Lil Wayne & Bangladesh Settle Differences

It seems that the dispute between Lil Wayne and producer Bangladesh is nearing an end.

Bangladesh, the producer behind Weezy’s smash hit “A Milli,” had previously aired out gripes with Cash Money over unpaid royalties. However, he is now confident that everything will be worked out. According to The BoomBox, Bangladesh doesn’t place the burden on Wayne. “Everything is being worked out through the legal process,” he said. “It’s really out of his control honestly. I mean, he don’t run the label, he don’t own the label—he’s just on the label. I just got an email from my attorney saying they’re getting the exact number of what I’m owned and things will be taken care of. ”

Weezy is currently serving the remainder of his one-year sentence at Rikers Island for gun possession charges and at press time, Baby was unavailable to comment. However, Bang revealed that there’s hope that he’ll work with the Young Money camp again soon enough. “Mack Maine reached out to me not too long ago telling me Wayne wants some beats,” he said. “It’s specific beats that he wants… I guess [Mack Maine] talked to him from jail and he reached out to me telling me Nicki [Minaj] wanted something and, something I already did.”

Later he continued, “My thing is, long as this [money situation] gets taken care of and we don’t have any future problems everything will be worked out.” —Adam Fleischer

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  • adrian smith england birmignham

    carter 4 thats what we need now peace

    • jtm

      adrian smith england birmignham says:

      carter 4 thats what we need now peace

      i haven’t laugh so hard in a long time after reading that comment.

    • caliluv

      we dnt need no carter 4 wtf lmao that would be terrible no more wayne gay shit please nigga sux

  • da reel soulja boi tell em

    wuts crakin errbody mah naim iz soulja boi an um adicktid 2 cocane I also injoy haffin unprotektid sex wit lite skinndid hoes

  • Rich-Porter

    So him and Nikki need those hot beats everybody been getting so he wants to settle the difference. That’s bullshit. I’ll tax his ass and wouldn’t give him shit until the money comes

  • El Tico Loco

    Now if we can get him to stop remaking the a milli beat for everybody and their mama.

  • $yk


    Baby ain’t gonna pay me, so I’ma slave it up for Wayne and see if he do…

    • ErvGotti85

      cosign that $yk, but that brings up question Baby claim he got just as much money as Jay-z, but for years everybody and they mama say he stingy with payouts for the people who made him rich. So I wonder how stingy is Baby when it come to the IRS?

  • ErvGotti85

    ^^^^ a big question

    • $yk

      Keeping it 100…

      son’s soap detergent game must be impeccable…they blew up astronomically AFTER Katrina…do da 1…he covered the derricks rite b4 da spill…

  • ErvGotti85

    Yeah they did, especially since it seemed that Cash Money hit their peak almost 10 years ago

    • $yk

      Chu see it baby pa…

      Ain’t no way you get a media reported 100 milli deal & ain’t present on the earner’s listing.

      ‘Something Ain’t Right’-Keith Sweat

      No snitching, just smart thinking…

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  • Estanislao

    Fuck you & Lil’ Wayne, peace.