Kanye West leaked a rough draft of his song “See Me Now” featuring Charlie Wilson and Beyoncé off his untitled upcoming LP this afternoon.

Mr. West was so excited about this song that he recorded early this morning with No I.D. and Lex Luger he promised to take the track to Angie Martinez’s show on New York’s Hot 97 radio station. “Me, No ID & Lex Luger… I ain’t playing fair!!!!,” he tweeted. “God is good all the time… I know my Mama woulda loved this one! … This shit I got in studio now don’t make no sense I’ma leak this shit 2mrw!!! Ima go up to Angie’s!! I’m extremely serious!!!”

He delivered on his promise this afternoon coming up to Angie’s show around 4 p.m. to discuss his new music, coming to terms with his celebrity, not having a cell phone, his Twitter fame and most importantly his mom to whom this new song is dedicated to. [Watch below]

“[When] my mom passed I had never stopped,” he shared. “I just went straight to stage. Like even the 'Glow and the Dark [tour]', even the whole concept. I was like almost in a delusional place. My mother, when Star Wars was out, when I was a young child I used to turn her sheets over and put pillows under it to make the bed look like the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back snow thing. It’s like every time something tragic happens it’s like I turn into this five-year-old. So like 'Glow in the Dark,' I wasn’t actually giving a rap concert I was back in my mother’s house as that five year old, as like Luke Skywalker on the top of the stage. So I was completely not dealing with any responsibilities of reality or anything and it allowed me to be neglectful and to come off arrogant or aloof…”

However, Mr. West says that coming into the creation of his fifth studio album a lot of things have changed. “Even like the moment when the MTV thing happened it was sort of like I was throwing a Molotov cocktail into my career,” he went on to say. “Now I’m at a place where I’ve actually started to deal with my mom’s passing, and deal with my attitude and problems that I had and you know come down to earth in a way. I’m present now. Like I was completely not present [before]…”

Ye attributes his new attitude to many life changing appearances including the three weeks after the MTV incident where he moved to Japan, and his internship at Fendi. He said that he completely needed to dial back his life and do normal every day things to become more grounded. “It was good to actually have time to be by myself,” he says of his time alone.

The song isn’t slated to be a single as of yet, but he says that he’s been working on the song for the last two years and just felt like he couldn’t keep the song to himself noting that “Life is too short to be holding everything.”

Beyoncé, who finished the vocals for “See Me Now” this morning at 5 a.m., may shock some of her fans for dropping the N-bomb on the hook of the song. “My niggas is home, I guess I got everything, everything I want,” she croons.

Along with the former Destiny's Child singer, Kanye also said he has a song with Nicki Minaj on the album as well as B's significant other, Jay-Z, who will be appearing on the "Power (Remix)," which will be dropping this Friday.

In related news According to US Weekly West is also expected to perform at this year’s VMAs on MTV, which airs on Sept. 12. As previously reported, West caused quite a stir with last year’s tirade at the VMA’s. West interrupted an acceptance speech by pop singer Taylor Swift after she won a moonman for Best Female Video. Hijacking the microphone from Swift, Ye told the crowd that Beyoncé had “one of the best videos of all time,” causing angry audience members to boo the Chi-Town rapper.

Kanye's fifth solo album is expected to hit stores in November.—Brooklyne Gipson