T.I. Goes “On The Record With Fuse” Next Week

T.I. is scheduled to sit down with renowned hip-hop journalist Toure next Tuesday, July 6, at 8 p.m. ET for a candid interview on cable network Fuse, where the King of the South will discuss how he was treated in jail, his rights as an American citizen and his definition of keeping it real.

During the 30-minute show, titled T.I.: On The Record with Fuse, Tip says, “Anyone who equates keeping it real to doing time or buying guns, I think that they are sadly mistaken on what keeping it real entails.”

Yet at the same time, the Atlanta-native shares that he wishes he was still able to carry a weapon, if it was allowed by law. “As long as there are other criminals out there who have them, then I definitely wish that I had my second amendment right,” he says during the Q & A. “But you know I understand that I live in America and the law in America states that if you’re a felon, that you lose that second amendment right to bear arms.”

As far as his experience behind bars, the rap superstar says he wasn’t treated differently than anyone else, despite his celebrity status. “I just went in there prepared to do what I had to do to get on back on up out of there,” he tells Toure.

In addition to the show on Tuesday, fans can also catch outtakes from the interview T.I.: On the Record with Fuse: The Lost Tapes on August 16, just one day before his new album, King Uncaged, is released.

In related new T.I. graces the cover of XXL’s July issue. In the in-depth story, XXL investigates the rumors that ATL giant snitched in order to receive a better sentence. Be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine, hitting stands nationwide on July 6. —Aleia Woods

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  • Sha

    Sometimes T.I. is very very intelligent. And sometimes it seems as though he hasn’t learned his lesson.

    In this brief article he says that he still wishes he could carry. To me? He probably is still carrying. And that is the part of T.I.’s intelligence that I am unimpressed with.

    T.I. has over $20 Million dollars. Yes… OVER $20 Million….. Why doesn’t he learn that he can easily afford bodyguards? Sure…. Gangstarr said,

    “Suckas Need Bodyguards”

    But you are a two time loser in the penal system. And you’re rich. What is the logical thing to do?

    It clearly sounds to me as though he has a fetish for weapons. I can’t say that he has gotten over whatever experience forced him to buy the weapons before. But to me, he sounds like he needs serious counseling.

    There is nothing glamorous about guns. Nothing. I’ve fired them. I’ve owned them. And they are tools for death. Pure and simple.

    Sure…. other idiots have guns in our society. Sure…. you could say that you need protection. But at what point do you realize that the problem is not those idiots. The problem is you. You have become rich and famous. Yet the ghetto still is in you. If you hold more than 20 Million dollars and you still keep the same idiots for friends, you will continuously be exposed to the same problems that brought you down the other times. MONEY AND IGNORANCE DOESN’T MIX. IT IS A DEADLY COMBINATION.

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  • http://www.tiringtone.com/ T. I. Ringtone

    C’mon bruh! You don’t believe in the right to bear arms? T.I. is a human being. Humans makes mistakes. Every rapper gets caught with guns. T.I.’s whole scenario was just a lil over the top. But then again he was set up by his bodyguard.

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  • The_Truth


    Believe NONE of what these actors say, and HALF of what they show you. . .be your kids role model and lead by example. These 30+ yr old dudes still tryna rap is hillarious to me!