XXcLusive: Jay Rock Signs to Tech N9ne’s Strange Music [VIDEO]

Officially released from his deal with Warner Brothers, Jay Rock has already found a new label home. The XXL Freshman has decided to go indie, aligning himself with Tech N9ne’s underground powerhouse, Strange Music, for a multi-album deal.

XXL recently traveled to the Strange Music headquarters in Missouri to document the partnership. [Watch below] “Man, I’m excited about this,” the Watts, CA rapper said. “Tech and Strange approached us once I became a free agent and we went to [Kansas City, MO] to see first-hand what we had been missing and saw why they’re the No. 1 independent rap label. The word had spread about me leaving Warner Bros. and I was getting offers left and right from majors wanting to sign me, but in the end, Dude Dawg and I had no doubts that Strange had the perfect situation for us.”

Rock’s Strange Music full-length debut, Follow Me Home, will feature appearances and production by a who’s who of hip-hop’s elite and is due out sometime next spring.

“I was hyped when I got the news that Jay Rock and Top Dawg Entertainment decided to go with Strange instead of any of the other many labels that were tugging at them,” Tech said. “I knew that Jay Rock, being the hardcore artist that he is, would add another wonderful dimension to our Strange roster.”

Rock has been on tour with Tech, and his new SM family (Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Kalhoun, and Big Scoob) since September 15, as part of N9ne’s Independent Grind Tour. He will also appear on Tech’s new DJ Whoo Kid mixtape coming later this fall. —Elan Mancini

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  • “RT”

    That’s Whats Up!

    • T-Rance-5592

      I’m hella hyped for this. Can’t wait til there is an official release date.

  • godvin

    very smart move. strange music is a label that is truly independent and succeeds without any help from the corporate controlled major label monopoly. get that real money my nigga!


  • Anonymous

    Man XXL Your Videos Suck! They Always Freeze And Shit…Step Your Shit Up! I’m Trying To Watch This Shit!

    • swype-matic

      Quit using dial-up connection then.

    • Anonymous

      Word step Your antiquated ass up.

    • Anonymous

      step your internet up bitch ass

  • McG

    Big for Strange Music.

  • http://www.twitter.com/1bromotion Bromotion


  • Money Mitch

    This is great news!! Jay-rock can spit I love dudes music Tech is an indie monster!! I been up on tech since i saw him on tour with ICP years ago and he blew me away with his music and stage show. This is tight!! Can’t wait!!

  • wuman

    i hi brodband and the shit stalls on me to

  • wuman

    i have brodband and the shit stalls on me to

  • fuck lil nut stain

    i got wireless and it jams up on me

  • zerotheklown

    Hows any body gonna deny Strange now, big things shaking up in the underground

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  • williano from ct

    this is a great move tech is a smart biznessman and his teaqm gets monet
    jay rock is a great talentent and addition to the team


    http://www.myspace.com/willianosantoro check out my music ill shit from hartfoerd ct

  • Gaff

    Blood fuckd up sign’n with these goof balls.

    • MusicFiend

      Gaff you a fuckin idiot… Strange actually puts out cds on time and has a hell of a fan base. Tech been grindin for years and has quality music. Fuck out of here with that bullshit. His album will be promoted and actually come out. its a win win

    • Landongoo816

      Gaff know your shit before you say it techis a blood and part of the 57 street rogue dawg villans here in kc so is big scoob and kutt calhoun

  • Daze

    Damn this signing will open so many doors for Strange.Next year is gonna be a huge year for Strange Music

  • savage816

    i been listing to tech for 12 years love every cd he got he knows what he is doing much love tech KC,MO 816

  • Anonymous

    who ever said this a bad move is gona be the guy who misses out on a bad ass show and cd cause he doesnt have a good taste in music strange music is now an empire that wont be denyied the next person tech tries to sighn i bet they sighn with them cause they already kno wuts up

  • Fireforreal

    I think Jay rock is alright,but he first like most all hardcore emcee’s within the last 5,6 years who sign to a major act like they think the major is really gonna give them the same attention as a pop or commercial rapper so even sign ? you should know the outcome by now so don’t act like you thought they would treat you better when history and stats show they don’t give a fuck unless your willing to make those radio records. Street cred alone doesn’t bring record sales. Then he went at Ice cube a Super vet,crying in interviews which made him look even worst. Now he’s with Tech 9 Cool he’ll come out by next spring but how many of Tech 9′s fans will cop a Jay rock album ? he should have went all the way indie and sold his own shit online.

    • Roman

      This guy above me needs to shut the fuck up. White face paint devil shit. Listen to message to the black man by tech n9ne. Than you will know what’s up. And I’ll buy jay rocks shit. That’s why we are strange music Fans. We Buy ALL of strange musics shit. Not just one artist.

  • nosnhor

    STRANGE!!!!!!!music…………..did anybody notice that it said kansas city, MS? dumbasses, its MO……you will all know it real well soon, cuz tech gonna have the whole world sayin……KC MO, WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO……..KC MO WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOO…..WHEN I SAY TECH YOU SAY N9NE…………

    • Anonymous

      st.louis mo 2

    • http://yahoo mlb

      Good catch on the MS homie, but while your callin people out its KC MO Rolls, lol, check it mayne, but shotout to jayrock i know hes gonna kill it with the king of rap tech n9ne i enjoyed seein him roc that bat and snake in Denver CO!. also lookin forward to tech doin some nasty shit with lil wayne when he gets out. hopefully they do more than one track, some party and bullshit, and some real deep shit showin rappers how it aint just about ryhming you need to actually be talkin about somethin.

  • ML

    Damn, I didn’t think Tech N9ne had it like that. Yall see the factory full of his products? Tech has always been dope, and he’s probably the best live rap performer. Jay Rock is probably going to be making more money on Strange Music than a major label.

  • stuckfresh

    That a good move! Jay rock can move 100,000 a cd with strange behind him!

  • Gill

    Hell yeah good to see strange music signing some new blood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jayjames65 Jay James

    Thats whats up. Jay Rock ripped “Paper” on the Gates Mixed Plate collabo album.

  • http://yadamedia.net Josh Ulrich

    STRANGE MUSIC BABY. Welcome to the team Jay Rock!

  • kayla

    awesome, awesome, can’t wait to see what’s in store. i def trust tech’s decision, he knos whats up! its gonna be amazing! love to you all!

  • Justin Bonifas

    Hell yeah. Strange is blowin up. Now we just need Stevie Stone and Glasses Malone

  • Anonymous

    worcester show!

  • Big Boom

    got nuthin but respect for strange music, juss keep doin whatcha doin…imma be waitin for that tech n9ne n jay rock mixtape…will there be a mixtape???…dnt let nobody control that mind frame of strange music…main stream cant handle the flow that yall bring to the table anyway…u got love comin out of Carson, California…thats where i stay at…cant wait to here some new shit

  • bigtap

    thats whats up for technicians wootwoot

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.dramatic MrDraMatic

    I love the fact that I’m watching history in the making! Been a fan since day one. Still looking for a spot on the production team. Let me know what’s up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pages/dramatic MrDraMatic

      When is Jay Rock’s CD coming out?

  • Cedric Sanders

    Jay Rock with Strange Music!!! That’s whats up!! Strange Music is getting the family bigger. Support the family people. Tech N9ne and the rest of the Strange Music Family is putting KCMO on the map!!! Get him on Tour Tech! LOL!!!

  • Stranger4life

    Ha!! THE STRANGERS Are growing like a new Army!! but They Have already takin over the world so all thats left to do is sit back and enjoy!! STRRRANNGE Musuc!!

  • Stranger4life

    And Jay Rock Recived His title in front of 4,000 people in DENVER COLORADO BABY!!! This Show Was Crackin!!!

  • Stranger4life

    And He recived his blessing in front of 4,000 tech fans in the one in only DENVERRR COLORADOO BABY!!! STRRRANNGE Music!!

  • Sunshine Gotti

    Thats wuts up Sprinkle a lil KC all over this peace!!! KC’s in DA HOUSE!!!

  • strange22

    strange just got better

  • http://www.myspace.com/macmatics101 A-Mac

    Strange Music has elevated to enormous heights on it’s own with the furious fast paced dedication by not only Tech N9ne himself, but Travis O’Guin. I’m glad to see the team finally exploding in the limelight of the hip-hop community. Keep expanding and putting out top notch quality music and never look back. Big ups signing Jay, can’t wait for the Seepage (EP) to leak through my 12′s!

  • http://www.napsacshop.com Nap

    Thats a Good look…Jay Rock on STRANGE!

  • http://therealtechn9ne.com JaySinister


  • Mick Takeshi

    This muthafucka represents the streets more than any artist on that label save for Scoob. This shit’s going to be raw.

  • N9nestein

    Great fukn move! Jay Rock went one hunit on Paper!!! Congrats and welcome!! STRANGE MUSIC ALL DAY ALL NIGHT BABY!!!! SU WOO!!!!

  • Cody

    Fuck yea that’s dope Tech and Jay Rock. I’m saying Kutt and Jay Rock should do an album together to complement Jay Rock’s first album afterward. That shit would be tight. I think their styles would blend perfect and would be some hard shit.

  • melly


  • Anonymous

    Jay Rock is a good sign! Strange Music All Day, All Night!!

  • http://laroxgraphics.com mrlaroxgraphics

    Feelin that tha DAMU iz kallin Strange Musik home! Designed a graphik 4 tha homie showin Killa city luv! Suuuuwooooop welkum DAMU!!!

  • mike hoskinds


    • Cindy Malis


  • Travis

    TECH N9NE is the man! This is gonna be awesome. He is the GOAT in my opinion. The volume of music this man produced and is still making is incredible! GO TECH!!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    Yo Tech i just missed the utah show, next time i’ll get V.I.P I like what your doing keep it up doo

  • Kelsey

    sweet. . saw jay rock in billings. . yall wuz kik ass!!

  • Anonymous

    shotout to jayrock i know hes gonna kill it with the king of rap tech n9ne i enjoyed seein him roc that bat and snake in Denver CO!. also lookin forward to tech doin some nasty shit with lil wayne when he gets out. hopefully they do more than one track, some party and bullshit, and some real deep shit showin rappers how it aint just about ryhming you need to actually be talkin about somethin. Best wishes to kalico and tech Keep ya heads up, cant wait to hear seepage though. Strange! good luck to all the other Top Dogg artist!

  • http://yahoo mlb

    shotout to jayrock i know hes gonna kill it with the king of rap tech n9ne i enjoyed seein him roc that bat and snake in Denver CO!. also lookin forward to tech doin some nasty shit with lil wayne when he gets out. hopefully they do more than one track, some party and bullshit, and some real deep shit showin rappers how it aint just about ryhming you need to actually be talkin bout somethin. Keep ya heads up Tech and Kalico, i know seepage is gonna be some raw shit though lookin forward to it. Good luck to all the other top dog artist. Strange………….. Music!

  • jj

    strange on the rise

  • indagame

    hell yea! Gaff is a fucking retard. he would’ve fucked up if he signed with Young Money or some shit. then he would have to do that gay ass music when Strange gonna let him do what he wants and they’ll still put out his albums and i’m a tech fan that will buy Jay Rock’s album.

  • Trite

    Yall seem worried about his moves like it effects yall. You should be concerned with how his music sounds,and not how much music he makes.That does not have any impact on your life. I have been listening since Ab-Soul put me onto to him in what was that 06,and Mousa asked me if I liked him. I been a fan been waiting for the album. Been listening to the mixtapes. I am just happy the music will come out. I wish everybody much success if they deserve it. Jay put in the work,and he deserves the success. Top Dawg put in the work they deserve the success. Not only that they have a product that is actually worth listening to. Their brand is built in a legit manner. Man if you think it is good or a bad move wait for the music. I support because I am a fan.


  • am

    biggest fan but seriously fix this skipin

  • Rpetty

    Hell ya cant wait to see you guys in Tulsa OK!

  • G00ner42

    Shout outs to Jay Rock and Tech N9ne and that boy Draydel on the beat!

  • dinesoulja

    yeah that’s what m talking about jay rock m going to the show here in tempe,az and i got vip’s suwoop….

  • Anonymous

    Jay Rock go hard but iono bout Tech Nine. Most his fans is white for a reason. We don’t fuck wit that face paint devil shit in the hood

    • yahtzee

      tech ain’t no devil man, u listen to his new shit and it ain’t what it used to be. he had a dark period. he was on drugs, going thru shit with his wife. yeah he ain’t got alotta black fans but every show i go to there are more and more. don’t judge him cus he paints his face. it’s the music he puts out not what he puts on his face.

  • Nicole

    Strange Music is the perfect choice Rock. Ready for lots more new shit.

  • yahtzee

    that’s whats’ up. welcome to the strange music family jay rock. strange gonna take this shit over.

  • z


  • fan

    yeah strange, add stevie stone next

  • BONEZ402

    hell yea strange music doin it big!!! jay rock a beast then mix him up with the strange cats its gonna be big all over this is omaha nebraska showin love to strange music they the realiST OUT HERE!!

  • s

    greatest shit to happen to Strange; they gonna kill it

  • SharkCity

    Hell Nah Mann_ This Lil ***** Rock Got a Hand Out.. Tech Got Heart_ If Any Doors Are Open`n Up 4 Anyone_ Itz That Lil Fan Boi That Got Signed_

  • http://xxl.com westsiderider

    this is huge for both sides. soon the whole industry will be going strange music and copy stranges business model. hes takin over the world

  • Anonymous

    now strange just needs to get cognito and sign twisted insane, shit would be intense

  • Anonymous

    get rid of cognito’s whack ass*

  • Anonymous

    wadup wit tech havin a bunch of red rag niggas on his label

  • Anonymous

    fuck yeah

  • Adam G

    hell yeah thats what i like to hear

  • Magnetic

    I ain’t heard much from Tech but I know money has been doing his thing for a long ass time and the couple joints that I have heard is fire, I know a couple people who are loyal supporters of Tech too. His longetivity speaks for itself so I think Jay Rock signing with Strange Music should be a power move for both. I think Jay Rock is the truth and sounds 100x better than anything I’m hearing right now, this signing won’t compromise his sound, I don’t think Rock would sell out anyways but this just makes it official.

    • Magnetic

      Oh yeah, big shoutout to all the Denver heads on here. Reppin’ 303

  • n9gga

    travs voice sounds like one of those guys narrating a movie preview

  • HorrorCoreManicKilla

    fuck dude its posta be strange music not wanna ghetto mother fuckers fuck dude tech n9ne fucked up tech n9ne used to be raw not he’s akin all ghettooo i’m black i like him just he needs to be crazy and shit cuz he wnts to me on mtv and bitch wants ore money greedy fucker!!!!!

  • AFTechFan

    I can’t wait to hear Jay Rock and Tech on a track together. I had never heard of Jay Rock before seeing the news that Strange signed him. I’ve been listening to him for the last 2 days and I’m extremely impressed. I can say I’m def a Jay Rock fan now!

  • six1fojuggalo

    its funny to read some of thses haters remarks,its mad obvious they dont listen to tech or they would have answears to there dumb remarks.


    Hellz yeah Jay Rock i bad ass can’t wait for his shit to come out yada….

  • the man

    jeez cant even fuckin watch the fuckin thing doesnt even show up fuckin piece of shit

  • HuRaKaNe

    AHAHA muh fuckin fist strike a mighty blow.. i heard that on amovie or sumn i forgot where i found out but you kno what im sayin…. tech n9ne is a hella humurous and nice dude-HuRaKaNe yall will hear from me in a minute