Young Jeezy Motivates Fans at Houston Concert [With Photos]

If the legion of fans crammed like sardines in Houston’s Arena Theater Saturday night to see Young Jeezy perform is any indication, the anticipation for the XXL latest cover star’s oft-delayed fourth LP, Thug Motivation 103, is at an all-time high.

But before Da Snowman entered the stage, Houston’s own Slim Thug warmed up the audience for 25 minutes, offering up bangers like “Still Tippin’,” “Ride Wit No Ceiling” and “Gangsta,” the first single from his upcoming release, Tha Thug Show. Thugga then brought out his breakout artist, J Dawg, to perform “First 48” to the frenzied delight of the crowd.

With the din of the venue way past roof-raising decibels, Jizzle made his way to the slow rotating rostrum, opening his 45-minute set with “Trap or Die 2,” quickly followed by “Welcome Back” and “Who Dat” from The Recession.

“I rep this shit like Trae the Truth,” he said. “If you rep the H, throw yo’ mutha fuckin’ H’s in the air.” Jeezy said before launching into “Put On” and “I Luv It.”

No stranger to the 713 area code, the trap-rap superstar paid homage to fallen Houston rap icons DJ Screw and Pimp C before performing his highest Billboard charting single, “Soul Survivor.”

The ATLien raised a few eyebrows and seemingly stoked the supposed “beef” flames with the bombast of “Death B4 Dishonor,” the song from the 1,000 Grams, Vol. 1 mixtape, in which he raps over Rick Ross’ “B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” instrumental.

The Corporate Thugz/Def Jam recording artist then took it back to the beginning with the hardcore braggadocio of tracks like, “Get Ya Mind Right,” “Trap or Die,” “My Hood,” “Bang,” “Go Crazy” and “Trap Star” from his platinum-selling, groundbreaking debut, Thug Motivation 101: Let’s Get It.

For the grand finale, the Grammy-nominated MC served up two singles from TM103, the Shawty Redd–produced “All White Everything” and “Lose My Mind,” before shaking a few fans’ hands prior to exiting stage left. —Maurice Bobb

Photos courtesy of Xphaqtor

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