Young Jeezy’s “TM 103″ Coming on September 28, New Single Dropping Today

Young Jeezy is plotting his full-fledged return! has learned that the Atlanta rapper’s long-awaited, fourth solo LP, TM 103, is finally hitting shelves on September 28.

The Def Jam MC isn’t wasting any time with the promo push. Label reps told XXL that Jeezy will be dropping his first official single, “Jizzle,” which features fellow A-town rep Lil Jon, at 3:30 p.m. EST this afternoon. [Listen below, live on Ustream]

TM 103 is the Snowman’s first official album since 2008’s The Recession, but although he hasn’t had any new titles on store shelves in two years, he’s still kept busy dropping several mixtapes on the streets. Just last May he put out Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary with Don Cannon.

Stay tuned to for more on TM 103. —Elan Mancini

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  • Paulus


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  • Master CHeef

    I hope the whole album is bumping as hard as “lose my mind”. That shit still getting cranked all da way up in da ride.

  • Peso

    lose my mind is wack with plies or drake, hope that sh*t aint on the album lmfao

    if jeezy really really get back to TM 101 level then it’s all good but he aint been the same to me anyway since TM 101 dropped. That joint was a classic to me and he still getting big run because of that album not the second or third solo joint he dropped which were cool I guess

    • Trav

      I think recession was his best album

  • that nigga

    All I know is Trap or Die 2 is fuckin incredible. So is Rick Ross’ mixtpapes he been droppin the last couple of weeks. I respect your grind fellas.

  • gift

    niggas be sleepin on Jeezy. The only album that was somewhat suspect, was his second one. The Recession was one of the most slept on albums, and in my opinion neck and neck w/TM101. Jeezy has been overall consistant, and we as hiphop fans should judge albums on the sound of it, and not the fuckin numbers. Not knockin nobody opinion, but it just seems like niggas bang a few tracks and base the judgement on a whole album they haven’t heard.

  • Sha Emperess



    SHA E

  • Anonymous


  • Peso

    TM 101 & Recession on the same level? I thinks not…Recession was his best work since his first but not on the same level…them 2 albums kind of have different paths they where gettin to.

    I actually like Recession but hes 1st is still his BEST.

    The Game and Rick Ross I would say careers are more consistent in terms of dope ass music album to album but neither have a undisputed classic like Jeezy do…so theres the difference in all 3 but now my outlook is kind of different cause would I rock more with a nig*a with one classic like Jeezy(TM 101), Juvenile(400*) and Fiddy(Get Rich…) or a career of just dope albums period…this is something I think about all the time like any real hip-hop heads would

  • Peso

    oh yeah Juvie has had more good/solid albums besides 400* like Juvie the Great, G-Code & Reality Check BUT 400* is that classic and for that I will always rock with him and the same goes for Fiddy and Jeezy…there just not my top tier dudes like all 3 once was and that aint there fault cause we all know about them industry politics that ruins so mant peoples careers

    you can put DMX(Dark and Hell is Hot, CLASSIC) in that category to…his 2nd and 3rd albums was good to for diffrerent reasons but its hard when Hov is your favorite rapper all time and I try to campare everyone to him BUT you cant cause everyone aint him but he’s showed my 1 thing and thats you can have a classic debut and in 5 years times your delivering another one so I guess I expect every rapper/emcee to put out like 3-4 classics in there career and that hella hard to do lol

    and you see I love talking about hip-hop but I’m finny done…for now lmfao


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    400 degrees is a classic. i think its the best hot boy album eva. also, the recession is jeezy’s best work because it shows his growth. the previous albums were all apart of a movement.

    i like the fact that def jam is releasing fabs mixtape because the streets are speaking. that shows you that we have a voice because trap or die 2 is definetly still in my cd changer and on my ipod. its a street banger BUT the big wigs think that type of music won’t sell.

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  • Peso

    real spit…400* best solo cashmoney/hotboy/big tymer album ever…lil waytne aint even mateched it yet, sorry weezy fans I’m a fan to but its truth.

    album that comes the close is tha carter 1 and probably a couple of B.G.

  • Peso

    guerilla warfare to

  • M. Baby!

    Can’t wait for Jeezy’s TM 103…ALL Rappers pay attention. See how he hasn’t flooded you with mixtape after mixtape every month the past two years. These new rappers give you mixtape after mixtape every 3 months just to stay relevant & hot. Then when their albums drop, you can’t even tell the diff between the two. The mixtapes are 9/10 better than the album and it was for free. I just copped that Ross today…kinda disappointed…only 11 tracks on your official album but the Albert Anastasia had more songs, WTF! Jeezy, just please give us more than 11 songs on the mixtape. Side note: I don’t think we’ll ever see another double disc Hip-Hop album ever again…mainstream Hip-Hop is getting on my damn nerves

  • Anonymous


  • jklm400

    Bad idea to drop on Sept. 28….. King Uncaged be coming out that day.

  • $ ANOC $

    *co-sign* w/ jklm400. NO DOUBT he’s NOT gonna outsell tip. Better change dat asap. & if he plans 2 sell anything he gta come harder den he has been lately. I fuks w/ jeezy bt lately he aint been as hard as he used 2 be bak in da 101 & 102 days.

  • Anonymous


  • grande

    yo fuck jeezy, im a huge fan and dont get me wrong, but this was suppose to come out in feb, and every month it gets pushed back and pushed back, i honestly dont even wana buy the cd anymore cuz he takin forever just to put it out and doent put it out when he says he is, this better be some 101 level or else im bumpin someone else in my deck.and im sure im not the only one waitn on this.

    • grande

      ok, once again, its sept 28, the day its suppose to drop and i just left best buy pissed..guess what…it got pushed back again, jeezy u mtoher f, dropur shit homie or else i aint pickin it up. the guy at best buy told me its not gona drop till around christmas, this is wack as fuck jeezy, if u read this get back on ur game.

      • ronnie

        grande shut the F up

  • sibustat is

    When are coming – the questions “how to live but the end of a long pass necessary.

  • Ronnie

    What you mean of course its go bump stupid you talking bout jeezy fool when havent his shit bumped jack ass

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