XXL’s Blogger Contest: Let Your Voice Be Heard

You’ve heard the old adage that “everyone is a critic” before, or its variation, comparing opinions to derrieres. The sentiment behind both sayings has never been truer than it is in today’s Internet-obsessed society. Just log on to any hip-hop blog or pick any 10 rap-loving Twitter heads at random and follow their profiles. Within seconds you’ll be bombarded by disses against your favorite artists, 140-character album reviews, and profanity-laden debates. Online, anyone can be a gangsta brave enough to throw shots at real G’s the likes of our cover subjects, Shyne and Young Jeezy, without ever having to confront them in person. The impersonal nature of the cyber world bleeds over into music, as well. All it takes is a webcam or a RapidShare account to broadcast “hardcore street music” recorded in the comfort of a suburban home.

XXL tries to remain objective on such matters, which is why we’re ready to take hip-hop blogging to a higher level. Here’s the drill. Flip to this issue’s brolic feature well, [on stands August 10] and you’ll come across a pair of analytical investigations into our culture’s ever-changing climate. First, on page 112, we dissect the clash of “art versus authenticity,” in light of hip-hop artists who’ve achieved consistent success despite combating allegations of fraudulent pasts. Then, on page 116, the lack of notable rap beefs in 2010 is put under XXL’s microscope.

Being the lovers of lyrical sport that we are, we long for the days when superstar MCs sparred over bars. Remember the excitement that surrounded the war of words between Jay-Z and Nas? Wouldn’t you love to hear another duel of that caliber? As for art versus authenticity, there has been a question inside our offices that’s been tough to answer, which is, Does “keepin’ it real” matter anymore?

Start formulating answers, because it’s your turn to sound off. The task is simple: Write a 500–600-word blog on either of the two topics: the current state of street artists in hip-hop, using Shyne and Jeezy as jump-off points, or the importance of on-the-record lyrical battles. Once you feel it’s ready for public consumption (don’t forget to edit!), e-mail the text, with “360 GUEST BLOGGER” as the subject line, to xxl@harris-pub.com. All submissions must be received by Wednesday, August 18. After that, we’ll select the five best blogs to run here on XXLMag.com throughout the week of August 23–27.

Like our preference in rappers, genuine articles will earn the most respect.

Really doe.

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  • DV8

    somebody give G.U.K. a blogger spot. We need more “True Hiphop Industry Stories” from this guy.

    “Like our preference in rappers, genuine articles will earn the most respect.”

    Really? this coming from the same people who had OJ da Juiceman and Whookid as guest bloggers. So basically your saying just about anybody can win this right?

    • Anslem

      Genuine as original no recycled posts/submissions. Written specifically for the contest.

  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    If Ron Mexico enters this contest then it’s game over! Now THAT is a blogger. I hope those who enter try to make it as interesting as the hatinest hater to ever hate.

    • matty21

      so i got from ur comment: u think that hating bullshit is interesting, and u enjoy that shit? …

      n @xxl:
      there isnt too much of a debate tho, although it doesnt matter nearly as much as it once did, n it may be wayyy died down n hiding in da cut, its still here n very important
      keepin it real n authenticity still maters greatly in hip hop music, n always will, in all music…there will always be those TWO lanes..1 goes with the other, the fake shit just gonna shed more light on dat real shit n make it shine greater…n dont get it twisted, the real is needed! so they can shed light on da lies n truth, n so we can seperate da 2 as listeners.. so we’re not just surrounded by all lies n shit

      like jeezy said: there is somethin about when artists really live the shit their talkin about or are surrouned by it, n have lived da struggle in this world, they then come relay n relate it to the people…da artists that sincerly, actually care about n respect da struggle people are going through…n da artists that actually dont lose sight that they themselves are the people, n put themselves in with us, sharing n giving us knowledge…dats always gonna be there n be appreciated… with me: i love that ‘BMF’ song by ross right now, but when im jammin it i just got the urge to turn it off, cuz i aint feelin what ross is doin n what he standing for, n dat shits hottt as hell!! i wanna like it n listen to it, but i aint lol…

      it will always be present, when what an artist is doing n standing for in real life will carry over 2 da music, what kind of man da person is will matter…no matter how hot da music is, WHAT YOUR DOIN IN YOUR LIFE n what your standing for MATTERS THE MOST… AND da “OVERALL” message ur trying to send matters too… da real 1s will always support da real sht, n u gotta know what “keepin it real” means, i think a lot of people got that over used phrase a little twisted…there can be debates on how much its actually in todays world, n just HOW important it is, but it will always be important n present

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Word? I’ll think about it…

  • http://priestforever.net Priest Forever

    Just found out about this and am swamped with handling business for our show August 19th @Southpaw in Brooklyn so I wouldn’t be able to get your piece done in time. That being said though, I would love to have an opportunity to do something like this. Hit me next time.

    Priest Forever

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Cracking my knuckles and firing up the laptop…

  • http://hypestyleshomebase.blogspot.com hypestyle

    excellent contest, we’ll see who is chosen in the top five.. very interesting