UPDATE: Nicki Minaj Announces Name of Debut Album, “Pink Friday”

It’s Barbie, trick! Tonight (August 3) between 6pm and 8pm EST, Nicki Minaj will finally let the cat out of the bag and drop the title of her debut album during a live Ustream chat with fans.

After hitting her goal of one million followers on Twitter, the Jamaica, Queens rapper, originally scheduled the Ustream chat for last night, however, she was too tired after flying back in to town to go on. She made the announcement via Twitter, telling fans, “Thx 4 understanding. Let’s do tmrw @ 6pm EST to be fair to the UK ok u guys? Plus, I’ll have more time to plan ur fetch surprises!”

The Young Money artist’s much anticipated album is set to drop November 23 and for the most part has been kept under wraps, with only a few details being revealed but that all ends in a few hours. Stay tuned to Watch Nicki’s Ustream and Twitter below to find out the title, as well as any other surprises. —Manny Maduakolam

UPDATE: It’s official, being that her album drops the same week as Black Friday, Nicki Minaj has dubbed her album, Pink Friday. The Barbie era begins November 23.

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

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  • BeerGangsta

    Heffer got a fat azz!! She can’t rap worth a dam. She will go Platium. Fuckers will buy the CD just to see that azz on the cover!!

    • Barbie Killa

      ur right fuck this bitch i hope she flops i will burn her shit before i buy it

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  • JC

    she better be doggy in a pink thong on the front cover if she wants to go platinum…LOL

  • jtm

    what has the world come to.

  • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

    ‘Pink Friday’?

    Are they gonna sell it for .99 like they did Rhianna’s album last year?

    • s9101

      This dude right here stays hating without fail. Who gives a what about how much they are going to sell the album 4 fam. Your b1tch-made self would suck a d1ck for .99 with any hesitations.

      • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

        says the one who types about fellatio when I’m typing about business.

  • Jay

    Why is XXL dick-ring this bitch so hard. If she flops they won’t even hardly speak of her anymore. magazines love to hype artist up. Notice the bitch is dropping around a busy buying season…she isn’t stupid!

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  • caino

    Hmmm, l always check out the music she drops hoping to be impressed , but always end up disappointed, l dont understand the hype she gets!! l feel like l’m the only one that doesnt get ‘it’, half her ryhmes dont even make sense (not in a Ghostface way)

    • General

      Couldn’t agree more

  • Curtis75Black

    I hope this guy talking first at least got a taste of that ass the way he’s acting.

  • Anonymous

    I HATE NICKI(picky)MiNAJ(mirage)

  • M. Baby!

    We’ll see if the album will speak for itself

  • swype-matic

    Pink Friday? Oh. I get it. It can mean 2 different things. Creative.

  • Q461

    lol Fail= any dude goin to the store asking the salesperson for the “Pink Friday” album

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  • Savage

    yo shorty got these chicks brain washed, got even the ugliest females callin themselves harajuku barbies n wat not…i still cant believe dey sayin she goes harder than kim..

  • http://conceive-a-girl.net conceive a girl

    I’ve bookmarked, Dugg, and I joined the RSS subscription. Thanks!