Masked St. Lunatic Says Nelly Did him “Derrty” [With Video]

Former St. Lunatic Slo Down—known as the one member of Nelly’s popular early naughties crew to wear a mask—has taken to to air out his discrepancies with the Midwest rap star.

During the interview, filmed in front of an array of Nelly’s gold and platinum plaques, Slo Down claims he wasn’t fairly compensated for his work in the group. “I might fuck around and get emotional talkin’ about all how that money was getting’ split up, shit was crazy,” he said. “Niggas was eatin’ and I wasn’t one of them niggas. I was snackin’… I was lunchin’, havin’ lunch every now and then, and niggas was havin’ four course meals and ain’t have shit to do with shit.” [Watch below]

“Whatever we did Nelly got half of that shit, and the rest of the group split that up,” he continued. “And when it came to splitting the money I wasn’t part of the rest of the group.”

While he may not have penned any rhymes, Slo Down explains that he was still an integral part of the crew and played a major role in their success. “I ain’t write no lyrics or nuthin but…I brought more to the stage show, [and] to the image,” he said, stating his appeal to the younger audience.

Hinting at releasing a tell-all book about his experiences with the group, Slo Down jokingly referred to the group’s motto. “It’s derrty out here, I’m all I got.”

As of press time Nelly has yet to address Slo Down’s allegations of unfair business practices. —Elan Mancini

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  • Sha

    I never understood dude’s position in the group. And according to his own words, neither did he.

    If I was Nelly, I wouldn’t do my friends dirty. But I would never bring dead weight with me to make loot anyway. Business is business. If you ain’t protecting loot, making loot, or investing loot, what are you on tour for?

    This dude lost.

  • Face Phoenix

    Once again another entourage member of a successful artist finds something in nothing to complain about. Did he really think he was entitled to a third of the St. Lunatics Proceeds without actual contributing to the creative process. He didn’t write a hook, a verse or even hum a tune out but wants somewhere in the bracket of 15 to 17% of all profits generated. Some people need to know their role, count their blessings and grind on they own. What can you possibly say to your “main man” that would make him even consider such a idea? I mean at Nelly’s Peak he had women & plenty of cash so you think this guy didn’t pick up the leftovers. I would have. Just because your man is in a Ferrari Modena doesn’t mean that Mustang he bought you isn’t worth having. Stop looking on the other man’s plate and appreciate what you have. Too many of these characters are out here with this “Entitlement” Attitude. This goes for men and women. Handle your business, take of yourself and drink a tall glass of STFU.

  • yacine_

    I assume he got paid in show money. I guess he didn’t get any publishing money, but that’s more than logical, given that even he says he didn’t write anything.

  • El Tico Loco

    Was he ever in the booth?

  • that nigga

    Nah, he didnt lose. You dont treat your friends like that. If he’s on stage, in photoshoots, on the cover of the albums, hype man or whatever, he deserves to be compensated just like the other members if he rapped or not. He was part of group, period. If that was my friend, he woulda been treated just like everyone else. Shit, he was the face of the group. And leave his wife???? WTF is that about? Cant front, gotta love his upbeat attutude.

    • W. J. Rice

      What you’re suggesting is bad business. You’re going to compensate a person who brings absolutely zero creativity to the table? He said it himself, he didn’t actually do anything. That’s how Hammer went broke. Slo Down was compensated fairly for the amount of work he contributed. He also said it himself. He was lunching while they were eating full course meal.

      Actual writer performer: Full course
      Slo Down and whatever he does (?): Lunch money

      Friend or not, business is business. Unless you saved my life in some form or fashion (e.g. Skull Duggrey saving Master P) or You’ve been my ultimate road dawg homie through all types of tribulations (e.g. Memphis and Jay; Wu-Tang, Yayo and Fiddy) I can’t justify paying you for wearing a mask and standing on stage. I could hire anyone to do that.

  • word?

    Let me get this straight…he wants to get paid but does not write, produce,direct??? He should be happy nelly took him out the hood for a few years…build your skillz and then get paid off of what you made…people kill me thinking they should get paid just for knowing someone with talent!!!

  • W. J. Rice

    Speaking from a former artist point of view, this stage prop as ninja better not get even near the amount I did as a writer/performer. Fuck out of here with that nonsense.

  • Monsta Don

    WTF did he do to earn a bigger check? Nigga please.


  • DUDE


  • ThaTRUth

    dude needs to hustle and get paid like NElly did..NEVER put ur future in another mans hands..PUNK..

  • $yk

    Amazing to see the whole board in unison.

    Slo Down should be mad @ himself, for not buying a beat machine, learning road management & getting the promoter connects for future business, doing something tangible concerning the group to get a bigger check.

    Son was a roadie, bottom line.

  • be be 1

    imagination um….. stage um show…. um stage. presence????? get the fuck outta here and image???? ppl was comin to see nelly not some guy in a mask that says nothin at all

  • PM

    He got paid enough, he was on road partying living the life. Now he broke n talking they didn’t pay me right. He was the hype man, how much is that worth?

  • PM

    scratch that, he was the mascot. Calling him a hype man is giving him too much credit. hype men put in work (Mascots do to but its more in line with this dude). This dude was an extra, his boys let him come for the ride and even put some money in his pockets. The St. Louis Rams mascot should get paid as much ass the players. We don’t go see the mascot, he is just extra. He trying to sell some books, only reason for this.

  • Shawty J

    The nigga needs to stop. His contributions to the group were purely visual. Next thing we know we’re gonna see Kanye’s “Dropout Bear” mascot talking about how he was done dirty. The fact of the matter is Slo Down contributed nothing to the group, he didn’t perform, produce, or write. If he’s upset about where he is in life, he has no one to blame but himself.

    I’m not the biggest Nelly fan, but I gotta say him taking a cheapshot at Nelly earlier in the video (“I’ll probably put em on eBay if Nelly gets another hit”) was low class. Is it pathetic that Nelly fell off and flopped around like a fish out of water, yeah. But what’s more pathetic is this man essentially admitting his prosperity is solely dependent on Nelly.

    Trifling nigga.

    • LEEK

      Man you beat me to the punch with the Dropout Bear line. The thing I don’t get is with Nelly being as huge as he was from ’00-’04 dude could’ve made a side hustle from sellin his own line of masks. He admits that his influence was geared toward Nelly’s younger fanbase. He also says things started to change after the Bass Knuckles album, and he’s right because the other members of the crew realized the can’t eat off of Nelly’s plate and had to start the own shit Murphy Lee got his own set up same goes for Ali.

  • Dub

    Niggas wanna be baby’d these days… you ain’t write, make no beats, sing, nothin. You wanna get credit for jumpin around in a Phantom of the Opera mask bruh? They could’ve replaced you with some dreadhead off the street and had him do the same damn thing. Like someone said above, you should be lucky Nelly took you out the hood and showed you the world. Never bite the hand that feeds you, especially when you don’t have a means to feed yourself

  • T Bizzle

    Nigga Need To Slang Crack…..Like Clipse….Get yo Grind On

  • suplex

    Slo Down? He should just be called Slow! How can he expect something for doing nothing? What’s even more crazy is he wants to write a book about it and expect people to pay? Strange world we live in….

  • Harra$$daDon


  • Anonymous

    Slo Down, I hear that Burger King is hiring…

  • yacine_

    This guy isn’t even grateful : he takese verything for granted.

    • PM

      He can be your boy, but he’s not your kids. Even your kids gotta leave the nest and fly on they own at some point. Dude had plenty of opportunity to get money. Could have had his own official mask line, at the time people would of bought that up.

      When you grow up you realize people will bleed you dry if you let em. I would do my man a solid but you can’t keep giving if he’s not getting his own. The gravy train is over for them dudes, its time he move on and get his own.

  • el

    yo yall niggas is hard on here..listen i dont know man but a homey stays a homey u get me!
    i would take care of his ass man come on nelly made hella he said he was the face because besides nelly even tho he didnt rap he always cought ur atention.

    • PM

      yacine this was suppose to be here.
      He can be your boy, but he’s not your kids. Even your kids gotta leave the nest and fly on they own at some point. Dude had plenty of opportunity to get money. Could have had his own official mask line, at the time people would of bought that up.

      When you grow up you realize people will bleed you dry if you let em. I would do my man a solid but you can’t keep giving if he’s not getting his own. The gravy train is over for them dudes, its time he move on and get his own.

  • Jayhard

    And who really cares????????? Never liked none of them wack ass niggas including NELLY!! Thank GOD he stopped making them wack ass cd’s!!!!!! Is he retired?

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  • Haitiancat

    Wow I can believe that happen to that nigga, I hope younger brother’s in here will learn from that. cause that could happen to any nigga in this world. He was a part of the crew and he did help them out with some other things not in the studio but doing something else like passing flyers around help them with promotion this is not fair to let him down like that.