Eminem in Talks to Appear in New Anthony Hopkins Film

Despite receiving generally positive reviews for his starring role in 2002’s 8 Mile, Eminem hasn’t returned to the big screen in a major way since that debut nearly a decade ago. That may now soon change.

According to Production Weekly, an outlet known for announcing new info on castings and other up-to-date news on the film and television industry, Em is in talks to sign onto an upcoming film. “Eminem & Frances McDormand are in talks to join Rachel Weisz & Anthony Hopkins in the Fernando Meirelles sex-themed drama ‘360’,” read the Production Weekly tweet.

The movie is an adaptation of Austrian author Arthur Schnitzler’s 1900 play “La Ronda” (known in German as “Reigen”). The play follows various couples and is centered around each of their sexual encounters.

There is currently no start date for filming on the project.

Eminem’s latest offering, Recovery, came in at No. 6 on this week’s Billboard 200 albums chart. This was the first time since the disc dropped in June that it failed to land in the Top 5. —Adam Fleischer

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