Vado’s ‘Slime Flu’ to be Released on E1

Fans of Cam’ron protégé Vado have been eagerly anticipating the young Harlem rapper’s solo mixtape, Slime Flu for the last few months. However, at the last minute, plans for the project have taken an unexpected turn. Originally scheduled to drop online for free download, the disc will now be hitting store shelves early next month, courtesy of E1 Records. recently chopped it up with the former Show & Prove candidate to find out about the change of heart.

According to Vado, the tape built a big enough demand that the labels started to make offers. “Everybody goin’ crazy for it,” he said. “I been always skeptical with the project ’cause I didn’t really know when I wanted to put it out… [Cam and I] was comin’ out with the Gangsta Grillz: Boss of all Bosses…so it just built a buzz and anticipation for it so [labels] started reachin’.”

Although fans will have to cough up some coins to purchase the project, Vado says he will be dropping enough free songs leading up to its release that people won’t feel short-changed. “I’m leakin’ an original song every week, every Monday,” he explained. “I’m damn near givin’ y’all a mixtape. By time the [CD] drop I’m givin’ y’all bout at least 10 unreleased songs.”

The street album—Vado says he doesn’t consider it his proper debut—will feature 16 original tracks, with cameos from mentor Cam’ron (included on two cuts), partner-in-rhyme Jae Millz and newcomer Meek Mill.

Slime Flu hits stores on October 12. —Jesse Gissen

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  • the kid frankie

    LOL! i think its a smart move for him, though. & on that Meek Millz track Rose Red, or some shit w/ ross, tip, & him, didnt he say some shit like “my first deal im wanting the same as Shyne budget”…? LOL! keep grinding, though, Vado. you’ll make it eventually. he just needs to learn how to make a song, that’ll get him out there more. Juelz (Cams last ‘protege’) could spit & make songs.

    • vsdgsgeda

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    Cmon XXL. THIS DUDE cant make a song. if HE CANT DO THAT then WHY RELEASE OR BUY AN album. niggas gotta make sense FOR ME.. not just talk greasy…i smoke mad bud but im no dumb nigga.. LOL…enlighten me par..

  • yutatr

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  • Pshhhhhh

    The fluck kinda name is Slime Flu? GAY ASS NIGGUHHHHHHHHH

  • 513Futuristic movement

    man who is yal leavin comments? The nigga got plenty songs he gotta hit on his hands if yu got cable(proly don wit yo broke ass) go to channel 437 and click his and cam video speaking tongues wich got the streets hype i said streets not waynes hollywood world THE STREETS THE PEOPLE.. go listen to boss of all bosses 1,2,2.5 and tell me this nigga ain got over 50 songs yal sum basic ass niggas.. Point blank the nigga gon blow i don mean yo defintion BLOW=Respect from real niggas in the game c’mon look who he run wit we all kno cam don allow squares to run wit em man put two and two together and haters please hate on this but if yu really a man even better prove me wrong i like to see it

    • uz a ho

      lame ass nigga

  • Fern

    Dat nigga vato is the truth all yah niggaz do is hate like always but vado is gonna get yah lame niggaz sick wit the slime flu so get ready bitch ass niggaz

    • hahahahahahaha no

      fuck boy u a bitch in yo heart nigga i can tell from the feminine traits of u

      broke ass nigga!!! hahaha

    • Green Thumb

      A fern is a weak ass plant nigga grow some weed bitch nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Vado is a nice, but its interesting how ur generation calls everyone slime. Im from the 90s slime means smut

  • Anonymous

    Shout out to Vado lookin 4 that EP. Harlem is gettin it poppin

  • Anonymous

    That Slime Flu gonna hit you non-believers over the head. If you never heard it than you wouldn’t understand. I could get that shit for free easily but ima buy the shit and support real rap.

  • ELL Amsterdam

    Vado cant make songs? what about Large on streets, thats one of the best hiphop songs i heard in a long time

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  • ty

    vado is better then juelz you dumbass nagger do not no shit about rap get slime flu in you will see youtube him in you will see a come from brooklyn in i got crazy swag boy in am not no hatter hatters do not get far in life they just look at me do big thing look at the song he got with cam we are up in here club banger hes the best new nagger in new york jada said it to.

  • Lupe Ciriello

    This is really one of several better content articles associated with those who Concerning continue reading that theme nowadays. Excellent deliver the results.

  • Bobby Franchise

    Bump that “The Greatest” track on a good system and tell me it’s not one of the toughest tracks you heard in a while…huhhhhh!!!