Wyclef Jean Calls Out Haiti’s Prez Election Council

As Wyclef’s fight to run for president of Haiti rages on after his bid was denied late last week, he is now saying that the country’s provincial election council (CEP) used trickery to hinder his attempts.

In a message Monday to the Haitian media speaking in his native Creole, Clef voiced his concerns with the CEP, who handed down the decision. “Even before our work began friends in Haiti and abroad had warned me that much trickery would be used to block me. The result: CEP has proved it true,” he complained. He also encouraged his supporters to mobilize against the decision.

Initially, Jean said he would not challenge the decision of the committee; however, he quickly changed his tune. However, the director of communication of the council insisted said that there were no outside influences affecting the decision.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com for more info on Wyclef’s presidential bid as the story develops.—Adam Fleischer

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    This negro cant even speake properly n his little midget want 2 be president?gtfoh

  • Sha

    Wyclef failed again. If you hope to get on the ballot, you need to work behind the scenes to change the minds of those that voted against you. And if you can’t change their minds, you need to build those relationships until you can run again. The last thing you want is sour grapes. And you want to be the voice of Haiti for the rest of the world???

    Clef, you aren’t a politician. And Haiti is better off because of it.

    • Schoolcraft313

      I think that Clef IS a “Politician” (this is what they do, compete for elections and do very little while in office).

      I would say that he would not be a good leader, especially for a third world nation like Haiti.

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  • http://www.nytocali.com AARON THE GREAT

    what is there to argue??? He hasn’t lived in the country for 5 years, so it’s over Clef!!

  • wyclef stay losin

    this fuck nigga need to go to church or sumn

  • Star

    Wyclef give it up….

    ugh -___-