Wyclef Jean’s Haitian presidential bid may be in jeopardy.

The CEP, which is the commission that makes rulings on who is allowed to run for the presidency in the country, announced that they are postponing their decisions on candidates—initially slated to be released Tuesday—until Friday. The main hiccup for Jean surrounds residency requirements, as the Haitian Constitution calls for candidates to have lived in the country for five consecutive years prior to the election. However, he has been in the United States for much of that time.

In addition to complications with his candidacy, 'Clef may be facing problems concerning his safety. He told the Associated Press via e-mail that he had received threats and, as a result, was in hiding in his native Haiti.

As previously reported, Wyclef announced his candidacy earlier this month. He is one of over 30 individuals who filed to run for presidency of the Caribbean country. —Adam Fleischer