Philly MC Cassidy recently announced the release of his fourth studio album, C.A.S.H. (Cass A Straight Hustla) on November 2.

Cassidy promises fans that the new album will be a classic. “'The best album I ever put together," he said in a statement. "It's executive-produced by myself and I wrote 99 percent of the verses. I worked with producer Neo da Matrix, who I've worked with since my first album. Top Notch also produced some tracks. C.A.S.H. is a classic."

This will be the first album by Cassidy to be released through a deal with the Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony's Krossover Entertainment and Entertainment One Music/Larsiny. “I'm happy to be in business with eOne," says Anthony. "I came to eOne because I know all the hard work they are going to put into the project and I'm glad to have an artist like Cassidy. Cassidy has been through so much and has a tremendous story to tell.”

Cassidy has also recently released a new EP, Face 2 Face, ahead of the album. The project is now availble on iTunes. —Brooklyne Gipson