Young Jeezy Motivates Fans at Houston Concert [With Photos]

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  • israel

    when is this ni##a coming to cleveland ohio

  • israel must burn to da ground

    look @ this bitch ass nigga

    why u in houston? cuz that lil town aint shit dats y and only some ignant ass inbred white folx would pay 2 c some snitch ass fraud like yung gz come out with his fake ass jewlry n suck dicks on stage like god cant c him doin it


    • weasle

      “lil town?”
      Houston is the 4th largest city in the country.. lol

      • boston all day u suckaz

        excuse me? aint houston in the fuckin desert or some shit? i know its in texas so yall niggas ride horses and shit. fuck outta here, not even a real city

  • israel must burn to da ground

    no its not faggot nigga

    • israel must burn to da ground

      by that i meant its not tha 4th largest unless u mean 4th largest waste of space in da universe den ya i could agree with yo broke ass

      east coast always n foreva u fuck nigga

  • CrooklyNY

    Hoe shit. Anyone that defends other regions is obviously taking it in the ass.

  • Real Nigga

    Go 2 H town talkin that shit. Ur a “real man” (fuk outta here)

    • an actual real nigga

      u white

  • G Shit

    Ya talkin bout ya cities, but reppin like bitch niggas

  • CrooklyNY

    Wow look at these two fag niggas. Talking shit online ooh wow. Bet you wont say shit in the apple nigga. Bet my chain on that shit, and best believe it costs some stacks.

    • la blood

      snatch yo chain bitch nigga

  • wth


  • j diggs

    jeezy a real nigga!! Hope he make more diss songs about officer ricky!! whoever makes music wit ross is fuckin fake!! nigga is police!! stop snitching!

  • jdiggs

    officer ricky!!!! fuck tha police!!

  • real real nigga

    I eat all yo’ dicks, I’m a real nigga. I’ll eat yo’ dick in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. Dick is dick, I’ll eat any dick.