T.I.’s Attorney “Remains Optimistic” About Alleged Drug Charges

T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris were arrested last night (September 1) in West Hollywood on alleged suspicion of possession of a controlled substance following a traffic stop. XXLMag.com spoke to Tip’s attorney, Dwight L. Thomas, to find out what he knows about the case and the possible legal ramifications the Atlanta rapper faces, considering he’s currently on probation on federal gun charges.

According to Mr. Thomas, he is yet to be made fully aware of details involved with the case. “Without knowing what the basis for the arrest is, what the facts and the circumstances surrounding the arrests are, it is very difficult to know really what your worst-case scenario is,” he explained. “There may be no severity to this matter at all. There may not be any validity to this matter at all. So I think the best thing for us to do is to adequately investigate the circumstances and the facts and remain optimistic that whatever has happened will be favorably resolved.”

TMZ.com reported earlier today that law enforcement officials believe the Grand Hustle boss and his new bride were caught with a small amount of ecstasy pills. “First of all, I don’t know whether in fact he was in possession of any controlled substance,” Thomas said. “Secondly, whatever controlled substance the police officers have seized at that location or at that incident, I haven’t seen any type of lab report or chemical report that verifies or substantiates what that chemical is.”

No official report has been released confirming the drug or drugs T.I. and Tiny are being accused of possessing as-of-yet. Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as more details on the case are unveiled. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Sha

    This is a big big problem for T.I.
    And it all boils down to two words.

    Systemic Ignorance.

    “You can take the kid out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the kid.”

    Sounds like a hell of an overly used cliche. But this one is dead on. TI has an abundance of intelligence. I have often been impressed with his public speaking and his debating skills. But even the smartest person can be a HELPLESS IDIOT to certain things.


    On the song MAYBACH MUSIC III, T.I. bragged,

    “Tell the ATF I got another 380.”

    Now Tip will say that he wasn’t baiting the government. He will say it was just a song. I tend to believe him on this. But I’m a hip-hop head. To the Feds, what do you think this sounds like? Straight Braggadocio. And the government’s listening capabilities are above and beyond anything you can imagine. From snitches, to internet, to cells and land lines…. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN’T FUCK WITH THE GOVERNMENT. What is the government thinking?

    “We gave this dummy a significant break and now he spits in our faces?”

    Conclusion: Systemic Ignorance (mistake #1)

    Exhibit B: “Hood Chick” Tiny.

    While it is admirable to keep the one you came up with, I knew this spelled disaster for T.I.
    First, TI came into the Game with legal charges. And she was with him. His friends got shot and killed. She was with him. He got locked up for keeping an arsenal in his crib. She was with him.

    In the “hood”, most people will tell you to keep this chick. She rides for her man. Commendable. On the surface.

    But there comes a time in every man’s life when he must separate himself from childish things. You faced 10 or more years in Prison. Think. What was the only “Continuous Denominator” in all of T.I.’s problems with the law? Tiny.
    Now I’m not blaming Tiny. TI is a man and it’s his ultimate decision. But there’s a reason Kanye, Jay-Z, Dwayne Wade, and many others “upgraded” when they made their fame. IT’S ALL ABOUT GROWTH. FINANCIALLY, SPIRITUALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY.

    And who was with TI when the cops caught them getting blazed with marijuana? Tiny. The continuous denominator.

    Conclusion: Systemic Ignorance (mistake #2)

    Exhibit C (Big ups to Jay Electronica):


    Now Tiny isn’t a beauty queen. By far. So a lot of people wondered what the attraction was.
    But in the “hood” Tiny would be considered a “dime” because she has demonstrated that she would ride for her man.
    Tiny isn’t the typical woman. And that is the issue. What if this was her plan all along. After all, she got caught with weed just like he did. AND, she recently married him. AND, if he goes to jail, who will run the finances? She is sure to get small time, but T.I.? He’s gone! What if this was her hustle move all along?

    Conclusion: Systemic Ignorance

    In conclusion, if T.I. escapes this, he needs to get a chess board and learn how to think ahead of the game. Life is more complex than most know. And there comes a time when boys die and men live. Tip needs to learn this lesson. Post Haste!!!

    • El Tico Loco

      That can go both ways. Tiny holds her man down or whatnot, but he possibly has brought her down too considering she is the one that got put on first. They appear to be in toxic/co-dependent relationship where they don’t see the thin line between support and enabling. Through the years they’ve been growing as a couple and gaining prosperity, but now is obvious that they have their demons between the two of them just like most couples.

    • yoprince


      somebody may have already mentioned this, but the next line is “that’s the car cost.”

      i wanted to argue with you on the whole Tiny thing, but you’re actually on point. while TI is ultimately responsible for his own behavior, one does sometimes need the type of girl who will help you (demand that you) make better decisions.

      be smart.

      simple guidelines: if you’re going to travel with drugs, you can’t smoke weed at the same time. the scent/smoke gives reasonable suspicion to search and nab you with possession.

      if, for some reason, you just have to smoke weed while traveling, DON’T HAVE EXTRA WEED ON YOU OR ANY OTHER DRUG, and toss the roach afterward. they still may nab you for DUI but it’s hard to prove especially with no possession. there is no marijuana breathalyzer. and drug tests can detect THC but not WHEN you actually got high. so it’s an easy case to beat with a decent lawyer.

      basically drugs and cars don’t mix. but when necessary, at the very least, don’t mix possession with use, in a vehicle.

      that’s the kind of thing Tiny should be telling TI.

      • http://windowshop78.blogspot.com Ninjagaiden78

        @ yoprince

        Great point my man. If you riding dirty, why draw attention to yourself?? I have never heard of people smoking in a Maybach with drugs on them. You are a young black man, rap star, smoking weed in a super expensive car. Come on man, you can wait till you get home to smoke up?? Wow……

    • http://windowshop78.blogspot.com Ninjagaiden78

      Too much real talk in that whole post. I don’t understand cats like TI. You would think a couple brushes with the law would set a brother straight but no. These cats wanna keep on playing with they chances. Water is def wet.

    • 757cypes

      damn sha u hit it on the head!that dude should know better

  • Bawse

    a day after that song pledge is released a while after he worked with rick ross he gets caught i swear this nigga rick ross is locking niggas up on the low

  • kemo

    So dont usually post but I got to commend someone when they actually post something intelligent. Props sha.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bryantoden B.K.O. Management

    All I can do is sit back and see how this plays out.

    Bryant K. Oden
    A&R Consultant/Artist Manager

  • El Tico Loco

    Now I’m waiting to see how this case turns out versus how the Paris Hilton case turns out. But I think that this will a case of who’s wrist gets slapped the hardest. TI’s lawyer is obviously a beast.

  • Nasty Nate

    You forgot to ad meth to the list. Fuckin tweekers

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk


    On the song MAYBACH MUSIC III, T.I. bragged,

    “Tell the ATF I got another 380.”

    ^ the next line is, “that’s the car cost…”

    Nothing there, keep it moving.

    They were in Hollywood, with some personal get high on them. Like Tico said, let’s see who gets the harder slap, Paris or T.I., ’cause it seems they are after Miss Hilton as well.

    What happens to T.I. depends on what type of character his P.O. is, simple math.

    That was a good comment Sha.

    Just feeling quite uneasy on how you sh^tted on the hoodrat chicks though. Just because she’s not a beautiful specimen with a honorable way of life according to society, it doesn’t make her a villain.

  • eazy_money

    @ El Tico Loco
    I disagree. should be more severe than a wrist slap for TI. he is on probation with 10 years hanging over his head. The arrest alone violates that probation regardless of the outcome of the new case. Paris aint on paper from the 2007 dui anymore. circumstances are totally different. she gets drug treatment i bet.

    • El Tico Loco

      There’s still that chance for TI he got paper to pull it off, as far as Cali he might I said might get a slap on the wrist when he gets back home tho negotiations are gonna be intense. Then with Paris, she might face a judge that feels that they took it too easy on Lindsey Lohan and might want to make an example out of Paris. Those are the odds and then there’s of course logical outcomes (Paris walking and TI back in jail)

  • Sha


    Thanks for checkin’.

    About your comment….

    “Just feeling quite uneasy on how you sh^tted on the hoodrat chicks though. Just because she’s not a beautiful specimen with a honorable way of life according to society, it doesn’t make her a villain.”

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I personally feel this way….

    Discrimination is always unacceptable…. Except in one situation. And that situation is who you choose as a lover or mate. If dark hair turns you on, it’s your right. Get it. If inner beauty is more important, it’s your right. Get it.

    A lot of people got mad a John Mayer when he made that comment about not liking black women. I wasn’t one of them. Why? Because as it pertains to who he chooses as a mate, it is his choice. He doesn’t have to like who the public likes.

    About Tiny….. Dude, I’m sorry. But when you reach a certain level you are supposed to be smarter. The fact that she was in a car with him and got caught with the drugs proves that she wasn’t thinking about her future or protecting his (although I think T.I. owns his future himself). Isn’t that the number one rule of a relationship? They’re supposed to make you better. You’re supposed to compliment each other. Since he’s been with her look at his track record. I’m just say….. He needs to X her. My opinion.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      “Because as it pertains to who he chooses as a mate, it is his choice. He doesn’t have to like who the public likes.”

      ^ Xactly homie. Xactly. this works for TI as well.

      It seems like it was her stuff (she got caught with the same stuff when he got bagged for the iron), so I’m pretty sure an intervention program and a fine can clean this up w/o TI getting violated.

      I’m just saying, Mary J was a “hoodrat”, who was on a lot of drugs, but she cleaned her life up.

      @ eazy_money

      Paris just got caught in 3 different countries the past couple of months with weed & blow on her. She just got banned from 2 Vegas spots. Her actions clearly show she is way more of a public menace than TI, so why should he get harsher treatment than her?

  • eazy_money


    It should be harsher for TI because he is a few months into federal probation, she is not. TI has separate drug and weapon prior convictions, she does not. Paris only has 2007 DUI that she is not on probation for any longer. She should have some court ordered real not Malibu style rehab she obviously has a substance abuse problem. If he wasn’t on probation same for him BUT he is.

    BTW I like your website, regular visitor.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      Good looking homie.

      Personally, if it was me, I would have had a driver, with Febreeze in the whip, and smoked a cig while and after I hit the el. I don’t even make LEGAL U-turns, because looking like you don’t know where you’re going is never the move. They may think you are trying to avoid them and still pull you over.

      But at the end of the day, these misdemeanor charges most likely will not land him back in jail. But she may have to admit her addiction for this to fly right.

      “one does sometimes need the type of girl who will help you (demand that you) make better decisions.”

      ^ truth.

      I totally understood what Sha was implying. Just the “hood chick” classification didn’t sit well. They all don’t need to be at fault for what this one woman is doing.

      • yoprince

        “Personally, if it was me, I would have had a driver, with Febreeze in the whip, and smoked a cig while and after I hit the el. I don’t even make LEGAL U-turns, because looking like you don’t know where you’re going is never the move. They may think you are trying to avoid them and still pull you over.”

        ^^^ sheeeiiitt.. somebody knows the rules.

        ya’ll dudes ever heard of blunt power? back in my chiefin’ days, i stayed with that in the whip.. plus a black n mild for masking purposes.

        i agree that this won’t be too bad for Tip though.

        and yeah, i know some “hood chicks” who would’ve been like “hell nah, fuck that, wait til we get to the hotel, this shit is TOO HOT. i don’t even know these roads.” LOL.

        • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

          “and yeah, i know some “hood chicks” who would’ve been like “hell nah, fuck that, wait til we get to the hotel, this shit is TOO HOT. i don’t even know these roads.” LOL.”

          ^ on everything lord!

          Shouts to my brethren…

  • Sha


    Yeah. You’re right about that one. I personally don’t understand how they both could be so clueless. But I guess when you’re gettin’ money, you become a little blind.

    Thanks for responding…

  • Q461

    I agree with Sha, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Tip is an idiot for letting this happen to him, and if shorty is the common variable, then he shoulda picked a better woman, one with a good head on her shoulders.

  • Teddy

    whys is everyone cutting sick and goin in on T.I. that shit was probably tinys and smokign weed man pffff everyone knows that shit should not even be illegal poppin pills who hasnt ur acting like he whipped out all the guns again

  • ricky rozay

    oh here we go again..why the BAWSE gotta be mentioned when a brotha get his ass lock’d up??
    I got Gunplay by my side toot-toot skeet-skeeing it up and he aint EVA’ got caught!!

  • Will

    This nigga TIP a rookie, damn near 30 years old and not makin any kind of sense. Nigga need to start kickin it wit Wiz and Currensy, them boys got weed on youtube and still gettin by. But when you got that image as a gun-totin, dope-dealin felon, problems from the law tend to gravitate toward you. So even when you think you get away, the stigmatisms follow you. This nigga could’ve been the South’s Jay-Z, but this nigga done squandered millions in endorsements cause everytime somethin bout to launch, he in a cell somewhere. Agree w/ Sha about Tiny too, sometimes you just out-grow someone. TI seems like a dude who’s polished himself enough to at least be able to be presentable in high society. Tiny on the other hand still seems suck in that Dirty/Vibe/Source Awards mode. Nigga TI might be readin a book and Tiny playin fuckin Playstation. Ain’t nothing wrong wit it, but sometimes you gotta get with people that are going to help you develop as a person. 50 said some profound shit in an interview, “You’re as successful as the people you talk to for no reason.” If Tiny ain’t got nothin to offer besides being down and waitin for you when you get home, what use is she? Shit my damn dog does that for Alpo.

    • matty21

      forget what YOU(WILL), SHA, or anyone else who thinks or says anything of the nature said, forget what they said… be like Wiz n Currency? lol C’MON SON, u must be kidding lol…. come on man, get outta here with dat, y would u wanna be anybody else but urself, and i know ur saying be “like” but i’ll remind ya’ll again: this is DA KING we’re talking about, dis aint nothin to a boss, just a minor set-back…and da adversity dis dude goes thru does nothing but MAKE HIM BETTER! fact, so dont worry bout it, it gon be str8 and he shouldnt be like ANYBODY else lol, no jay-z, no wiz, no currency, no any1! for real, get outta here with that!…. and “jay-z of the south” fuck that, y would he wanna be anything like another man, or be another man?… those 2, tip and jay, live two totally different lives(dis cat tip got 5 kids and a family, and is STILL holding down a record label in which he is da BOSS, and Grand Hustle is involved in a milion different things, and that aint ever gonna stop, as much as ya’ll may want it to or think its going to stop, IT AINT GON’ STOP! not da music, NOTHIN!)… and ARE TWO ‘TOTALLY’ DIFFERENT ARTISTS, “TOTALLY”… T.I. is lookin to be the “T.I. of the world” not the “jay-z of the SOUTH” dats an old statement, and 4sure no longer applies… t.i. has branched out way more than jay-z as an artist now adays, and has the NUMBER 1 movie in the country! we’re done with dat statement…i aint taking ANYTHING away from jay, i love jay and respect what he does, and i love his work…but u cant even compare the 2 as men, much less as artists…the two are such different artists today, they shouldnt even be in da same category…da only way u could compare them, maybe a little bit, is buisness sense, they both is hustlers and get busy in their business.. “jay made da blueprint and i laid da foundation” -t.i. hustlin wise, ok, i see da comparison…but artistry, performing, and acting: there is NO comparison, so forget what all these fools are saying… and COSIGN below me 100!! @ “ViennasFinest” fasho fasho, he’s all da way in Austria, and still knows what it is…’if dey punk cops, and da power hungry ones only’ then it’s FUCK DA POLICE! dey can suck my dick too, i aint sweatin dem or worryin about a thing dey do, they aint scarin me and never will!…you fools is blind and dumb, sorry, hope no1 listenin to dat bullshit u be tellin… and like my man @”ViennasFinest” said: “TiP reppin live from the ViP!”… @ViennasFinest: COSIGN real heavy!

  • ViennasFinest

    WTF thiz dude up there talkin bout, Tiny aint no beauty queen, ok maybe you is right, but wtf it has to do with the case??

    Ok they blew some dro inside of their car, fucking popo did stop em, harrass em and lock em up for a couple hours. The niggas filthy rich, and posted the bailbond hours later, both could drive home and could roll another haze spliff.

    To the X thang..As yall know XTC is a popular drug down south and if they were partying whats wrong with dat? I mean other celebs do just the same, and however Tiny is a good wife to him.

    I live seperated from my baby moms and got a lot of drama from that, I live in Austria n the Cops over here can suck my dick too…

    TiP reppin live from the ViP…

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  • matty21

    DAMN… it’ll be aight

  • that nigga

    It’s time for Tiny to TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM. Thats all I have to say.

    • matty21

      yo i feel dat “that nigga” …. dats right, i would bet: she da one smokin and shit anyway, and he CANNOT afford this… dats a lol, but dat comment’s real… its bout that time, and dats all that needs to be said: what u said, 100…got i got i got i got your back boyyy, get that back, da king dont need this bullshit, take a lil’ probation tiny…if its her smokin, or whatever it is, that aint my business either, i just would think thats the case, and none of it is our business, but i know he cant afford this and i bet she got a clean record…once again: real talk and 100, all dat needs to be said: “that nigga”

    • matty21

      and na it aint even really “LOL” either; its real, and its not my business or our business…but i hope Tameka take da fall for this 1, da king CANNOT afford this… i’ma stay optimistic dats 4sure, once again, dis’ll just make him better, he’s dat type of dude, adversity make dis man better, i promise, its been proven…”all adversity does is re-introduce you to yourself” -Plies … ‘King Uncaged’ gon’ be EVEN BETTER now, if that was even possible, and 4sure more anticipated, if that was even possible either …

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