Shyne to Give Live Ustream Interview on

Shyne Po is back! The deported rap star not only graces the September cover of XXL but will now be live and direct on Despite being in his homeland of Belize, Shyne will talk to fans across the globe via XXL‘s Ustream page this week for a special edition of Channel Live, our weekly Ustream interview series.

Presented by Gangland Records, Def Jam Records and Best of Both Offices, the feed will broadcast live this Wednesday, August 11 at 4 p.m. EST,  via our Ustream page and

XXL’s September issue, which features Shyne and Young Jeezy on split covers, hits newsstands nationwide tomorrow. Be sure to tune in to Channel Live with Shyne Po this Wednesday at 4 p.m. EST for an uncensored conversation with the Godfather Buried Alive. —XXL Staff

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  • Saratoga N. Blake

    Remind us why we’re supposed to care again?

    Also, please answer this question:


    This knowledge could be of greater worth than the before and after parts of Shyne’s half-assed rap career put together.

    Clarification: being a martyr to your own recklessness and Sean Combs’ dirty tracks doesn’t make you a great– or even interesting– artist or entertainer.

    One verse from Gil Scott-Heron >>>>>> Shyne’s life so far.

  • El Tico Loco

    Explain the haircut and we’ll call it even (unlike the haircut)

  • roller song

    you know their gona ask bout his voice.. i wonder what’s he gona say

  • jim

    yeah who the fuck cares

  • fuck haters

    u hatin as niggas shut the fuck up for u get ya shit pushed back, let then man do his thang u mad cuz u never touch a million in ya life

  • el

    ur wright there are a bunch a haters here man..fuck boys

  • Jordan

    I can’t wait to hear what Shyne has to say to the public upon his music, his freedom & to all of the haters. Shyne Po is back y’all.

  • colo

    sun lookin like Super Cat in the pic. good look. not too many can pull that off. he jus gotta work on a delivery that reaches the people. cuz this revamped shit ain’t making it. nuff respect still

  • Dwidoderally

    shyne with all d respect , you cant put god name on your poster .

  • PeRs_1

    Tha Fuck!?

    Ya’ll hating on Po? Where im from not many kats know of Shyne Po, but those that do know him got mad love (No Homo)

    I heard that rubbish from the Khaled mixtape or some shit when he first got out the joint and yeah it was strange/weak but I still aint gunna give up on the dude. Hopefully he brings out some shit worth listening too.

    I respect this dude either way, his music may be weak now and may not get better but at least we still got his old material..

  • Azrael

    I hope that some viewers give him a thorough explanation on why his voice change unnecessary, and most importantly, unwanted.

  • qdas914

    His real fans need to be honest with him. Im still rooting for dude but he has to go back to the old voice that new voice/style is trash. Back to the basics Shyne (No Hate)