In a special edition of Channel Live,’s new weekly video interview series on Ustream, Shyne took over hosting duties from the comfort of his native country of Belize.

During the 45-minute broadcast, presented by Gangland Records, Def Jam Records and Best of Both Offices, the deported rap star posted a live feed of his conference call with DJs and industry folks for his fans to witness in real-time. Touching on topics ranging from his new XXL cover—currently on stands now—politics, music and of course his nearly decade-long bid behind bars on assault, reckless endangerment and weapons charges, stemming from a 1999 shooting incident.

“It was hell, it was a nightmare,” Shyne said of his stint in jail during one call. “This ain’t CB4, I’m not CB4, I’m really a captive prisoner of war and that shit is a nightmare. That’s not nothing that anybody would ever want to go through. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies; if you love your mother, that’s like killing your moms. That’s like taking a knife and pushing that shit though your mother’s heart and watching it die. And that’s what I did. That shit destroyed my life, and I’m trying to put it back together.”

“It’s not 10 months like some of these characters, out here screaming after they did 10 months,” he continued. “I pissed and fuckin’ smoked a cigarette in 10 months. 10 years is destruction.”

Surprisingly 50 Cent was also one of the callers during yesterday afternoon’s chat. The G-Unit leader, who Shyne has been throwing jabs at on record as of late, taped his own video of him dialing into the conference call to prank call the Def Jam artist. [Watch below]

Stay tuned to XXL to find out next week's guest on Channel Live. —Elan Mancini