XXL Presents Game’s ‘Brake Lights’ Mixtape [Download Now]

XXLMag.com is proud to present Game’s new mixtape, Brake Lights, for free download. [New download link here]

Hosted by DJ Skee, Chuck Taylor’s latest offering features guest spots from Snoop Dogg, Nas, T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, Waka Flocka Flame, Busta Rhymes, Robin Thicke and Shawty Lo, among others. DJ Toomp, JR Rotem and Rich Skillz all handled the production duties.

Brake Lights is like an appetizer to The R.E.D. Album,” Game told XXL. “I know a lot of people been waiting on R.E.D., so I wanted to put out something to hold my them over, while I finish up my album.” —XXL Staff

Turn to page two to peep the artwork and tracklisting.

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  • Anonymous

    soo woo

    • judy

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  • http://myspace.com/bukkake98 suckaniggadickorsumthin

    soo woo

  • Steve P.

    Shit is crack! good looks game

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  • awc

    yo its ill i swear its the shit i love game

  • Toz

    sickkkkk game holdin down the west

  • mB

    The tape is RAWWWW start to end!

    props to game,,,

    Listen to: ALL

  • Mike Finney


  • Anonymous

    Street Riders is krazy

    • Dillon Akers

      Fuckin’ Sick…his best shit in awhile

  • HaHaHaHa

    Soo Woo

  • http://www.hiphoparmy.com/ The Game – Brake Lights [Mixtape] | HipHopArmy

    DJ Skee & Game – Brake Lights [via XXL

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  • jr

    Cherry Koolaid… funny and sikk
    Trading Places… Best on the Tape

    Snoop verse is funny az hell. Both went HARD

  • zigga zigga

    ayooooo game, stop pushin the album back nigga…

  • fdgdfg


  • Anonymous

    this iz the tru game fans right hurr ha

    • Anonymous

      Not bad..

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  • kwame

    i jus hate the dj ad libs

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  • 50

    damn i been waiting on street ryders for a year in a half!!

    • Anonymous

      year and half dogg that was supposed to come out in 06 time flies by

  • rob

    evrytime i try to DL this it says can not play compressed zipped folder can someone help me out if u know what to do

    • rayray

      Right Click on it and See if there is a “Extract” or “Unzip” button. If not go to google and look for Win-Rar. Its a program that unzips files.

    • mB

      i think ur sposed to right click and the select “extract all”.. worked for me

  • http://xxlmag.com rick west up

    this is a classic muafuckas dont hate on this my nigga game holding shit down yo best shit out cant wait for red nigga

  • scouser09

    fuckin classic…. game the best rapper alive

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  • Blocc Prince

    Downloading this ish right now …. Bloodz wat it do?

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  • kali

    Being a fan of previous Game + Skee mixtapes….this is disapointing.

    • mB

      are u sayin that RED Room was better than this??

    • BigBlaqq

      fuckin how? this mixtape is bangin all the way through

  • scootC

    Game mixtape is fiire!

  • da

    this is the first time ive seen a game topic with no haters…damn the mixtape must be really good

  • htowns own

    dam this shit hard right here, fyah fa real!! !! Mixtape of the year

  • rambo

    exclusive shet

  • Kilt


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  • Fl@8ushHaitian

    Damn Esco Ethered 5-0 without mentioning his Name. Streeet Rider!!!

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    Shits hard as nails, even though I cant stand Wacka Flocka Flame and Rick Ross they both did a decent job on the songs they were featured on. My only gripe is the song featuring dre must be a beat because he doesnt rap on it, unless it is some rapper named dre if thats the case its misleadin as hell. Tradin places is hard too with Snoop I like how they jacked the almost famous chorus from Eminems Recovery.

    • R

      Its Dre from Cool&Dre not Dr. Dre.

  • casey

    just got done downloading and listening to the mixtape love it been waiting for something to drop from the game. how do i get the bonus track ‘chevy sittin “feat menace & yg ?

  • Th3_Games_Advocate

    So what mixtape yall think is better? The RED room or Brakelights???

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  • Mounir

    Shit is crazy

  • Adamsville Mafia

    Red room was ass this better be alot better.

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  • that nigga


  • BeerGangsta

    Game is one of the Mixtape kings. Lot of good guest on it. I got to get it. West Coast stand up!!!! Lakers Champs!!!!!!

  • sparkcity911


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  • dbo

    Album-worthy content riite here!

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  • thatruth

    this man is sick..i knew as soon as I heard his first album..keep it up game..u earned ur spot as one of the greatest..

  • Jeffrey

    Keep up that hardcore rap style, this is givin’ me some good oldskool vibes I don’t know why but I think it’s because hip-hop is so wack these days, But your keeping hip-hop alive! Much love from Holland!

    • http://www.black-starr.com HvdL

      jayToThaV ?

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  • the honest truth.

    The thing with Game is that he can flow like the best of them. which unfortunately to me is what lacks.

    ‘flowing like the best of them’.. to me game seems intent on running with whatever or whoever is hot at the time. Dont get me wrong .. games delivery is that of a rap heavyweight, one of the punchiest in hip hop.

    ..but i want to hear game wow me with trend setting tracks, tracks that show creativity and musical passion, yet instead what is delivererd is too many tracks that more than often over indulge into forgetable guest apearances, the plagerising of any ‘in’ slogans of the day, all atop an instrumental that sounds as generic as the last 300 tunes to be cast aside from the rest of the rap parade, whilst shouting out other rappers and referencing the same tired cliches of lowriders, chuck taylors, and gangsterisms.

    Game,… you have the voice, the flow, and the persona to be one of the greats. Just you need your own lane, I wanna see some indentity, some originality.

    Im still a game fan, but id like to see progression.

    • mB

      true, but u gotta notice that he has his own voice for his albums only.

    • http://kaysrapzone.blogspot.com Kayode

      I totally agree with u on that. I think game needs to do him. I guess that is why LAX is still my best album from him, he was more in his own lane on it. U see how he killed it on dat nas track, hustlers? Thats d game i want to hear.

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  • niggerfaggot69

    Im pretty sure this beats most niggas albums out there……I FUCKIN LOVE IT! GAME is back, well he was always here but he never got any credit. Now my nigga is ballin again, GET SOME!!!


  • Andrew

    Game is straight HEAT.. CANADA love you Keep bringin the bangin tracks!!

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  • http://xxl soowoo

    both red room and brake lights are album quality mixtapes, f hataz


  • mcFly

    Mixtape buries all mixtapes put out this year, hands down!

  • Sheezy

    This album is straight up heat. I feel all 19 tracks, can’t wait for the R.E.D Album. This is what the streets needed. And he was right this mixtape is better than most niggaz albums.

    Sheezy Out…..

  • J Boogie

    This Shit is FIRE! No question and production is on point!!

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  • Anonymous

    #suwu #suwu #suwu #suwu #sumuthaphukkinwu

  • General

    This is actually one of the better mixtapes by far that I’ve heard this year…

    He really needs to get a hot single out there though to follow the momentum that this mixtape will give him in order to get that R.E.D. cd released…

    Funny thing is as much as 50 and Game hate each other, both have gone through the same problem with their latest CD’s, but despite the pushbacks, managed to deliver an album worthy mixtape for the fans

  • http://soundclick.com/jstylezz J Stylezz frm DC

    this nigga game is all over the game.. my mann is puttin work. i love how he put out 2 twenty track mixtapes in the same season lmao

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  • blade

    dis nigga just killed it! great fu**in mixtape, it sounds like a real album, great work. da red room woz hot 2 but da brake lights is hotta!

  • crim6rapp

    my fuccn computr had 2 BRAKE down tha nite thiz came out but soon az i get it fixed im downloadn it. games music goes hard dont giv a fucc what nobody else say.

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  • champ

    the mixtape is better than good enough i gotta say yhis here is the mixtape of the year hands dowm! big up to my nigga THE GAME.

  • Anonymous

    Dumb ass bitches it aint Soo Woo its Su Wu

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    I just cant figure out for the life of me why the complete albums arent usally as good as the mixtapes.I have heard some of the best rap ever in the underground in mixtapes but most of the time the industry released cds usually have a handful of great songs and the rest are filler. I guess the labels need to start pushin the mixtapes harder so people will get more anxious to cop the up and coming releases from these mix tape masters.
    Just a few artists I have seen bring straight heat on mix tapes even though I dont follow the scene real close

    Eminem ( the invasion by green lantern was nuts, and he was all over the mix scene when he first was comin up and had some straight bangers ) He ruined Ja Rule
    ( wtf why is his mixtapes so talked about but albums as of late garbage, come on kid we all know your pretty damn good when you
    try )

    Game ( this mix cd is proof he could still kill some shit if he put forth the effort )

    Dr.Dre ( He has only guest appeared on a very few tracks but some beats and lyrics has been great, release Detox all fuckin ready, hip hop misses your procrastinatin ass)

    Scarface and most of the other key mix tape kings from the south
    ( face like Dre has only been on a handful, but as always brings heat, Slim Thug and Chamillionaire and UGK kill the shit out of mixtapes, too bad Texas dont really have a industry with all the shit that comes out, they live off of mix sales )

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    i knew to side my this dude during the 50 beef…the rap game needs him..hes the only real dude out..westidddeeeee

  • arber

    yeah game great mixtape…4ever in my heart ya…

  • http://www.getrightmusic.com Hip Hop Mixtapes

    Kind of a shame this mixtape didn’t do better than it should have. I think it was a rushed release. Game should definitely drop a more official tape before he releases his album.

  • http://dowhatweknow.info/ Vesta Moscoffian

    Amazing! Photograph looking google all night due to this and that i eventually thought it was the following!

  • mpumi

    this guy is the god of rap his twice as hot as the devil ill call him tripple 12

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    was up batch

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  • http://www.skidmore.edu/academics/art/member/17151/ free download

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  • tyrone

    soo woo

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