Tech N9ne Outsells Fat Joe on the Charts

There where several surprises on this week’s Billboard Top 200 charts. First, Eminem finally lost his No. 1 seat for the first time since debuting six weeks ago and, secondly, underground favorite Tech N9ne managed to outsell the new CD from Fat Joe.

Eminem was bumped to the No. 2 spot this week after rock group Avenged Sevenfold burst onto the charts with over 160,000 sold in their first seven days. Recovery picked up 158,700 units this week, making Em’s total now stand at 1,828,300, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report released today.

Rick Ross still sits under Shady at No. 3. Teflon Don was bagged up 62,800 times this week, bringing his two week tally to 239,400. Slipping one spot to No. 5 is Drake. Thank Me Later attracted 34,200 more listeners to the stores this week, making the T. Dot star’s overall sales stand at 914,700 in his seventh week on the charts.

Next up is indie breakout artist Tech N9ne collabo disc, Gates Mixed Plate. The indie juggernaut debuted at the No. 13 seat, after selling 17,300 units in his first week. B.o.B. landed at No. 21 this go-round. The Adventures of Bobby Ray sold 13,000 CDs this week, which now brings his overall numbers to 333,400. Fellow ATLien Big Boi sits two spots down at No. 23. Approximately 12,800 fans stepped over to the store to cop Sir Luscious Left Foot..The Son of Chico Dusty this week, bringing the OutKast rapper’s month-long total to 119,800.

Rounding out the Top 40 is Fat Joe. The rap vet’s 10th solo set, The Darkside, Vol. 1, sold 12,200 units in its first sales cycle.

Stay tuned to next week to find out how many units Bun B’s new album, Trill O.G., sells in its first week. —Elan Mancini

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  • Hello

    LOL. What’s funny about this is that Fat Joe will LIE to us again and say “I have a ton of money and I’m the hottest thing out!” After him owing the IRS and only selling 12000….boy I would find it very difficult to say such things. Oh well!

    • Good Bye

      Who cares about what you say monkey. The album is hot in lyrics and beats, you don´t manage Joes money so what the fuck is your problem?

      Besides you wouldnt even sell 12 copies of an album if you released it

      • jtm

        haha you are one of those 12,000 morons that bought his album.

        • ripsta

          no dumbass but your momma bought it for me after i gave her the dope dick.

          • bglwef

            man good comeback queer

  • Worldizmine

    Not suprised Fat joe has not been the same since Big pun passed away. White guy put me on to tech nine a couple of years ago didn’t know about tech nine at all dude got a wicked flow I had know idea kinda like twista at times might have to check this new album out. Just saw a video of 50 making fun of fat joes cd he so wrong for that.

  • E-Hustle

    This is 50′s best week ever!Officer Ricky flopped, went double plastic and got murdered by Eminem for the #1 spot last week when the fraud ass nigga pre-maturely tweeted he was #1! LMAO!
    Then Buck got shotguns put to the done on his unloyal ass and got his seeds videogame system snatched up for oweing the IRS.
    And now Fat Joe done did 12k 1st week.
    Not to mention 50 been on The View, The Today Show.
    Hate now niggaz. Say all the straight to DVD & BISD shit yall run into the grown. Same BISD (which did suck IMO) that outsold Officer Rickys last album. LOL!

  • E-Hustle

    btw, karma a bitch for Officer Ricky aint it. Nigga just last year was calling Eminem a monkey & honkey and that shit came back on his fake ass!
    Nigga thought he was going to be #1 on a week absolutely nothing else new came out as he does on purpose and still got shitted on! I love it!
    Just look at his sales this week and tell me Def Jam & Rap Radar didnt cop his album last week. That drop is very suspect and expected.

    Em will be back to #1 next week. He still has the #1 single in the country.

    • King Carter

      Cosign E-Hustle! Ross started the beef with 50, then after 50 he wanted to go after Eminem calling him a Monkey! Now who’s the Monkey with a #2 album; oops I’m sorry, his album just went down the charts…

      Karma is a Bitch in heat!

  • alderman j

    Yo i owe the IRS and i bet i got, make, have spent will spent will have and will save more money than any of you clowns, if you owe the IRS that means YOU HAVE SO MUCH MONEY AND POSSESIONS THAT THEY MUST BE TAXED if you dont pay said taxes, they just take what you owe, not everything, but since you CLOWNS dont have anything you wouldnt know. IRS DONT COME AFTER BROKE NIGGAS, BELIVE THAT CLOWNS!!!!!

    • Hello

      How could someone with so much money “Owe?” Why not pay taxes? You don’t hear Oprah, Jay-Z or Donald Trump owing taxes. So I’m confused by your comments. You can have a ton of money and still owe the IRS? I guess my question is why would someone with MONEY WANT TO OWE THE IRS? I dont get it?!?!?

    • yoprince

      umm, basically anyone with a decent full-time job (i.e. higher than entry-level) ends up paying the IRS after they file.

      if the IRS has to “come after” you and your possessions, then you didn’t/couldn’t pay what you owe in liquid. that’s certainly nothing to brag about.

      • htown

        Co-sign and just a quick question. I know Rappers get paid for doing shows and tours in un taxed money, but does anyone know if they are still required to report those funds to the IRS and pay taxes on that as well????

        • El Tico Loco

          If Ticketmaster and the venue wherever they play at pays taxes off their profits, I’m sure the IRS can put 2 and 2 together and be like “ticketmaster paid, such and such arena paid me for MC so and so show but where’s mc so and so money?” So Buck was the x in this little equation and the papertrail on the purchases doesn’t help either.

        • jburg

          yes they are required to report what they made and pay taxes on it. Pro athletes have to do the same thing with autograph signings. they have to report all of it. Thats how Barry Bonds got in trouble with the IRS.

      • Dee

        First you dont pay tax as a worker they take tax, Chris Rock and he is right, entertainers are different becasue there is no set amount that they make off certain things so their accountants have to figure out the taxes to pay, such as Medicare, FICA, state, etc, so all these idiots that write the check for that MAybach and forget to pay the IRS or make sure that his accountant is paying the IRS, just like you call to see if there is half a million for the car, check to see is Uncle Sam is paid too. And be smart dont take his workd for it either check your self. Take an accounting class if you have too smarting up.

  • jburg

    Rword where is your cock suckin ass at? What you got to say now? This CD isn’t going gold either. Your boy is gonna get dropped, better find some more ass to lick. Teflon Don? I think not.

  • Sha

    Not surprising. Fat Joe is Indi also. But Tech’s stock is rising. Fat Joe’s a vet that’s been in the game for many many years. Much respect to Fat Joe but his time is up. Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, etc….What goes up must come down….

    • swype-matic

      You can probably take Ice Cube off that list

      • jtm

        i agree with swype-matic. ice cube is still doing his thing.

  • General

    Sales or no sales Darkside Volume One was hot…

    That being said I’m sure Joe is disappointed and I’m sure as many have said that 50 is enjoying that. Of course why is it that other people’s disappointment seems to be the only good thing happening for 50 these days???

  • JC

    King Mathers still on top…i go to the World Music Charts…LOL…and Marshall is STILL on top of the world and definitely will be when the numbers are released tomorrow…Drake is doing his thing, still in the Top 5…Fat Joe belly FLOPPED…LOL

  • Da Illest

    He deserves to sell more than half the rappers in the game. A good victory for all underground rappers.

  • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

    Joe is on a independent label people. He’s not gonna do huge numbers. Darkside vol 1 is one of the best albums of the year. If u dont agree u just a hater.

    • Anonymous

      While not a knock on Darkside, this is no excuse.

      Tech is indie top to bottom and his solo albums always sell around 30k.

      • http://xxlmag jayruckNYC

        Its not a excuse its a fact. No artist on a independent label is gonna come out and sell 100,000 first week. It just doesn’t happen. Especially no one from E1 Records (formerly Koch). Plus u cant compare Joe and Tech. Two different fanbases two different demographics.

  • Hello


    The IRS comes after whoever owes them money. Including “BROKE NIGGAS.”

    • dex

      Belieeeeeeve DAT

    • Dee

      They come after anyone who make statement money and dont pay. If you make under the poverty line they will come for you but give you a break as well, but if you have no reported income and then all of sudden have a lot of cars and jewels and they know your name they coming for you. If you do pay some taxes and the right amount they will come for you.


    Tech outselling Joe, no big surprise there. Joe is ass CRACK.

  • kedordu


  • BeerGangsta

    EM close to 2 Million records. Drake will go platium next week. Ross will go Gold in 2 weeks. Fat Joe have never been good on selling CDS anyway. Fans yall got to buy CDS!!!!!

    • jburg

      Peeps been saying Drake was gonna go Plat 3 weeks ago. And Ross dropped more than 50% don’t hold your breath on him going Gold anytime before christmas. Hell DTR isn’t even Gold!!

  • / Amonraa

    Darkside is one of the best albums this year if not the best. Real hip hop has never been about numbers and radio spins and l am not a Fat Joe fan l am a hip hop fan!

    • Hello

      This is true!!!!!

  • brand-new

    i finally picked up that big boi album, it kinda sucks that his album isn’t selling well, because it’s a pretty good album

  • Anonymous

    Fifty is a snitch! Buck aint poppin! Fat joe? Whoz dat? Drake? Decent. Tech nine? On tha rise

    • Anonymous

      50 a snitch, really got proof of that or you just spreadin the same ole school yard gossip Ja rules dumb ass been spreadin forever.You wanna hurt some ones career start a industry rumor that someones a snotch then no one will fuck with em, thats what he tried to do it didnt work…well then again all you little school girls who listen to gosssip believe it, hey I got some swamp land in Arizona wanna buy it?

  • Q! that Great!

    1. Eminem is still selling, good album, I remeber when Eminem would be at least double platinum by his third single, WTF people!
    2. Drake is still selling, awesome album, surprised it has NOT gone past or far past platinum by now, WTF people?
    3. Rick Ross Album is decent, I only like a few choice songs, It’ll Probably go gold in a few weeks
    4. Big Boi, good album, people sleeping on it! again WTF people!
    5. Tech N9ne, always comes with that raw indie spirit! never dissapoints
    6. Fat Joe …..
    7. Bun B, awesome fawking album!!! get that for sure! WTF people!!

    8. WTF people!!! support the artform before it dies out!!!

  • EmCDL

    Ain’t nothing been able to top that new Roots album and that Marcberg album IMO, ish been on constant repeat since I got them…that and the Curren$y crack…

    Anybody heard the new Bun B yet? How is it?

    • $yk

      Told u about that ‘Marcberg’.

      • EmCDL

        yessir ish is official tissue, ‘Ridin’ Around’ and ‘Panic’ that ish!


    Another W for TECH N9NE. STRAAAANGE MUSIC!!!!

  • Shawty J

    Still shaking my head at Big Boi’s album sells. People are missing out on a dope album.

  • swype-matic

    Great job Tecca Ninna, he stay eatin’ good, gettin’ ALL his money while everybody else eatin’ crumbs. TRILL OG GO GET IT, deluxe edition!!!

  • Jerm

    Its nice to see Recovery selling, even though it is Eminem. Its too bad that Big Boi isnt selling, Outkast needs to make a comeback for hiphop in the near future. And I think Drake will go platinum eventually, or maybe he already has, since these sales are US only, and Canada (where hes from) is considered international in terms of sales, so maybe hes already reached platinum with his overall support. Hopefully Bun B does well, even though this might have been his weakest album.

  • King Carter

    This is what happens when you wish death on someone. Now, his death in hip hop is sealed as well. That whole movement is flopping! Fat Joe, DJ Khalad, Ace Hood, Rick Ross lost out to Eminem, Trina, the whole nine!

  • Anonymous

    Dear “Sha”
    Teknine(i’m not even trying to spell his name right he’s so wack) stock rising. Busta(all i do is win, Iron Man stop the party,new album wit premo,qtip,neptunes/pharrell, swizz beats) is goin down right? How in the fuck, can anyone not from Kansas City think Tek9 is better than Mr. Busta fuckin Rhymes. Please check yourself b
    Fat joe, Cube, 50 i don’t give a fuck about but to compare this overrated ‘indie’ artists to a legend is a fuckin joke, just blows my mind. This Tek9 motherfucker ain’t even better than my nigga Tek from smif n wessun, not even close.

    • Tech N9ne


    • anonymous

      tech is the truth, my favorite rapper since ’99

  • Anonymous

    co-sign that bruh bruh****

  • Anonymous

    you are all funny…

  • newyawka631

    i been lurking,don’t call it an absence,
    neva mention da NEWYAWKA in past tense,
    u striking out,my shit iz way ova da fence,
    u can keep ya 2 cents,cocksucka,fuck ya view,
    if u had a clue,u WOULDN’T want dA beef to ensue,
    my bank acoount grew,now niggaz wanna to sue,
    but imma keep shit peaceful,
    while clenching a desert eagle,
    emptying da clip,u madd like a waiter wit no tip,
    while da clock tickz,mah lipz zipped,
    dopping something simple,next time i’ll let it ripppp

  • Anonymous

    Knowbody can fuck wit tech N9ne #1 indipendent rapper in da world

  • killa cal

    y da fuck is tech out sellin joe a surprise..good to c dat tech did well cuz da album leaked a month in advance and it was a collabos album n not a solo..