the most obvious

    “To all you hataz in POWER we say
    (Fuck the Industry, Fuck the Industry)
    Jack yo placks put’em down on ebay
    (Fuck the Industry, Fuck the Industry)
    And all you boogie ass chumps can’t touch us
    The industry is some punk mutha fuckers
    You tell’em FTI when anybody ask ya
    Fuck the industry, they the enemy”

    I capped Power because that tells you exactly who its directed towards which is “the hataz in power” and those being the executives at the labels. Sorry for the rant but some of you “fans” made me want to puke.

    • Anonymous

      yea Tech’s the shit but lil wayne fuckin SUCKSSS

    • Murf509

      hellz yes! i keep hearing all this hating goin on! and no legit reasons for the hate! thank u alex! u made sum damn good points man! thank u for puttin in those words… real shit

  • Anonymous

    Hell yea tech wayne and krizz kalico this is going to be sicc cant wait.

  • Anonymous

    been a tech n9ne fan since i was a kid 2000 to be exact i was 11 then now im 22 but if makes tracks with lil wayne mayne i cant be there much longer! you deserve to be mainstream but lil wayne is the wackest MC in the Game im a real cat you should of stuck to the roots eminem fell off wayne a B**** and you falling into that genre of music come on my dude thats just dumb you was suppose to make it on your own now you getting help dog i guess i’ll just stick to



  • murf509

    comin from the words of a huge tech fan and against what the mainstream is… i cant wait for it.. i dug the carter II but thats it… their isnt a tech song out their that aint dope! and if n e thing tech is being recognized by EVERYONE now… “if video and radion dont frequently announce your name… they dont know your music, even though u blow most out the frame!!!” i cant wait for tech to b noticed on the scale that wayne is! tech has inspiring heart-filled lyrics and people might actually change the way they live if they pay attention to what he has to say! tech n9ne is more then entertainment to me! he’s a real role model.. he doesnt hide the n e thing about himself that we know of! and that takes a hell of a motherf***** do that…. cant wait for all the new shit! “Harvey Dent” want the old s*** buy the old album! long live strange and the KOD

  • bub151

    fuck wayne tech is the real rapper!

  • wickedchild

    i love tech always have since 98 hes the realest there is hes ruff rugged and just wicked his mentality is off the chain i love the way he thinks he is lyricaly talented.lil wayne on the other hand is as fake as they get the guy cant rhyme and for those of u who think he can sould not listen to tech cause u dont know real music dont get me wrong i know its bout expanding and trying new things but for some one like tech n9ne to get with lil wayne its almost my own personal opinoin i think tech and immortal techniqe would blow shit clean outta here two potent rhymers just being vicous wit da mic now thats something i would ya much love to tech n9ne kc king and all of strange music