Rah Digga has emerged back onto the scene and she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

The New Jersey native dropped her sophomore album, Classic, last week, a decade after her 2000 debut Dirty Harriet, but told XXLMag.com that this is only the beginning of her comeback. “Now y’all done woke a sleeping giant,” she explained. “Everybody says, ‘Well, it’s gonna take another 10 years to drop an album.’ No, actually, I might be doing three a year from this point, 'cause I like where this is going. Folks act like they ain’t heard a chick spit raw rhymes in centuries; I got plenty of that. You might get three albums from me next year. And I’m even in talks with doing a collaborative album with another female artist—who I’m not revealing at this time.”

Digga also explained that she knows where her priorities are when it comes to the music she’s making. “For me, it’s not about SoundScan, radio play [or] MTV plays. It’s just about delivering a raw rhyme that I love to do.”

Classic was produced exclusively by Nottz, but the esteemed female MC explained she’ll be expanding her production palate on future projects. “I’m gonna get some tracks from !llmind, gonna get some tracks from Black Milk, DJ Khalil, 9th Wonder. I’ve been sitting on a stack of Pete Rock tracks for the longest. I got my work cut out for me.”

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