Maino Says He Had 3 ‘Recovery’ Beats Before Eminem [Video]

Yesterday (September 15), Maino was the latest guest on XXL’s Spotlight Channel Live Ustream series.

The Brooklyn MC discussed his upcoming mixtape with DJ Drama, The Art of War, his appearance on the post VMA premiere of The World of Jenks, and also revealed that he had his hands on three of the beats that ended up on Eminem’s Recovery [Watch Below]. “I had three records on Em’s album,” explained Maino, before revealing that the tracks ultimately became “Not Afraid,” “25 to Life,” and “Talkin’ to Myself.”

“I recorded that in 2007,” he recalled of “Talkin’ to Myself.” “A lot of times, you record a lot of the album, you record a lot of music before you actually put the music out. What happens is, sometimes you don’t actually love everything you do. That particular record, I didn’t love my performance on it—to the point where I loved the hook, but I didn’t feel like I did it [justice]. I was gonna get back to it and redo it, but I had never done it.”

Check out XXL’s Ustream page to watch the entire sit down with Maino. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Federal Ranga


    Maino… for real though? C’mon, nigga.


  • JC

    Em killed all of those tracks…Maino, step your game up! lol

  • Anonymous

    And who is Maino? Better yet whats the point, he killed the beats you didnt, end of story.

    • EReal

      Some convict that chokes white boys.

      Better watch yourself. :/

  • EM

    what a joke you has been….eminem DESTROYED all those tracks….your tracks woulda SANK if you put them out….pussy nigga

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    What are y’all mad about? So what if Maino said he had the beats first? He did have the beats first, he admits he didn’t do them justice, and it is an interesting fact. If you had a beat that was on the best-selling album in the country before it was on there you’d tell people too, so relax.

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  • Wizzy

    Sure, where are the files to back up this statement? I want to know exactly where I can find his songs with these beats on it to make his point relevant? Until then, he could be lying just to get into the limelight. Either way, Maino is still at the bottom of the totem.

    • Dinero

      Ignorance is like wildfire….

      This man aint gotta lie about beats that producers shop around to many artist. Producer cant get paid properly without being on tha official album and tha artist cant release tha record without paying, so they shop beats around… U arent gonna find these songs and even if u did ur dumb ass already defeated ur own argument… If tha beat is released, many artist jump on tha hot records and make there own version so u finding tha songs dont mean shit either in terms of validation…

      co-sign w/Hippa….

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  • ee bubble

    i think this is one of those things he shouldve kept to himself

  • bob

    shit i thought stan died

    but i see several examples of his existence above

  • DV8

    thank god Em “recovered” those beats before thye got mutilated by horrible ex-weed carrier rap

  • zayzkidd

    Maino probably just wanted beats that are a little more soulful. Those beats fit Eminem better and really wouldn’t do somebody like Maino justice. But, it’s a good fit for Eminem I guess. There’s nothing really special about those tracks anyway.


      Are you serious? Talkin to myself is by far one of the best songs on the album.I wanna know what the point of the dude bringin it up for, guess he wants a slice of the pie.

    • Jason Graziano

      “nothing special about those joints”???

      They’re like 3 of the hottest joints on the whole fucking album. Not Afraid BROKE RECORDS as being the fastest downloaded song in Billboard history… Talking 2 Myself COULD be a single… so could 25 To Life given it’s content about him being married to hip hop.

      The only bad songs on Recovery are You’re Never Over, Untitled and No Love… Cold Wind Blows, the hook sucks, but the verses are tight.

  • Chuck D

    Seriously though, if Khalil or Just Blaze came out and said i originally made these beats for Maino to use,but he didn’t use them so i gave them to Em i’d buy it, but this is just a guy trying to steal some of Em’s limelight and get some buzz by saying something outrageous. Hell, i’d question one, but 3 songs? Really Maino, you had 3 of them, two from Khalil and one from Just?

    Where are the songs? Where is the producer saying yeah thats what happened? And who the fuck is Maino.

    • Southcidal

      Knock it off bitch!!! I know where you comin’ from with your comments and calling yourself “Chuck D” LMAO!! You act as if a producer makes his beats for certain artist only, but you know better. You’re just a little puzzy white boy doing whatever to protect your beloved “Great Hope” even when he’s not being attacked.

    • sowait

      One of those beats is produced by Boi 1da. The “I’m not Afraid” joint.

  • $yk

    Wasn’t there a song out last year or so where Maino had it and passed on it? I’m pretty sure there was and just can’t remember it.

    Bring q-tips and leave the team home the next time you hear beats fam. Seems like you’re passing on career boosting music.

    • swype-matic

      I know, it happens all the time, don’t see why people are gettin so bent out of shape about it. Just off the top of my head, Common originally had the “Wouldn’t get Far” beat, but passed on it, and the Game winded up with it.

    • Jason Graziano

      The problem with your “career boosting music” theory is that just because Eminem made those into huge songs doesn’t mean Maino would have.

      I know SOOO many people place emphasis on beats, but beats are fucking meaningless if you dont’ use them right. You can have a Dr. Dre beat, or a Premo beat, and if you don’t rock it right, it ain’t gonna mean shit except thatyou spent money that wasn’t worth the beat.

      The beat aint worth shit if the artist in question can’t do anything with it. Maino just said he ain’t rock the beats like Em… half y’all, by your words, didn’t even fucking read this article because if you did, you woudln’t be saying the shit some of you are.

  • LEEK

    Judging from the comments you’d think Maino said Em flat out stole the beats from him.

    Some artist have beats before other artist, the Clipse had the beat for Knock Yourself Out before Jadakiss. Their LP got shelved & the beat was available for ‘Kiss.

  • black jesus

    does mano want a cookie?

  • $yk

    “but this is just a guy trying to steal some of Em’s limelight and get some buzz by saying something outrageous. Hell, i’d question one, but 3 songs? Really Maino”

    “Sure, where are the files to back up this statement? I want to know exactly where I can find his songs with these beats on it to make his point relevant?”

    ^ these made me LoL

    “And who the fuck is Maino”

    ^ & you took the time to scroll down and type this

  • cmoney91

    hi hater

    • JustASquirrel

      Snap, you beat me to it.

  • Slience

    maino your real in all and that arrogrance and stubborn on world of jenks thats real in all but shut the fuck up come on son even if you had the beat what the fuck difference would it make what 3 bricks thats how much a guy name crackhead cwj loses in one show let alone eminem would fuck up your career let alone lyrically.

  • poohabastank

    and your bringing this up why? guy wants some of that eminem shine bad him and jimjones share a common bond

  • Q461

    Heads are making too big of a deal out of this. Producers do shop beats around, once in awhile something is tailor made for someone. Sometimes niggaz go nuts for a beat they think is perfect.He passed on those beats cause they dont work for him like they did for Em. Maino is actually nice, not as nice as Em, but then again they got totally different styles. Check out the record “Walk these streets” he did with Rakim, dude can flow a lil somethin.

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  • thatkid

    Ibelieve maino mightve had the beats first why would he lie ? what i think he lied about is passing on them what prolly happened was he cut the cheques and they bounced. maino is alright he flows alright but wheres dude gonna get the money for a justblaze track ?

  • Gotta Wonder

    Why even bring this up? what was his purpose? What the hell are you trying to achieve except?? Get some attention, Where your music lack the ability to do. XXL why even ask him that? Ask this Nigga when is he going to drop some heat? When is your next album or single or mixtape coming nigga? Fuck some beats you had,Work with what you have now.

  • PZ

    first off we know beats are shopped…if you don’t understand that then you shouldn’t be tryin to comment cuz you lost.

    second…why WOULDN’t he mention it?

    you mean to tell me that if your high school girl goes on to be Playmate of the year or some shit…you aint gonna mention you used to bang that….evry time her face show up on TV…you not gonna wonder ‘whatif’…and have some of that come from your mouth to those who may be around to hear the story about the angles you attacked it from..????

    get real.

  • ayyyyyy

    Maino Ain’t the most intelliigent rapper but i don’t give a fuck i’m not an intelligent person.. Maino’s realer thann ur fav rapers fav rapper lol

  • Anonymous

    yeah right

  • How It Is

    Maino is black, Eminem is white. Mainos versions of the songs are therefore much better. Get it through your empty heads, house niggas.




      HI HATER.

    • swype-matic

      haha! You sound more ignorant than the real racists on here. Get the fuck outta here with that.

      • $yk

        u know it’s a slow day when cats are going in the archives…

        Glad the homies caught that b4 I did

        * passes the train wreck swisha *

  • jeaaaa

    lol where maino gonna get money for just blaze track? u ever heard all the above..

  • town business

    you had the beat in 07 and can’t do s hit still

  • Anonymous

    white ppl die plz

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  • Mainoisbitchmade

    Maino is a bitch made nigga dont get it twisted guy…Em’ smash you any day u have no lyrics that could possibly penetrate Em’

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    I still don’t understand why people are actually getting angry about this? How does this affect you in any way?


    Whoa WTF ya’ll niccas know Maino and EM do two different types of rap music stop this sh*t!
    If Maino had the beats he had em, he just passed on em damn. Producers are trying to get money so they shop tracks to whomever says they need em’ at the time.
    Both of these artist have made some heat, but all this EM dick riding has got to stop seriously he ain’t invent this shit, he’s just “so far from what ya’ll heard” the most consistent white boy doing it. What I’m trying to figure out is when is he ever going to switch up that lame ass flow cause that sh&t is drivin’ me crazy now.LMAO
    What Up! Mouse and Maino- GIF

    • Jason Graziano

      Vet, WTF you talking about?

      First of all, Em is the most consistent PERIOD, regardless of skin color.

      Second, nobody said he invented hip hop… most people just acknowledge that he’s the illest mothafucka to do this shit since Pac got killed.

      Third, what the fuck you talking about “lame ass flow”? As if Em has one flow and only one flow? Dude presents NUMEROUS different flows throughout all of Recovery and on some songs like No Love, Cinderella Man and Cold Wind Blows he switches his flow up in one song a few times.

      Right now, Eminem is the only veteran besides Ice Cube worth paying attention to. there’s a reason that Recovery is the best selling rap album of the year and why it’s predicted to end up being the best selling album of the year overall. The white boy is back at the top of his game, period.

  • Anonymous

    who fuckin’ cares..this dude is hot garbage!

  • eifjweoubgnrw

    yall niggas is stupid
    and this is comin from a white dude

  • GIR

    Maino Survival Of The Fittest ft august prod by boi1da

  • http://xxlmagazine 40sinthacar

    go get a lip reduction . the chicken and koolaid will taste the same,,,,, or you would die from starvation,?