Tony Yayo Talks Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & More On Channel Live [With Video]

Yesterday (July 21) Tony Yayo stopped by the XXL offices to take part in our weekly UStream series, Channel Live.

On the fifth installment of the series, the G-Unit soldier touched on an array of subjects as he spoke with XXL staffers and answered fan questions. He broke down why he believes that he, 50 Cent, and Lloyd Banks have been able to remain together while many other groups have disintegrated, saying that loyalty is their top priority and that they plan to put out new music together soon. He also talked about G-Unit passed on signing Nicki Minaj and Keisha Cole. The Talk of New York then spoke on foes like Game and Rick Ross and even opened up about the circumstances when he and 50 butt heads, plus much more. Check out a handful of clips below, or watch the entire interview here.

Be sure to tune in next Wednesday at 4 p.m. EST for the next episode of XXL’s Channel Live.—Adam Fleischer

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  • tommy gunz

    yay got a few milli no question how much you got faceless internet poster?

  • gunot

    i forgot that yayo was a rapper smfh… he needs to taser his career so it can have a heartbeat again. did yayo ever go platium on his solo efforts? probably not.. and y does he keep licking fif butt crack like its his name. fyi gayo fif wants u to stop sucking or trying to suck him off and make and name for YOURSELF without his help

    • u dumazz

      actually he did go platinum u dumazz get ur facts straight before u start typing lolz did fat joe go gold yet lmfao

  • ASA


  • jburg

    Not sure why niggas hate on Yayo. That nigga is real. And his album actually wasn’t bad. It did go gold if I’m not mistaken.

  • lesotho

    Jburg i really question your intelligence. You’re not from Jozi. Real Jozi brothers are not groupies.

  • Om Sag

    gayburg , we here in Eldo’s don’t believe what u said about Gayo

  • E-Hustle

    @om sag,

    Tony Yayo’s TOAPF did go Gold. Nigga did like 250-260k 1st week when he debut at #2 on the Billboard 200 behind Kayne’s 2nd album.

    I love how niggaz go out there way to click on the Yayo article and post some lame hating post. Fake ass e-thug internet gangsters.

    Yayo’s interviews get a shit load of hits because that nigga is respected for being real and he doesnt bit his tongue.
    His rap skills are not that good at all, but he is a loyal muvafucka and you have to respect that.
    You can say he leeching on 50 all you want, but them nigga grew up together and if Yayo was the more talented he would be the one taking care of 50 so WTF you broke niggaz hating for?
    Cause you poor and cant pay your bills in the hood or still living in mommas basement ready to blow yo noodles out?
    I say go ahead and do it and do your family a favor.

    • EReal

      Co sign to the fullest.

    • swype-matic

      co-sign a lil’ bit. I wonder if most of the people hatin’ on Yayo even buy his album. That album was very good, especially the beats. Probably a 6 as far as rhymes and a 9 in beats. And as far as I remember, as of late 2006 the album sold more than 850,000. Tons of rappers right now wish they had that.

  • E-Hustle

    BTW, WTF is up with the shitty blury ass camera video? I know it was streamed, but I have seen streamed videos with better quality then this shit.
    And was this the entire interview? I didnt see this shit live.
    The interviewer sucked balls. Yayo carried this whole shit on his own. The tasser shit was funny as hell and the last video was as real as it gets when he was talking about the “money bag coming” and niggaz changed and how he would poison Games food. lol. that was fucked up. LOL!

    But I will say, I miss all them niggaz together. They werent no damn Beatles, but they were running Hip-Hop when they were together for all of a few months. LOL!

  • EReal

    I will tazer him. LOLZ!

  • G.Unit UK

    50 should sign Iron Braydz from the UK and get G. unit uk rollin plus this mother fcker can spit. I know u americans think UK can’t rap 4 shit but check out braydz he is shit hot. Peace

  • RealTalkFam

    lmaoooooooo @ Lames co-signing Tony Yayo wack ass

  • Anonymous

    you pp . momo hyou doaa. you hoo koilook myoi