Wiz Khalifa Signs With Atlantic Records

XXL 2010 Freshman Wiz Kahlifa has signed with Atlantic Records. The Pittsburgh, PA MC and his long-time independent label Rostrum Records announced the deal with Atlantic today (July 30) as well as plans to release his debut album in early 2011.

After much anticipation about where the heavily recruited breakthrough artist would sign, the announcement comes as he prepares for his Waken Bake tour, which will hit 55 cities across the country starting in September.

Wiz will be joining fellow 2010 freshman alum Donnis on the label.  —Calvin Stovall

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  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22


  • Anonymous

    PittsburgH with a H son!!

  • dat k00n nigga

    da same shit is gonna happen to about 90% of the rappers that sing with Atlantic

    not a fucking thing

    • SupaDupa_Interlude

      Cosign…. congrats to dude for getting on after all the grinding tho.He definitely got talent.

      But Atlantic will dick him over like they do all the other rappers.

  • M. Baby!

    Word, oh that’s what it is. He’s gonna do his thing. Ur forgetting that T.I. is on Atlantic. He just needs to keep it the same, don’t go all pop on us like that. T.I. gonna have him right down there. Bring it back to that real Hip-Hop.

  • http://jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

    “Wiz Kahlifa has signed with Atlantic Records…”

    Aww damn…

    Wiz, I actually enjoyed Kush & OJ. And Taylor Gang has a classy way of calling the naysayers haters (Taylor Gang or head-butt a fan of knives, etc.). PLEASE keep a third eye open on them Atlantic cats! Kahlifa is one of the younger cats I’m actually rooting for and I like to see him still have a career a decade from now.

    • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

      I actually think shorty should have signed to Maybach Music…he could have taken advantage of their built-in press.

      • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


    • http://facebook Quentin lung(fan of kahlifa)

      tru dat

      • http://www.bboycult.com $yk

        From what I’ve heard from Wiz on ‘Flight School’ & ‘Kush & OJ’, I can’t see Atlantic pushing him right.

        At least on the imprint (MMG), son could get some good looks standing next to the “Dream Team”, they could stop in on his tour, get some throwaway beats from Ross, ghost-write for Puff, and he could drop a banger anytime, w/o waiting for a release date.

  • Chris

    Finally… wiz is one of my fav. rappers right now!! hes dope!

  • 305reprezentah!!

    I like wiz Alot. WIZZZZZZZ…..please dont put out a bullshit album/record!!!!!!!

  • Q461

    Hopefully this is a good look for young Khalifa…

    Taylor Gang nigga



  • LowKey

    Wiz been signed to Atlantic for at least six months it was all part of the marketin strategy ta make em look indie until he got a big enough buzz for em ta push…

  • PhillyT

    He was signed to Warner Brothers before, so he basically went back to the same label. Regardless, I’m a fan of his music and I hope he does well on a major label.

  • Pittsburgh’s Finest

    It’s about time. Pittsburgh’s long over due for a rap star. It’s time that they hear what we go through.

  • http://Youworld.com Jimmy Beast

    All i know is that Dickiyo SUXXXXX

    he trying to push that faggot music out there. put an end to that bitch. Fuck them west oakland niggas


  • Pittsburgh Steela

    412 allday HOMEWOOD U SMUCC!!
    but naw Loc dont go to Mayback. All Pittsburgh need is a Black Radio Station sense they were sold. Im in NYC now!

  • MegaCityCollecter

    Finally, mans commin out wit big things. Big ups wiz khalifa.

    T.Dot All day.

  • http://www.youtube.com/basketballfiend15 reese

    what up everyone…my name is reese, an up and coming artist looking to gain a loyal fanbase…please check me out on youtube and support…please….www.youtube.com/basketballfiend15…thanks alot…and if you all like…please spread the word…im tryna sign like wiz did today

  • BOi

    AWW HELL NAW!!! Imma BIGAZZ fan of Wiz Khalifa…ben w/him since Show N Prove but i dnt think this is a good idea…remember wat happen w Warner Bros Records????? he better off bein INDEPENDENT…get ur fan base up Wiz!!take a lesson frm how Mac Dre n Tech N9ne did it…FUCK MAJOR LABELS!!!!!!

    ill always b a Wiz fan n i kno he one of da BEST…he SPIT dat FIRE..i jus dnt kno bout Atlantic???????

  • swype-matic

    Alright, congrats Wiz. I can’t wait ’til they strip his creativity and buzz away from him, make him a Drake/Wayne clone, release his album, it sales nothin’, and then they look at him like “how can’t you sale?”.

  • http://www.youtube.com/mrtdubs2006 Moroccan General 0113 LEEDS

    Keep it hiphop dont go pop!

  • Laron Johnson

    Much respect to all the 2010 freshman and congrats to Wiz but keep an eye out for this kid named Tito Montana! I’m very paticular about who and what I listen to but for real dude is that deal! I downloaded his mixtape on DatPiff and it was crazy! Talk about unsigned hype… I seen he put a video called “Dilemma” on youtube and that further proved that dude lyrical concepts go beyond the majority! Anyway just passing along the word… PEACE

  • http://facebook Quentin lung(fan of kahlifa)

    u kno wy do alot of people dought good rapperz.wiz u are so dope.mi fav song is studio lovin

  • paul


  • chizzleman

    (round of applause) i bet warner bros. wish dey neva dropped dat nigga! i bet my last dolla dat album gon b number 1 on da charts wen it drop

  • B

    Wiz is the truth good stuff

  • BlazeeTighe

    aha.. i knew tha boii would make it, just rap from the heart and go hard & dont let the limelight fade away quicker than it hit ya either.. make yourself noticed and always be heard & ull be there. straight from cape breton its blaise tighe

  • Peso

    Hope they dont do Wiz like Lupe Fiasco and put him on the shelf right next to the Lasers album lmfao

    that Laser joint probably a classic to cause Lupe go so hard in the paint, no homo

  • Ro

    Use rep code JN24049

    Save 20 percent on Karmaloop

  • u knw u knw

    yea wiz! do ya thaangg boi

  • Anonymous

    Trans-Atlantic Slave Deal …I’ll be surprised if he drops

  • Peachie

    Congratulations baby boi!! Keep putting in work……

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Gang or Die

  • A1

    Congrats Wiz!! you deserve it just know Chris Echols got next!!!!!!

  • Iver99

    I hope he sets up his Taylor Gang clothing line. He definatly won’t be able to keep food on the table if he’s with Atlantic.

  • Esquire

    Well Shidd,i Think Wiz Is One Of The Best Right Now,I Mean ImTGOD Till I Die,lol,But I Hope Atlantic Dnt Fuck Him Up Cause Lik Bruh Said”Kahlifa is one of the younger cats I’m actually rooting for and I like to see him still have a career a decade from now”,I Feel Th Same Way
    Wiz Keep Ya Shit Right And Ya Game Tight

  • E.J.- Leh

    Wiz is one of my favorite artists and I am excited to see him sign with a major label, I just hope they don’t steer him away from everything he has worked on to get to this point of his career like you others be talkin’ bout. I feel like they are going to try and make him too mainstream. Stick to yo roots, remember where you came from, rep that “412″, Taylor Gang or fuckin’ kill yo self, paper over pussy nothin’ above it. Much love, Wiz. Do us all proud.

  • Stanley Keys

    This is a good look for him. Young Wiz is going places. I promise you that it will only take him a year to top some of the top artists that are out there right.

  • steelBLAZIN

    wiz does his thing no matter wat, we all know hes still gonna be droppin hot ass mixtapes, and holdin it down for all the true smokers, TAYLOR GANG OVER EVERYTHANG!!!

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  • KePs

    WTF Yuu Were Bad Azz Wiz All Yerr Songs Were Dopee…Atlantic Iz Goingg To Fuck Yu Oveer There Trash….

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  • yung ace

    now look what happened. They did turn him into mainstream