Wyclef Disses Pras & Sean Penn For Presidential Snub

Lauryn Hill might be making her return to music, but the likelihood of a Fugees reunion still appears shaky. Last Friday (September 3) during Hot 97’s On Da Reggae Tip concert at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, Wyclef Jean took to the stage and fired a lyrical shot at former bandmate Pras and other naysayers.

As previously reported, Wyclef’s bid for the Haitian presidency was denied due to the fact he did not meet the five year residency requirement. Prior to that decision, actor/philanthropist Sean Penn spoke out in various media outlets, questioning ’Clef’s intentions as being solely about “flying around the world.”

Likewise, former Fugee Praswell Mitchell raised similar concerns. “[Wyclef] talks about health care, he talks about education, he talks about infrastructure,” he said in an interview with MTV News. “But how are you gonna get to that point? There’s a short-term goal that needs to be addressed and there’s a long-term goal. To be honest with you, the short term is probably more important than the long term. And he didn’t even mention the short term.”

’Clef took his time on stage to address the criticism. With guitar in hand, he began playing the melody for his 2004 track, “If I Was President,” before remixing the lyrics to sing, “If I was president… I got a message for Sean Penn, maybe he ain’t see me in Haiti because he was too busy sniffing cocaine… I got a message for Praswell, even though you don’t want to support me, I got love for you, even though you only kicked eight bars in the Fugees…”

Before the weekend was out, representatives from Penn’s camp released a statement refuting the allegations. “Mr. Jean is clearly unfamiliar with the physical demands put upon volunteers in Haiti,” the statement read. “As aid workers there, the notion of depleting the body’s immune system through the use of illicit drugs is ludicrous… That Mr. Jean would make such a false accusation is reckless and saddening, but not surprising.”

At press time, Pras had yet to offer a reply. —Anslem Samuel

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  • that nigga

    I got a message for Praswell, even though you don’t want to support me, I got love for you, even though you only kicked eight bars in the Fugees…”

    HAHAHAHAA!!! Get em’ Clef. Even tho I dont support you as a valid candidate. I applaud the effort.

  • Sha

    Every now and then I like to do some “Comparison” shopping. So let me do this….

    Barack Obama is called a muslim (as if that is an insult) and every dirty name in the book by conservative media while running for president. What if Obama had said,

    ” Hey… I got blunted when I was younger. Yeah, I had a preacher that was on some “Hate America” bullshit. Yeah, I relate to blacks a helluva lot more than whites (why do you think my wife is black?) And oh, by the way…. Hey Sarah Palin, go read some books you dumb trick!” OR

    “Hey Rush Limbaugh, eat a bag of donkey dicks!” OR EVEN WORSE

    “I still got love for you John McCain. Even though you’re old as dirt.”

    Would Obama even have been considered a serious contender for President? Nope.

    I’ll take it even further…..

    George Bush got called out for Iraq, Katrina, and other things by all liberal media when he was in office.

    What if George Bush said,

    “You know what? I didn’t have a plan for Katrina. I don’t even like blacks. I wanted to get at Osama, but Saddam tried to get at my dad, so I’m going after him first. And tell Al Sharpton to cut his permed out hairdo.”

    Do you think he would have gotten a second term? Like it or not, the answer would have been a resounding, HELL NO!

    The point I’m trying to make is this. POLITICS!!! POLITICS!!! POLITICS!!!

    Wyclef clearly is not a politician. Politicians usually have tough skin. They put on that armor every morning (right after that swig of Pepto Bismol) and get it on daily. Not only do they have to be careful of their own brain/mouth switch, but they also need to be strategically sound in who their friends are and who your friends aren’t.

    Now this is what Wyclef SHOULD HAVE DONE…..

    1. Accept the decision of the committee with grace.

    2. Go set up a tent next to Sean Penn and CONTRIBUTE DAILY TO HAITI.

    3. Befriend Sean Penn. Although an ex/current coke head, Sean has powerful friends he may need in the future. Not only that, what better way to kill your enemies than to make them your co-workers in the cause? He should have taken that page directly from the Obama/Hillary Clinton beef.

    4. Speak to the youth.

    5. Listen to the youth. Like it or not, a seed planted is fruit in the future. Maybe they won’t support you now, but news stories are short cycled. Memories are long. Show them they are important

    6. Re-up with the Fugees. I don’t mean release a record. But resolve disputes and get them to see your vision.

    7. Stop talking to the American Media for a specified period of time. He needs to have concrete results that he has accomplished. Giving the media a blow by blow is stupid and makes you look arrogant.

    ****Wyclef, you have a lot to learn. Back up. Think as a native of your country and stop thinking as an American. Because like it or not, American arrogance is how you’ve been corrupted. Put yourself in the place of a 15 year old without a home in Haiti. Then you can see how to become President.

    • Federal Ranga


      Politicians usually have tough skin. They put on that armor every morning (right after that swig of Pepto Bismol) and get it on daily.

      Truest shit. Evar.


    • Dinero

      “Do you think he would have gotten a second term? Like it or not, the answer would have been a resounding, HELL NO!”
      I agree with everything else u said except this one…. This mother fucca woulda got a second term if nobody voted…. Hell, how did he get the 1st term, some illegitiment re-counting and tossing of votes…. This is watt I always say, The people who vote, don’t make the decesion. The people who count the votes, do.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    “You know what? I didn’t have a plan for Katrina. I don’t even like blacks. I wanted to get at Osama, but (me AND) Saddam tried to get at made a deal for that oil with my dad, so I’m going after him to Iraq first.

    ^ fixed

    • that nigga

      HAHAHAHA, $yk at his best. Nice.

  • the G.O.D

    Wycleff failing in his bid has only one person to blame is himself. Had he really wanted to be president, he should have put in the work. First, you are an internationally known artist, you could have use your so-called star power (I use that word lightly) and bring attention to Haiti’s problems. Nah, as the opportunist you are, you wanted to show how down you are with the local wanna-be hot rappers (of the moment) and the real thugs do not even respect you.
    Mistep 1: owns a t.v. station, what have you used it for. The previous director or directors were corrupted, by corrupted ‘homos’ trying to corrupt the so-called ‘youths’ you claim you want to help.
    Mistep 2: You were in bed with these same politicians/businessmen you are now criticizing.Wow, I did not know ‘tigers; could change their stripes.
    Misteps 3: What foundation(s) (pun unintentional) did you lay down. That ‘Yele Haiti’ thingy as with the T.V station you could not manage, how do you expect to run a country?

    I could go on. To be continued…


    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “and the real thugs do not even respect you.”

      ^ not the 1st time I’ve heard this.

  • I’m At Work and bored

    If I was president,

    I will owe 2 million taxes for my supposed, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION on Monday,

    Resign the organization to run for Prez on Tuesday,

    pick up bodies for photo ops and then show up to Grammy’s red carpet to do my hollywood sh*t 2 days later… on wednesday

    get disqualified for not living in Haiti, but living in New Jersey for most of my life and act like i don’t know why they wont let me be prez-o-dent…on Thursday

    make fun of Sean Penn and Pras because they doo doo heads on Friday

    Go back to America and start doing rap concerts again instead of staying in Haiti and continue to help out… on Saturday

    Tell god, I’m the shit because I am Wy To the Clef, on Sunday.

    Go kill yourself Clef.

  • Q461

    Co-sign Sha. Wyclef played himself, real talk. Talkin shit isn’t how politicians move, at least not blatant like that. I dont agree with everything Sean Penn says either, but at least he took the high road. Made Clef look like a moron. And dissin Pras because he was honest and didn’t support you running for prez? Thats some ol high school class president election shit. He was your homey, but he has the right to disagree and support whoever he likes, even if it isn’t his former bandmate and even if dude only kicked 8 bars lol.

    On the real, fuck a Fugees reunion anyways, thats tired. I’d be straight with a new Lauryn Hill record.

  • Anonymous

    You idiots do know that Clef been putting it down for Haiti waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before this earthquake happened? SMH @ doubting that Clef cares for Haiti

  • Jon Dog

    I ain’t tryin’ to hate, but, what HAS this dude done for Haiti pre-earthquake? I am seriously asking, cause I don’t know. I know he talks about bein a refuge from there, and sings about it once an a while, but what has he actually done to improve the quality of life there?

  • caino

    If Clef was really intrested in the prez sh*t, he would of done some research and realised he needed those 5 yrs of living in Haiti before he could run for office. As he didnt realise this, it has made me question if he was really going to run for office.

    Dude needs to just take a step back and go back to haiti and work of the real people, the people that really needs his help!

    Haiti has been on a lose ever since the CIA set them up for that AIDS shit!!

  • the G.O.D


    To the lame asswipe up there with that ‘idiots’ comment, you are the IDIOT; what has Wyclef done for Haiti? let me know. Four years back I met the man he was hanging with a ragga/rap-whatever outfit and was trying to be popular, now he’s hanging with wanneb-blood-Zoe rap outfit ’cause they are popular. Dummy, it’s a lack of vision. Second, the man is lacking in the education department. How do you manage not to be nimble in your native language/official language and a foreign language (Creole/French/English,; he does not have a handle on either. Realistically, yes, having someone who grew up in the states and not used to garbage-strewn streets/misery et al. would be a plus but damn dun can’t be a hypocrite. Dude should have learn something about the widespread corruption down here. You have a nation of people who have lost the knowledge of themselves, 90% of the population is not worthy of being called Haitian and that includes most of the so-called elite and the rich outhere. Tell Wycleff to go and read the 1805 Constitution of the Haitian Empire and learn what it means to be Haitian, then he can do something for this country.