50 Cent Reports on Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Domestic Violence Charges

50 Cent is known to wear many hats, but we didn’t know reporter was one of them.

Early yesterday morning (September 9), news broke that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. was wanted by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department to answer claims of domestic abuse from the mother of his child, Josie Harris. Multiple cop cars showed up at the fighter’s home following Harris’s complaint about being attacked, but he was not at the residence when he arrived and police had yet to locate him.

Longtime friend 50 Cent had no problem getting in touch with Mayweather. After speaking directly to the controversial pugilist, 50 took to Twitter yesterday to alert fans of what was going on. “Another case of angry baby mama wanting money,” the G-Unit general tweeted. “She’s claiming he hit her but has no bruises. Floyd went to see his kids last night. If a fighter of Floyd caliber hits [you], [you] would [be] bruised.”

50 went on to drop more insider information from his conversation with Mayweather. “I talked to [Floyd] before and after the situation he wasn’t even upset. He said he asked her why was the house so dirty she started trippin… Can’t believe she called the cops.”

At press time, police had yet to speak directly with Mayweather and he has yet to release a public statement regarding the charges. Stay tuned as more information develops. —Anslem Samuel

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  • that nigga

    Bitches be trippin’! Been in this situation before. Not cool women can tell the “boys” anything and its over for you, your basically fighting a lie in court. Fucked up.

  • tysonmike

    50 aint nothin but a gimmick now, we all know Banks the real general.

  • tysonmikefaggot

    tysonmike sit you ass down some where pussy.

  • lol

    ^ lol tysonmike saw a 50 cent link and was like “i hate 50 ima go click on that shit and hate, this will make me feel better” damn bloggers like u are the lamest u must have no job and no bitches.

    • zayzkidd

      Either yall (tysonmikefaggot and lol) are new to the thread or yall are some crazy mutha-fruckaz. Yall dude created a whole new name and thread just to hate on tysonmike opinion. I thought this was what these threads was for.

  • Dinero

    As much as I love my blacc women…. These bitches or unstable creatures rather, can never appreciate life and what another man has done for them…

    As far as I am concerned, this bitch should b tryn to succ his dicc every chance she gets cuz u hav nothing without Floyd, period… Callin tha police shouldnt even b a thought.. If he dont make money, u dont have any…

    So watt, Floyd is enjoyin life and not worried about u.. Big deal, over 90% of tha U.S. doesnt even kno u to give a shit.. Jus cuz Floyd moves on and dates women 10 times better than u with more class and money, is a problem… Ur mad cuz Floyd is happy and u not… I could c if he was a dead beat, but he takes care of his kids…

    But some of these bitches are so bent they dont kno how to let go and jus live… They want to c u suffer… Why…? This is not watt Martin Luther King or Malcom was killed for, Harriet didnt find away for us to cutt each others throat, let alone, lose Pac and BIG (sadens me everytime, they should b here) and somehow tha message still aint clear…

    Either way it goes, some white man is somewhere laughing his ass off at tha stupid shit we do to one another….


    • well put

      @dinero – grown man talk. And they wonder why we call’em bitches!!! Sucka FRee – Frisco – play ur position trick

    • zayzkidd

      I love my black women too, that’s why i’ma tell you that black women are not the only women that do shiit like that. Heck, Latino women would poison your ass and make you think they love you. White women have been throwing rape charges on niggaz for years and with them you might find your homie’s head in a freezer. They might cheat on you with their 1st cousin or even brother. So, nobody is perfect my brother. All them hoes have they baggage.

  • ThePac

    Pacman all day… Pretty boy Floyd can fight womens but not pac.. scared a$$ pus.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk




    Shouts to 50 for looking out for his homies instead of distancing himself from them and then throwing subliminal darts at them.

  • generalistic hustle

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  • Anonymous

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