BREAKING: Young Buck’s Home Raided By IRS, Assets Seized

The taxman cometh to Nashville. has learned that the home of former G-Unit rapper Young Buck was raided by federal agents, due to delinquent tax payments totaling roughly $300,000.

The raid came despite Buck’s lawyers filing an injunction to protect his assets. Federal agents stormed his property early this morning (August 3), seizing jewelry, furniture, platinum plaques and even his recording equipment.

“The worst part of this isn’t the material stuff—that will all be replaced,” Buck said via statement. “It’s what it does to the people around me. They took my kids’ PlayStation, my assistants’ computers, and baby’s mothers’ jewelry. They took my home studio so I can’t even record…”

One of the few bright spots is that Buck was able to keep his home and vehicles. Following a tumultuous few years, the Tennessee MC moves forward with a positive outlook and lesson learned. “I have a new team in place, but I am also paying full attention now,” he continued. “Nothing like this will ever happen again. This is a huge wake up call for all entertainers to stay on top of your own trusted employees and team members, and replace anyone that was put in place by your record label if the situation you have goes sour. This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music. From now on, I am going to stay on top of my own business.”

Stay tuned to as this story develops and more information breaks in the coming hours. —Anslem Samuel

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  • gift

    that’s exactly wut u gotta do. they now have a team of “financialy intelligent” people who target entertainers w/deliquent taxes and owed moneys. Paper work is 95% of the game. if your paperwork aint strait, you won’t survive in this business. I wish this nigga the best, and entertainers, fuck a chain! Please pay your fuckin taxes, and your mortgage.



      Man….the IRS will come after anybody.


      Buck had to know the IRS was coming…otherwise the IRS would have found other shit (guns and weed at a minimum). There’s no way Buck has no illegal shit in his house.

  • Shawty J

    This article should’ve been called “Why Rappers Should Learn To Be More Frugal Spenders”

  • Slim Ruffin

    At least he learned 4rm his mistake nd he focused right now…GET EM BUCK!

  • Shawty J

    This article should have been called “Why Rappers Should Learn To Be Frugal Spenders”

  • stuckfresh


    • whoa

      Your forgeting 50 already lent buck $250,000 the last time he didnt pay those taxes ,lets also not forget this guy made over $8 million so really he has noone to blame by himself

    • jburg

      Its 50 fault that nigga didn’t pay his bills? I was waiting on someone to blame 50. Blame the nigga that lost all his shit. The nigga wasn’t loyal so he got dropped. Thats how he lost money. Either spend wiser or be loyal.

      • KaRIM


    • FORTY

      @ STUCKFRESH… sound just like a bitch! How the fuck 50 gone hold his ass down you dumb bitch…..He kicked him off his label that’s all….If Buck was so damn tight with the lyrics like everybody and they mama been saying then he wouldn’t be having a fuckin problem…It’s not 50 fault the nigga didn’t know how to spend his money…..STUCKFRESH…put a dick in your mouth and shut the fuck up….

      • KaRIM


    • HellNaw

      This has nothing to do with 50.

      It appears (from his own words) that dude wasn’t being responsible.And, like so many other rappers, he’s wondering why he’s getting hit with a tax bill so hard in the year AFTER he’s made the dough.

      Read the article properly please.And while you’re at it release the ‘caps lock’.

    • fuck stuckfresh

      stuckfresh your mother love 50 that why she allways have his dick down her mouth. stop being mad at your stepdaddy

  • $yk

    Watch all the dudes get on here blaming 50, when Buck clearly states he had a bunch of lame accountants and carriers handling his business.

  • anutha_level

    that’s f’d up…hold ya head homie, at least you still got a roof over you and ya family’s head. coulda been a lot worse tho…good luck getting back on your feet man. stay up

  • dashboard


  • Jogrind

    50 knows Buck will eat if he let buck out of the contract. Otherwise he would have dropped him already.

    50 is a hating bitch, and what are you talking about Buck wasn’t Loyal?? Ice Cube ran in those Jewish guys office with a bat. What did Buck really do??? Nothing!! These is just some female shit!!

    Just because Buck didn’t want to beef with and hate on everybody else in the game doesn’t mean he wasn’t loyal.

    • $yk

      “This IRS situation came about because I trusted accountants, lawyers, and managers to handle my business for me while I focused on making music.”-Young Buck

      ^ nothing to do with 50.

      It’s about Buck mismanaging his financial portfolio, not looking @ receipts, not checking financial statements, things like that.

      If you guys would actually look at it, it was stuff like this that got him kicked out of the group.

      Being irresponsible.

    • jburg

      Go listen to the tapes dickhead. They nigga wasn’t loyal, you the only person in the rap world that can’t see that? You apparently don’t know what loyalty means.

  • Katy

    50 is a Freemason and the Illuminati!!!! Buck didn’t sell his soul people. Wake up!!!!

  • Face Phoenix

    I have no where near as much money as Buck but when the IRS came calling – I had my paperwork in a file cabinet ready for my friends in the IRS. Funny thing is when they figured out that they owed me instead – the calls suddenly stopped and the issue wasn’t so urgent. Gotta love Uncle Sam – he’s that friend that always reminds you when you owe him money but is straight ghost when he owes you.

  • Q461

    Somewhere 50 is laughing….

    • JC

      LOL…but 50 shouldn’t be laughing too long…50 needs to get his own career out of the gutter…lol

      “DAMN homie, in high school you was the MAN homie…what the fuck happened to you?” -XL

      • King Carter

        Ain’t nothing happened to 50 because his house ain’t get raided by IRS agents…

        • Wyz of Hip Hop since 98

          yeah I guess ‘nothing’ happen to him he jus got rich and stopped tryhing. He ain’t had a hit since ‘I get money’ I KNEW his last album would flop and funny thing is its NOT bc it was wac! My bro is a huge Fifth fan and said the album is hot, its jus the TIMING was wrong, he ain’t have no LIVE singles to push that ish and no beef with Kanye to sell it. 50 We ONLY care aabout You when You have some FIRE beefs and cool controversy and some banging knoccin Dr. Dre backed monster singles!!! No body cares that You are an actor and super rich, not while You dead in the rap game. Up until your last album You was the only thing hot in the Unit and holdin it down, now if You dont’ hold banks back his album is going to be bigger than you last one, for the FIRST time a memeber of yo’squad is going to out do you, bimmeer benz or benlty ho!


    LOL…but 50 shouldn’t be laughing too long…50 needs to get his own career out of the gutter…lol

    “DAMN homie, in high school you was the MAN homie…what the fuck happened to you?” -XL


    Why he selling just as much as everybody else who aint EM or Jay he got more money then everybody in your Family combined with and extra 300 million to spare…

    real shit career? he can retire if he wants to now… we gone start a new rule if u don’t have close to the money of another nigga don’t talk records…

  • Mikey F Baby

    He gets to keep his house and cars and he’s bitchin about the Playstation? And his baby mama’s jewelry? She prob didn’t deserve that shit anyway. Get ur money right son!

  • sircharles

    Shoulda stayed his azz with g-unit and none of this woulda never happened

  • http://xxl soowoo

    50 aint go tnothin to do with this shit o and by the way buck eats 50 on beats

    • Wyz of Hip Hop 98

      You ain’t never lied homie!!! I felt like I was the only one who realized that 50 is NO where near a lyricist he NEVER has been. Honestly I think Diddy sound better on tracks and he dont’ even write his stuff. 50 border line sux as a rapper, he always has. His talant, is song writing, making hot singles, song structure and things along those lines. But he ain’t KILLED a verse since the Em Show guest spot and How We do with Game. hook writing hook! lol

  • JC and King Carter

    LOL, 50′s career sucks right now…PERIOD…however, i own ALL of his best work and Buck’s debut album….and homie, you don’t know me or my family…you must have fell on hard times….LOL…i was actually quoting a hot line from 50′s career when he was saying something worth quoting…it wasn’t directed at your insecure ass or 50 and Buck…LOL..i always quote dope lines at the end of my posts, for the most part…

    “you a pop-tart sweetheart, you soft in the middle…” -XL

  • mgs

    the biggest news here is that Young Buck has multiple assistants.

    • geico lizard


      When Rick Ross says he is like Mc Hammer he means spending money but when Buck says it its because he has too many fucking people on his payroll bleeding him dry. Buck better get it together or he will be in that Life comes at your fast coommercial.

      Nashville police need to stop worrying about escorts and 3 feet away lap dance rules and focus on some damn felonies for a change.

  • Straight


    Ya don’t mess with the IRS…just ask Mr. Snipes. Now that’s truly sad and he was just making his come back and he have to do 3yrs. Fed time.

    The Uncle want His…and on time too!

  • avenger xl

    This ninja is the real thugnificent LMAO! He will probably be working for UPS soon, Try not to ask for an autograph if he pulls up in the truck with your limited adition imitation J’s that you copped from a dubious dealer on line.

    • geico lizard

      Roffle@Buck going from a multimillinaire to working in the Whites Creek UPS.

  • magnetic


    The article said that Buck got to keep his crib

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  • buckmarley

    i know it probably bucks fault for all this but through all the things hes been through the last 2 years he doesnt deserve this, i rekon the feds brang guns to his house because they probably know thats the way buck rolls just incase buck tryed anything funny, i got love for buck been a fan since 04′, keep ya head up buck, getcha bread up, and fuck all you haters

  • buckmarley

    and its funny all these sites coverin this story, but couldnt give a fuck about buck or his music, fuck tht shit, xxl are prob onli one’s behind buck

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  • Tearyeyed Buck

    50 paid this junkie taxes before and he has earned over 10 million fucking with 50.Until he became disloyal to Daddy 50.He knew he owed 300,000 so he should of got all that shit out the crib,another dumb country bumpkin.THEY SHOULD HAVE GAVE THIS FOOL DOE.

  • caino

    When will these rappers learn that they goota pay there taxes!! even if u have ab accountant and lawyer etc, u gotta keep on top of them to make sure your shit is right!

    L still bumped Bucks 2 albums, they be niice, hopefully he gets his act together and drops another…..if 50 ever lets him out the contract.

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  • thatruth

    at the end of the day, every man needs to handle HIS business, ovethwise u a bitch moron

  • Worldizmine

    IRS loves the entertainment industry d@mn!

  • Murkmayne

    I see that 50 still has alot of nuthuggers.

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  • crim6rapp

    damn homie thaz some fuct up shit. he should murk dem foolz dat fuct around n let dat shit happen.

  • brand-new

    it’s funny how people are blaming 50…if it wasn’t for 50 most of us wouldn’t even know who buck is, and buck would have most likely never became a millionaire without him. the blame is completely on young buck for not being a responsible artist.

  • Gotta Wonder

    Hmmmm….Word a of advice Buck, Get a real J.O.B and drop Quotes for free and, sale your jewels as you see fit, Least then you know you can pay your taxes. IRS are a separate group from the Government any way, their just thugs with tags ya dig? They don’t back down, in case you got ya business right. I mean ya paperwork gotta be straight. Just because you Rich, don’t mean you don’t have to pay shit. They gon get you, they love to let the interest increase too. But if you study there rule book, you can make them back down. But you gotta be smart, judging from your previous actions, Buck you short a few watts. Plus Rich people don’t keep the countries afloat, Middle class working people do. Rich people stay rich, because they tite with they fist. See you shouldn’t have been buying chains, and cars and other useless shit. Save and, invest wisely, manage your own money.

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