Yesterday (September 15), Maino was the latest guest on XXL’s Spotlight Channel Live Ustream series.

The Brooklyn MC discussed his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, The Art of War, his appearance on the post VMA premiere of The World of Jenks, and also revealed that he had his hands on three of the beats that ended up on Eminem’s Recovery [Watch Below]. “I had three records on Em’s album,” explained Maino, before revealing that the tracks ultimately became “Not Afraid,” “25 to Life,” and “Talkin’ to Myself.”

“I recorded that in 2007,” he recalled of “Talkin’ to Myself.” “A lot of times, you record a lot of the album, you record a lot of music before you actually put the music out. What happens is, sometimes you don’t actually love everything you do. That particular record, I didn’t love my performance on it—to the point where I loved the hook, but I didn’t feel like I did it [justice]. I was gonna get back to it and redo it, but I had never done it.”

Check out XXL’s Ustream page to watch the entire sit down with Maino. —Adam Fleischer