Tony Yayo to Give Live Interview on

GGGGGGG-Unit! Tony Yayo will be the next guest on Channel Live, XXL’s new real-time interview series on Ustream.

Scheduled for Wednesday, July 21 at 4 p.m. EST, the show will be Broadcast in real-time on both our Ustream page and on As always, during the Q&A, artists will be accepting questions from viewers. Fans can also hit @XXLStaff on Twitter with all of their inquiries for Yayo.

The Queens MC will be following Styles P, who visited the XXL offices yesterday afternoon. During the sit-down, which lasted a little over an hour and half, the Yonkers rep spoke on plans for the new LOX album, the possibility of a joint mixtape with Beanie Sigel and reflected on his decade-plus career in the music industry. He also had an intense and comedic push up contest with members of the XXL Staff. [Watch here]

Be sure to tune in to Tony Yayo’s episode of Channel Live next Wednesday. —XXL Staff

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  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck

  • Anonymous

    2 shits, couldn’t give

  • Anonymous

    ask him how 50 cent’s ass tastes

  • jmc

    how does XXL even come up with these niggas? Interview someone interesting.

  • Sha

    Tony Yayo needs to go ahead and give me back my $0.99 I paid for that record “So Seductive” I bought cause it was recommended by this chick I was bangin’ (I’ve since dumped her ass).

    Why is this nigga even speaking to XXL? Better yet… Why is XXL speaking to his ass?


    *comes to a standstill*

  • DV8

    why dont yall just get 50 Cent for a interview instead of his publicist?

    Correct me if Im wrong but if I want to hear whats going on in 50′s life/career should we just ask 50?


    YAYO GET’S TOO MUCH HATE, Yayo is what keepin it 100 is all about, always been down with fif, always been down for the unit, same as banks, g unit been goin hard for like 8 years straight, i’m a fan and they always have something poppin that i can bump. IT’S THE UNIT!!

  • manyosi

    Dilla i feel you.

    Reprentin G unit from South Africa since way back…now thats whats up

  • bylaw99

    People are quick to hate on Yayo and for what for being a loyal nigga to his childhood homie, for defending yo homie when niggas got something slick to say…niggas say what they wont but if my best friend was sitting on half a billie goat and took care of me while I was locked up and since I came home I stay on tour and making mills,there wouldnt be shit nobody could say about my homie without me checking em. Anybody who disagrees is an idiot!

  • http://dfh nj

    good want to see this is 50 gonna be there

  • Killa

    Fuck all the haters in here talkin shit.
    Cant no one fuck with Yayo.