Raekwon Confirms Collabo With Kanye West & Justin Bieber

Fans can thank Twitter for bringing together the unlikely pairing of Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Raekwon.

It all started earlier this week when Ye and the Canadian pop singer went back and forth over the social networking site about how much they love each other’s music. Seemingly, out of nowhere, the Louis Vuitton Don asked Bieber if he would be interested in doing a song with him and the Wu-Tang spitter. “I’m honored that you like my Music @JustinBieber!!!” he wrote. “You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon.”

“Me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC,” Bieber responded. “Might sound crazy 2 u but even having this convo is living the dream. Thanks.”

Well, XXLMag.com just got off the phone with Rae, and he says the song is already in the works. “It’s definitely gonna happen,” he said over the phone. “When you got these kinda talents merging together to do something exciting, I think it’s something that’s gonna make the fans check it out. I’m big fans of both of these guys. I think, at the end of the day, shorty is a sensation. And [for him] to acknowledge me it makes me feel good that the young generation is checkin’ me out like that. And at the same time it gives me a position to play a big brother in the game. He wants my assistance or whatever he can get it. I respect him, I like his style.”

“Yeezy called me and we gon’ make it pop,” he continued.. “At the end of the day we’re all doing our thing in the game and for them to even just have a conversation and just put my name in it it feels good…And we gon’ make a hit. Justin got his own fan base and Me and Yeezy got our own fan base and we gon’ make it happen. We gon’ make a good record.”

Rae’s OB4CL…Pt. II: The Gold Deluxe Edition is currently available on iTunes. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Q461

    i know alot of niggaz gonna hate…but this could be hot…very risky…especially for Rae….but sometimes when rappers collaborate with pop artists the shit comes out ill….Not really into Justin….but thats prob cause I’m a bit older, …. In any case, I put my trust in Kanye, dude knows whats he’s doin…

    • XXL Staff

      Nigga fuck you!

      • Gramps Duse

        I sekond that motion^^^^^^!!!! Rae you just sold it nigga!!!!!

      • Gramps Duse

        I sekond that motion^^^^^^^!!!!! Rae you just sold it nigga!!!!!!

      • shley


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  • J-Dub

    I’m gonna have an open mind about this. Never heard a Justin Bieber song and dont’ really care for the young dude’s music, but I’m gonna check out what they got coming.

    • Anonymous

      how can you “not care for the young dude’s music” if you have never heard a Justin Bieber song???

  • J-Dub

    I’m gonna have an open mind about this. Never heard a Justin Bieber song, and to be honest I don’t really care for his music, but I’m gonna check it out and see what they got.

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  • http://fucku ocean

    wtf? are you fucking kidding me? raekwon..come on dude. Drop this gay shit.

    • maze

      It’s not that big a deal, you act like this changes who they are or somethin.

      They all enjoy makin music don’t see an issue with doin somethin different.

      • tego

        raekwon and justin queerber don’t mix.

  • Juke

    This really doesn’t surprise me at all seeing how successful pop/hip hop songs have been.

    B.o.B/Bruno Mars- Nothin on You
    Travie McCoy/Bruno Mars- Billionaire
    Eminem/Rihanna- Love the Way You Lie
    Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg- California Gurls
    B.o.B/Hayley Williams- Airplanes
    Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull- I like It

    Don’t really know what to expect from this collab but it will probably be a hit. That quote from Bieber about living the dream seems like he’s down to earth. Still though it’s kinda unusual in a way to know Bieber and Rae will be in the same studio, Kanye doesn’t really surprise be because he lives outside the box.

    You know people are gonna hat but I like when artists expand their music, it’s all about experimenting and expanding yourself as an artist.

  • noob

    Already know fans are gonna talk shit about this collab. This doesn’t change anything for me towards Rae & ‘Ye.

    Fans in anything (music, sports, tv) are so biased that when something or someone does somethin different they start bitchin and complainin.

    SHUT UP.

    • Really

      Yeah but this aint something different, this is str8 bullshit!!!!! Rae know it, Luda knew it Usher know it!!!!! Of course itll be a hit, it wont have shit to do with Rae!!!! Rae take it back please!!!!

  • freshyboi

    cash rules everything

  • DUKE

    I like that Bieber knows who Rae is, EVERYBODY should know who Rae is. Hopefully this enlightens some people on Rae.

    All three are successful and like some others I like the idea of an “odd” collabo.

  • Face Phoenix

    This has gotta be one of the strangest ideas I’ve heard of. The most vital question is will this be Kanye West feat. Justin Beiber & Raekwon or Justin Beiber feat Kanye West & Raekwon. Because the structure of the song will dictate the product. Will it be a Rap song with a pop star on the hook or a Pop Song with guest appearances by rappers. I think this will mostly likely be another of Kanye’s Risky but Usually Worthy Entries on his new album.

  • http://nlcityentertainment.webs.com/ The Fixer

    What is Raekwon doing? A hip hop veteran is going to do a kids bop colabo with Justin. Eff 2012 the end is coming faster than expected. Everyone I’m about to make a prophecy all the hip hop legends are going to fall to this Bieber BS. Anyone who is a real hip hop artist on the come up forget real stories of real hustling and meaning. Rap about dumb bs and have a babyface with no credability. Get the eff out of here with this garbage. Since everything is going to hell I’m investing in bottled waters to throw at Bieber but also investing in a freezer to improve things. LOL

    • oscarCaliluv

      i feel u fuk bieber shit hip hops turning gayer and gayer

  • hjakshd

    Disgusting. Raekwon u a legend but you lost some of my respect for working with that talentless faggot beaver

  • The Fixer

    I blame Usher for this. I use to like Ushers music but he eff’d it up with Dudley Do Right Bieber. Look at the picture.
    Usher wants Michael Jackson’s Place as Number One since he passed away. MJ Liked young boys especially the make a wish kids who are on their last leg Note: Neverland Incident. Justin Bieber is the make a wish kid who has colon cancer his wish to spread his annoying music to kids who have no sense of music just before his career dies. I remember a colaboration that was one to destroy a great rock group called The Beatles and it was called Yoko Ono. Bieber is Yoko Ono to hip hop music.


    If this song goes down.. WU-TANG is dead.. its all over for wu-tang. I remember a colaboration that was one to destroy a great rock group called The Beatles and it was called Yoko Ono.

    • http://newgoldenera.com spirit equality

      Fam, you’re crazy. one song will NEVER be the end of Wu-Tang.

      ODB + Mariah turned out to be unexpectedly hot.

      Meth’s collabo with Mary was classic

      Rae and Ghost + Ghost was classic

      The Wu knows how to work with folk from other genres. They got this, let the experts handle this music thing, you just sit back and watch…

      • http://newgoldenera.com spirit equality

        i meant Rae & Ghost + Jodeci was classic.

        • JDD

          how about run dmc and aerosmith. that worked out pretty well

      • Curtis75Black

        That was Hip Hop & R&B – Basically Cousins !

      • Wu-Tang-4ever

        word man i think itll be tight

        Kanye will start it off with a couple bars in the intro

        Then Rae will come out with some C.R.E.A.M. hood shit for a few minutes

        Then at the end Justin Bieber will jump out and say “thats all folks!”

        it’ll work out

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  • JN


  • JN

    I agree

  • jacksonconti

    I am now going to proceed to burn all my Raekwon stuff.

  • LEEK

    People tend to forget that Hip Hop & Pop have always had a pretty good alliance:

    Jody Watley& Rakim: Friends
    Chaka Khan & Melle Mel: I Feel For You

    • Curtis75Black

      Again,That’s Hip Hop & R&B !! I’m gonna wait to see how this goes down but I’m on the fence. Straight up though, I don’t wanna hear anything about any other emcee who goes this route if peeps are all of a sudden gonna co-sign because its Raekwon who came out of your era. If you’re gonna shit on one, you shit on all. Niggas almost killed Luda and Snoop remember ?

    • The Fixer

      I agree they have good alliances but you can’t tell me there haven’t been garbage alliances as well.

      I’m going to be like Team America where this is a tragedy like 9-11

      This is far worse it’s Nine Eleven times Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Six.

      I can’t even count how bad a tragedy this is going to be. LOL

    • JDD

      how about rdm and aerosmith? walk this way

  • M. Baby!

    Should be interesting. I’m glad Rae is stepping outside of the Wu. Ya’ll so quick to judge, ya’ll haven’t even heard the song yet. Ya’ll want Rae to stay in one lane all of his life….but can ya’ll tell me why OB4CL2 didn’t go platinum, why didn’t it sell more than Drake’s Thank Me Later? Rae gotta do what he gotta do. Ya’ll want that man to stay the same, that’s not paying his bills. If most of these people who are so quick to judge him actually go out and buy his music maybe he wouldn’t have to do a pop record like this may turn out to be. If ya’ll support real Hip-Hop instead of downloading it or just putting it on your iPod then we would hear more of it. U stay the same if you want to, and ur gonna be broke doing it.

    • OB4CL

      So as long as it makes a quick and large profit for Rae its ok? I dont think money is a good reason. He isnt the only one affected by people downloading albums. I know artists gotta make ends meet while so called fans be downloading their music but this is just really suprising. If Rae really wants to expand his style then so be it but if this is for some money…

      Im not against Bieber but its risky in my opinion. People can be quick to judge and might damage his rep among many of his fans. Kanye can probably get away with it but Rae + Wu might not so easily. I hope is turns out dope… Im going to trust Rae and Kanye. This collab is going to be interesting.

  • BeerGangsta

    Rae is the smartest WuTang!! He team up with Game,Kayne,Dr.Dre,D-Block,Nas and a whole lot more. All those people are Platium Artist and Platium Producer!! I can’t wait to hear how this sound.

    • W. J. Rice

      Raekwon is an ill businessman

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  • freshyboi

    i bet raekwon just increased his 15 year old girl fan base by thousands thanks to the beebs mentioning “the chef” on his twitter.

    i bet justin didn’t know who raekwon was 2 weeks ago. kanye sure,

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  • El Tico Loco

    The end product will tell. If it sounds like Ye and Rae on a Bieber track is gonna be wack. If it sounds like Bieber and Rae on Ye track is gonna be nice. If it sounds Ye and Bieber on Rae track it better be dope as I expect.

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  • http://hiphopbootleggers.us/ Frank Castle

    Sad fuckin state of affairs this hip-hop shit is in, or better yet “HIP-POP”…if it really happens then this is just pathetic, Rae is a shame to the Wu-Tang Clan & SHOULD BE SHUNNED FROM THE CREW LIKE A LEPER.

  • http://hiphopbootleggers.us/ Frank Castle

    Pathetic, Raekwon should be shunned from the Wu-Tang Clan like a leper. Cash clearly rules everything around him. Sad state of affairs but hey, thats nothing new in the “HIP-POP” game.

  • GOD


    This is an opportunity of a lifetime for Rae to get some BIG BREAD. I say hit, and hit it hard.

  • Sleepy

    Lol wow this is too much! I wonder if Bieber is doing the hook?

  • JC


    lol, hopefully it’s just the hook…maybe some old Jackson 5 or Stevie Wonder record…LOL, but this collabo doesn’t sound good AT ALL…i guess we’ll have to wait and see man

  • Kingroy

    Has the Chef ever come up with something weak?

    Never doubt The Chef…



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  • Smartest Man Alive

    Darkies love money its the only reason Kanye and Rae are doing this. Picture for single: Justin Beiber diggin his heels into Reas back in the cotton field while Kanye feeds him a straw from a nice tall glass of ice cold lemonade.

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  • Jamie Bieber

    Yayy(: I love Justin Bieber!
    Hahaa, this is gonna be great<3

  • Regina

    JUstin bieber is Pop AND rNb

  • gtsdryt

    i dont mind this idea.. i mean sure lots of people are gonna be upset about this idea but if it includes bieber & kanye, then it will probably be a hit!

  • JBmojo

    To all you haters out there…who gives a crap what you think! I think its a great idea that Justin is expanding his music with other singers such as Kanye. You have to AWESOME singers comming together to make a great single! And 2 all of you older people dissin’ him, this is 2010! no one wants to hear beatles or stuff like that! Justin is the future and if you dont like him then DONT listen or comment! So STOP whining like a baby! HE’S NOT GOIN ANYWHERE! (JB FOREVER!!)


      It took justin bieber a few albums to make this one little kid to become popular. his fanbase is a bunch of teenage girls and a couple fags here and there

      it only took 1 album for the entire wu-tang clan to become a phenomenon which would change hip-hop forever. Their fanbase would stretch across real fucking gangbangers, to all people in the struggle, to hip hop fans, to wiggas, and to even rap nerds like me


    • The Fixer

      The Reference to the Beatles is a point being made for music at that time which was good got messed up because of someone who put their views in which did not even start with the band. Yoko Ono wanted to push her beliefs using one of the members who was John Lennon and then a feud began leading to a break up the group.

      The point is you put someone like Bieber who has no credibility to the streets or the real hip hop artists like Raekwon or Kanye West you are going to look like a fool if it gets messed up on the billboard charts and other artists.

      Soulja Boy Sucked Before Bieber Colabo and still does. By The Way Nas Used John Lennon Sample from Imagine who was a Beatle

      Raekwon And Kanye I got respect for not Dudley Do Right Cornball Bieber

  • JB-fever

    To all you haters out there…who gives a crap what you think! I think its a great idea that Justin is expanding his music with other singers such as Kanye. You have to AWESOME singers comming together to make a great single! And 2 all of you older people dissin’ him, this is 2010! no one wants to hear beatles or stuff like that! Justin is the future and if you dont like him then DONT listen or comment! So STOP whining like a baby! HE’S NOT GOIN ANYWHERE! Oh and DONT MESS WITH THE BIEBS! (JB FOREVER)

  • XXL Staff

    I wanna suck Justin’s little dick!

  • kobi

    WHO THE HELL IS RAEKWON?!?! and what is a YEEZY? AND WHAT CHEF IS COOKIN??? I have no idea what is going on. all I know is Justin doesn’t need to be with these idiots. especially Kanye. ew. Bieb you are so much better than this.

    • Gramps Duse

      Bieb better than this????? Kobi Bitch you better be playin!!!!! This not talent having male version of Brit Brit Spears, kant sing kant dansing ass!!!!! Rae you must be on thew wooo’s again!!!!!


      im gonna eat your children so your retard gene doesnt infect the world

      raekwon is the godfather of hip hop so mothafuckin recognize

      some kid who will be forgotten in a few years.

      almost 20 years and wu-tang clan is still remembered. WHATSUP?!

    • The Fixer

      Actually Bieber wants credability so he can be harder edged than before. If he wants to be a bad boy tell him to go to Puffy and walk to store and get some cheesecake. And tell him to steal a penny from a take a penny tray on camera.

      Raekwon is real artists who struggled and Kanye came up from beats what did Bieber Do oh yeah he gave Usher a Hummer. BJ Reference look it up.

      As for your little Justins better than them thats a crock. Nobody’s better than anybody in life just because you got money doesn’t mean a thing. You could be the richest babyfaced person in the world and still be the biggest A$$hole.

      Oh and looks fade as well just look in the mirror when you get older. Everyone goes through the what happened to me moment when fame falls down.

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  • http://www.magicfashions4ev.webs.com Bieberzgirl

    OMG Nice one Justin- gonna buy this one on itunes

  • Dj

    All about making that dough

  • Anonymous

    I watched this convorsation happen!

  • http://www.bboycult.com Don mcCaine

    Sounds like a ‘Ye beat, w/Beiber on the harmony and some of the hook, Rae & ‘Ye rapping.


  • arowana

    whuts up with some of y’all fools…
    its great Rae is doing his thang in a minute..
    i hope rae goes in and does his thang and wu releases some material as well..
    no one fucking cried a river when ghost was doing shit wit neyo so whuts d bigga deal now…

    wu tang clan will not fuck up and with kanye on d prod. it shud be good

  • Anonymous


  • zayzkidd

    Justin Bieber???? This nigga is desperate.

  • Madison

    I think imma like this song, cuz i love all of them!!!!

  • jdd

    why dont we just wait till the end and see how this songs gonna be, i dont think either sides would let something go d. own. kanye wouldnt just collab with someone unless they know they gonna make a hit. if they these rappers/rnb/hiphop singer sees something in white boy, that means its gotta be good. something is there. the chemistys gonna be awesome. just wait and see

  • Liiliii(:


    hee is so beautiful and seexxyy!!!:O XDXDXD

    kisses too justin bieber(L)XD

  • http://twitter.com/BieberLuvsMe3 BieberLuvsMe3

    OMGASHHH HATERS STFU!!! im pretty sure this is gonna be AMAZING!i mean Justin can make hits like crazy and eventho Kanye put his self in some shyt with VMAs 09 i still care 4 his music idk who Raekwon is but my mama and daddy probly know who he is lol but 4real stop hatin Bieber aint goin nowhere

  • render

    This nigga drops a classic album less than a year ago and you screwface, hatin ass niggas are ready to call wu, rae and all of shaolin dead? Cause of one track with a pop singer? a track you aint even heard yet?

    this is why we can’t have nice things

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  • smw299

    all the haters here are fools. this isn’t selling out. think about it, if rae refers to himself as the Chef once on the song, every goddamn teenage girl in the country is going to hear a reference to cooking crack! HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME!

  • RASPiKush

    Watch this shit bloww up and be the best song of the summer, That lil white boy got talent and soul. And Kanye need a boost on his records he lost his mind..

  • Daisy

    People really need to stop hating. Justin has grown a lot since he first started. I mean he collab with sean kingston and soulja boi. and sang the remix with usher. and a lot of big artist have respect for him. I’m not some lil young girl defending Justin either. I’m 18! I mean yes I am a big fan of his and I believe people need to give him a chance because he is talented but all they do is go oh some teenage kid thats gunna fade out. Obvisouly not! He already has two albums, which 1 of them has gone platuim across various countries and have been on top 200 billboards for a long time, younget male solo artis since steve wonder, 3 MMVA awards, 4 TCA awards and he is up for a VMA award this year. and He’s been all over the world and TV. Hell he has even done SNL which a lotof artist havent been on. People need to take a second look because Justin is indeed going places and staying in the music biz for a long time. And for people say the whole pubery thing all I say is that Usher was 16 when he started, look were he is now! basically dont judge a book by its cover. give him a chance b4 you hate! I say kudos to them!
    Can’t wait to see how this turns out :)

    • indy

      @Daisy and @carelot- totally agree
      Justin is growing to becoming the most internationally recognized phenomenon since mj. He’s won tons of awards and topped the charts (every song- the first since stevie wonder in the 60s!).. many adult artists are respecting him so much more, because it’s pretty evident that he’s not just a passing fad. he has serious soul and a fantastic voice for someone of his age..

      I think this is the exact direction that needs to be taken. he’s done the pop route to get his numbers up and get him recognized, and now he’s expanding his music arena into different genres. he needs to step away from pop a little bit, and step more into hip hop, r&b and rap (as well as acoustic rock)..

      this collab is going to be perfect for all three of the artists. ye needs a bit of a push music wise, rae needs something to assert himself as a recovered wu-tang (and when I saw recovered I certainly don’t mean it negatively) and bieber needs a track that will show him growing as an artist. that’s what music is for isn’t it? expanding and exploring and experimenting, so that magic is created. I think this whole thing is exciting, if anything. I can’t wait to see what happens and what they come up with :)

      ps. it better be raekwon ft. kanye west and justing bieber. nothing else. It needs to stay true to the roots

      • Haterandidontcare

        dont compare bieber to michael jackson.
        MJ was a forefather to music and the godfather of pop.

        biber is just a “sensation” he will come and go, Jackson will always be remembered

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t say justin was as big of a sensation AS mj, I said he was the biggest sensation SINCE mj. i’m probably a bigger michael jackson fan than you. No one respects him and his music more than me. I don’t think bieber’s a passing phase whose time will be up soon, but I also don’t think he’s done enough to warrant the label as the ‘next mj’. I just think this collab is a step in the right direction

  • http://twitter justinblove2010

    woah baby cant wait:)
    i saw this conversation on twitter:D
    much love to Justin&Kanye&Raekwon:)

  • carealot

    to the haterz What is music? Is it universal? Everyone just close ur eyes and open those ears. U may find that there is talent in progress. Just wait and listen.

  • sanda bieber

    hi,i love justin bieber!!!!I need you…..I miss you…..I love you..:-*

  • SC

    I will never understand why people are so quick to judge. We’re talking about a song that hasn’t even been created yet. All you guys know is that it’s gonna be a collaboration of big name rappers, and a big name pop star. And you think that just because it’s Justin Bieber it’s “selling out” I for one think it’s good that they’re broadening horizons. It has nothing to do with WHO is singing the song, rather than the songs content. I bet if it were any other pop star’s name were attached to the song it would be just fine, soon as someone hears Bieber they assume it’ll suck. All I’m saying is, music is universal. Follow the example of the rappers you love so much and broaden your horizons too.

  • http://www.youtube.com/brownejackie Jackie B

    This is going to be awesome, I know that Kanye did a bad thing before and I haven’t forgiven him but I know that the song they will do together will blow my mind. Justin is such a talented young man and I’m so so so proud of him! Kanye has talent too and I’m excited to see what the two can come up with Rae as well. I hope everything works out perfectly and I really can’t wait to here the ending result! Haters can hate, and fans can love, but no matter what just remember Justin is a normal kid, and he’s gonna do what he wants no matter what anyone says. He’s a teen com’on teens are unpredictable.. :) I have a vid of Justin Bieber’s baby coming out tomorrow on my youtube channel deff stay tuned!! And if you want to be in a video with me a music video email me, or message me on youtube its simple you don’t have to live near me :) I just wanted to share also that Justin’s music really inspires me because I’ve been going through a lot lately and his music just speaks to me, and I would love to meet him and see the real him just to see what’s really behind all this inspiring music. Sorry for such a long message. <3


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  • Anonymous

    The ignorance of these comments baffle me…lol. What does collaborations have to do with sexual orientation and preference??? There is no proof that Bieber is gay or a “faggot”. These are all artists in their craft. It is insane to think that an artist should ALWAYS stick to the same canvas. In order for an artist to grow they MUST try different things. Even if they fail, it is a learning experience. So if Raekwon wants to collab with Bieber, let him do it! He is an artist trying something different STFU and let them make music.

    • indy

      could not agree more

  • Kory Pullam

    The ignorance of these comments baffle me…lol. What does collaborations have to do with sexual orientation and preference??? There is no proof that Bieber is gay or a “faggot”. These are all artists in their craft. It is insane to think that an artist should ALWAYS stick to the same canvas. In order for an artist to grow they MUST try different things. Even if they fail, it is a learning experience. So if Raekwon wants to collab with Bieber, let him do it! He is an artist trying something different STFU and let them make music.

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  • Wu-Tang-4ever

    Watch this will be a sick song

    Kanye will start off with the opening dropping a couple bars

    Then Rae will come out with some C.R.E.A.M. hood shit for a few minutes

    then at the end Justin Bieber will jump out and say “thats all folks!”

    itll work out

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  • http://www.justinbiebermusic.com/ Jessica Bieber

    Hey Justin! I can’t wait to hear your collaboration with Kanye West and the Chef!!! It must be a dream come true to you! Love you and don’t listen to haterz! ~Jessica Bieber

  • nathalie

    heyy justin
    im not good in english but i find you are an very good singer but i cant go to an concert i must say i love your songs and can you have me by twitter than we can mail us my email nathalielhr@ymail.com
    iloveyou nathalie
    ps icome out german and live there bye !!!
    can YOU write me ??????????????????

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