Raekwon Grabs Game & Bun B for ‘OB4CL Pt. II’ Re-Release

Raekwon is back in the kitchen. The Chef is re-heating his critically acclaimed album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt. 2 with a handful of special features.

OB4CL Pt. II – The Gold Deluxe Edition will include two new songs—“Never Matter” featuring Bun B and “Rock Stars” featuring his Wu-Tang brethren Gza and Inspectah Deck—and four new remixes—“New Wu Remix,” “Broken Safety Remix,” “Penitentiary (Travis Barker Remix),” and “About Me Remix” featuring The Game.

The digital-only release will also boast six videos for such standout cuts as “New Wu,” “House of Flying Daggers,” “Surgical Gloves,” “Canal Street,” “Have Mercy,” and “Catalina.”

OBFCL Pt. II – The Gold Deluxe Edition will go on sale exclusively through iTunes on Tuesday, August 17. —Elan Mancini

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  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    Word? No ‘Verbal Intercourse 2′????

    And where’s the ‘Ason Jones’ video? I was highly anticipating that!

    Anyway, this is on auto-cop status, although I hate iTunes.

    • General

      Can’t believe they left that off there and when I same Game was gonna be on there I figured it would have been “Flashback Memories” cuz that joint was ridiculous. I can’t believe it never made it on either of their CD’s…

  • Mikey T.

    Word to that. No Nas?


    I’ll cop it anyways.

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  • o

    i guess its digi only tho so what difference

  • http://www.Dynamicproducer.com Dynamic Producer

    We missed you Chef


  • El Tico Loco

    No criminology pt2 again

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      Probably cause ‘Criminology 2.5′ was on ‘Wu-Massacre’.

      General what up?

      Face I see you down there…yeah I don’t wanna mess w/iTunes either, but I am for this 1…yet it looks like just the new cuts, rmx’ and videos…


  • Face Phoenix

    Call me crazy but I think I can live without the extra songs especially if I have to buy the whole album again or deal with iTunes DRM Tech. I’ll pass. This is definitely for those hardcore Rae Fans. It would be different if I could buy this album physically and dump it on a friend or two [for a couple of dollars] after I got what I want. Sorry but I’ll pass on this invitation… sounds cool but no thanks.

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  • jtm

    i thought nas and eminem would be on the album. i don’t understand why he decided to get gayme on the album.

    • General

      Are you retarded? Rae and Game been down for quite a while…

  • Sha

    Do we really need a OB4CL Pt. II?

    Sounds like Rae is kicking “Cash in While It’s hot” 101.

  • swype-matic

    On iTunes? Damn, I HATE iTunes

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  • yeahbwah

    When I was 19 I loved listening to Cuban Linx and the bricks of coke, shootouts and Scarface motifs…Now I’m 33 and Rae is still rapping about the same stuff. In the past 15 years or so hasn’t he come up with any new material?

  • kedordu


  • Anonymous

    @yeahbwah go listen to the bullshit thats on radio and t.v. all day …….nobody cares what the fuck u think …..infact go eat a dick FOH

  • yeahbwah

    So first you’re saying that there are worse rappers than Raekwon, second you’re saying that you don’t care what I think but you’re logging in and responding to me. Eat a dick? Is that Snoop or do you actually talk like that where you’re from?

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  • http://www.newraporder.com New Rap Order

    Yo yall need to go check out Faro-Z. his new album “Only Built 4 Afro-Cuban Linx” is a f’ing banga!!!! trust…
    if i’m lying you can smack me.

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  • http://www.caratgold.net Cash For Gold Rates

    My self peter rose.I live in NY.I just wanna say about that……………
    I can’t be mad at that. He already got prepaid off of the medium anyway since he’s indie so change if this laxation bricks he will console get eat. I ungenerous OBFCL2 oversubscribed equal 200k copies to consort. Unspoiled money for indie, these mainstream niggaz fitter get clever.

  • http://whatweknowra.info/ Ronda Ekins

    Wow! I have been seeking the search engines all day with this and that i eventually found it right here!

  • http://worlddiscoveryle.info/ Lupe Ciriello

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