Is the So Icey crew beginning to melt? According to recent reports Gucci Mane and his former protégé Waka Flocka Flame are no longer on speaking terms, and it seems like Gooch doesn’t want to talk about it.

The Atlanta rapper recently appeared on iPower 92.1 in Richmond, Virginia but never completed the interview. Apparently the Warner Bros artist left the radio station after an off-air discussion came up about his relationship with Waka. [Watch below]

Following his unexpected exit, host A-Plus immediately went on-air to explain to listeners what transpired just seconds ago. “This is what happened, of course you heard we was on the air just talking to Gucci Mane, talking about the album and what not, you know doing the basic interview thing,” he said. “So we’re behind the scenes chopping it up with the listeners, they callin’ in, they showin’ Gucci love and we’re about to go back on the air. We’re about 30 seconds from going back on the air and we’re talking. And what we do behind the scenes is we prep our interviewees, letting em know this is what we’re gonna go over… One of those topics was Waka Flocka… So Waka went on DJ Drama show, in our sister station in Atlanta, and Waka was basically saying there is no relationship [between him and Gucci anymore]…But at the same time... he still has love for that dude. So, mind you this is still off the air…I ask Gucci is it cool to talk about that. He was like ‘what situation with Waka.’ And his immediate manager… he pulls him out the studio. And this is like 10 seconds before we go back on the air.”

Gucci has yet to address the incident. —Elan Mancini