Paul Wall Attacks Fan at San Antonio Show [VIDEO]

Things took a violent turn at the Low Low Car Show in San Antonio this past Sunday (September 26) when Paul Wall got into an altercation with a fan during his performing.

The Houston native was on stage with his former Swishahouse label mate Slim Thug when a fan near the front of the crowd gave him the middle finger, according to reports from TMZ. The two then exchanged words, leading to Wall swinging at the concertgoer with his microphone several times. Security then stepped in and reportedly kicked the fan out of the venue. [Watch below]

The incident came in the midst of Slim Thug leading the crowd in an “R.I.P. P-I-M-P” chant in memory of the late Pimp C. contacted Paul’s rep who declined to comment. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Sha

    Another dumb rapper forgetting that they are a “business” and not on the street. He’ll definitely cough up some cake for that one. Paul Wall was in an elevated position. I find it kind of difficult to believe the fan attacked HIM.

  • El Tico

    Don’t be ice grillin Paul Wall!

  • fred

    i dont blame wall for doin that if dude gave me da finger and kept talkin shit when they were sayin rip pimp thats disrespectful to the fallen rapper and why did the fan come to the show if he dont like paul wall if he didnt like him then he shouldnt came to the show fuck it id bitch slap the fan too

  • fred

    aND you see wall tried to talk to the dude first b4 he did anything so u no he tried to tell dude calm down first or asked him what his problem was u see paul talkin to him first so its not like he did it out of no where dude fan must of been askin for it

  • alex rangel

    man forget paul wall swung wit his mic n hit me on my head n ran man if any body got some thing to say hit me up 210 693 7805 alex iz my name


    man forget dat nikka paul wall swung wit his mic n hid behind security man if any1 got sumthing to say call me 210 693 7805 alex iz da name n FUK PAUL WALL all day

  • the kid frankie

    dude got what he deserved! puttin up a middle finger in a Pimp C tribute. i hope they beat his ass some more!

  • King

    This is what happens when you let white people try and rap, they go and beat up their own fans. Get these devils the fuck away from out culture immediately! White piece of shit!

    • Alex

      King: You’re an ignorant mother fucker. You prolly fight like Paul Wall does (like a pussy).

  • Chuckie D

    You are an ignorant piece of shit.

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  • tommy gunz

    dude got what he deserved…

    and no diss to wall but its easy to be tough when you 7 feet over the kid and got 20 cats behind you some of em bout 400 lbs….

    but he did what anybody with any self respect in his situation woulda tellin what the clown said to him..

  • Alex

    That was SOO wussy to hit the dude with the mike from a higher position (where the fan could hit back), then hide behind the huge security guards as fast as he could. Real men don’t fight like that. He acted like a punk.

  • lol

    What a fucking lowlife, bad music, bad attitude, bad motherfucking swing. He can’t hurt a fly with that mic!