Just one day after his birthday, Lil Wayne’s seventh letter to fans appeared on his fan site, WeezyThanxYou.

Earlier today (September 28), the letter was posted online in which Wayne once again gave an update on his situation and thanked fans for their support. To keep himself occupied, he said that he enjoys playing UNO, doing push ups, and listening to slow jams and ESPN on the radio. The Young Money captain then wrote how he misses his family and even wrote a wedding proposal—presumably from one of his fans to another. As always, the end of the letter included a laundry list of personalized thank yous to his supporters.

Yesterday, Weezy spoke to MTV about the plethora of mail he receives. “I probably get 150 pieces of mail [a day], and I probably read a good 30 each day,” he said. “I get to keep [the letters], I send 'em home. If I keep 'em in the cell, they say it's a fire hazard. Honestly, I await the mail every day.”

Weezy is set to be released from Rikers Island in just over a month.

In related news, Wayne’s newest LP, I Am Not A Human Being, was released yesterday and is expected to sell 90,000 units digitally in its first week. —Adam Fleischer