Breaking News: Fat Beats Closes Remaining Locations has learned that famed hip-hop record store, Fat Beats, will be closing the doors on its two remaining locations in New York and Los Angeles, next month.

In honor of Fat Beats’ 16 years in business, they will be throwing several tribute parties open to the public in both cities, as well as expected blow-out sales.

“The closing of Fat Beats is just like one of my friends passing away,” DJ Premier said in a statement. “They promoted vinyl at its highest degree for the culture of good music and that makes it more difficult to say goodbye.”

Although the physical stores will no longer in existence, fans can still shop online and the wholesale distribution operation will also continue.

“This is the start of a new era in Fat Beats,” Fat Beats owner and president Joe Abajian said, “We’re adapting to meet the needs of our demographic by revamping and improving our existing systems. While our website, which stocks everything available in our retail stores, continues to do very well, we’re still exploring our options for alternate retail locations in the future. We’re proud of our legacy and will continue to re-invent ourselves. For now, we’ll see you online at” —Elan Mancini

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  • BrooklynSonGetAtMe

    Now where will scrub rappers peddle their crappy demos outside to unsuspecting white tourists from Iowa?

    End of era tho, Fat Beats was the spot. Much love to Eclipse, Ill Bill, and Connie.

  • Beats+Crates

    man, what is this world coming to?!? Fat Beats LA is the spot to catch your favorite emcee, dj, producer, and kick it with other music fans. guess it’s online shopping now. that spot will be missed.

  • dave castillo

    damn RIP

    shouts to Brown Bag All Stars

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  • Willy

    Gotta give it up to Percee P tho, at least he was a decent rapper. I remember him with his trash bag of demos.

  • Other Brother Darryl

    Hip-Hop is too digital right now for the proper usage of vinyl.
    Who even masters their music to tape anymore?
    Thank God for Rock ‘N Roll cats, at least they know the time (and the sound).

  • matthew santana

    check my site people the best

  • EmCDL

    Other than $yk letting me know where to get that Rocberg jank at, I never knew about Fatbeats, especially their physical locations. If I had known, that would be my regular hangout spot (other than Freatbeat Records in the valley).

    Well at least they’re adapting with the times. Glad their willing to stay around!

  • Face Phoenix

    The Era of Crate Digging is slowly coming to a halt. I like online shopping but there is just something about going to those neighborhood record shops that makes it such an enjoyable experience. Where I’m from we have Record Theatre, Frizbee’s, Doris Records and few others still around but they are becoming the very last of a dying breed. I find myself going to Toronto to Sam the Record Man to still find a worthy shop for spending the day just looking for hard to find gems. Fat Beats was probably going to be one of the locations my cousin was going to visit in NYC to look for vinyl but with it closing I guess he’ll be spending time at other locations in the Big Apple.

  • audio tech

    sad day..been goin to fat beats since ’96 coppin’ vinyl

    • John Cauner

      Same here kid…since ’96 here in LA

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  • DaMadDominican

    Damn! Sad man so sad, its getting really hard to find good spots now, the other spots I used to frequent by 14th street and a couple of the ones in brooklyn have already closed down at least at fatbeats I was able to get the shit no one else has in their stores I guess weather you like ordering online or not your going to have to get comfortable with it…. shit I remember that was the only spot were I found Willie Stubz joint, and the DJ that day who I can’t remember his name right now introduced me to “My Word” by Sean Blak when he played that joint and I heard the beat I was like YEAH! Thats what I’m talking about! I had like 13 mc’s cyphering off that shit for over 4 hours!! I dunno its certain things you can only experience with going to real record stores that virgin, fye, best buy cannot compare to…. U know what Let me stop before I start spazzing out. PEACE FATBEATS!!!!
    Whats next Graypapayas?

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  • wow

    wow another said day…..beat street closing was the worst shit. now fat beats. there have been many fridays that i listened to stretch armstrong and then went to beat street to try and find what he played. of course it wasnt out yet but beat street when it was upstairs then downstairs was the heart of downtown brooklyn. now fat beats is gone. thats the way hiphop goes

  • Jay T

    A sad day for vinyl lovers – Went to Fat Beats last summer on 1st visit to New York , was lucky enough to meet DJ Premier and Raekwon – its a true mecca to Hip Hop music ,brought a stack on 12″s which nearly didn’t make weight through custom’s etc on journey back to England – on-line shopping is now becoming the norm which is sad.
    Peace – Fat Beats

  • P.R.O.F.e

    I remember going up the stairs hoping the store was open, and when I ran up the fuckin door was closed …… but I was not mad — they had the thickest smell of some dank, kush or whatever that was classic…bomb ass store in new yorc

  • YOYO


  • Don mcCaine

    “the wholesale distribution operation will also continue.”

    ^ pay attention people

    yes they can help you get yo sh^t on the shelves…

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  • bug one nj nwk

    Ive been going to fat beats since they were in the basement on 9th street that was the good ol days listening to stretch and bobbito on thursday night and run to fat beats the next trying to find that song u heard the night before good luck fat beats one luv peace.

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  • 7thgem

    always da good ones that have to die! Fat beats r.i.p

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  • John Cauner

    Wow, that’s f*cking wack…at least for a vinyl junkie like myself. I remember going to Fat Beats LA when the store was on Vermont on the outskirts of Hollywood. Fat Beats was the spot to get all the new singles and classic albums. There’s nothing like going to record store to find those gems, to have them in your hand. I wasted so much money in that damn store!

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  • RIP

    Serato killed the record store!

  • Jani Azim

    Wow! I’ve been researching yahoo and google for hours because of this and i lastly found it in this article!

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  • adman

    N.Y.C.. The thing that really made me a loyal customer is when I realized the that the owner JOE, was a bad ass D.J. himself. I also got to meet and network with a lot of the Legends in this Hip hop shit. I started shopping there in 95, when they were literally in the basement, before that spot upstairs. I used to love her…And for all those people out there that think that they have something to benefit from this new medium, will only be left in the dark just like these new so called hip hop heads that have no clue of the origin or any experience to hold a meaningful conversation about it. There is a big differerce between the study and the practice.

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