Suge Knight can’t seem to stay out of trouble, The former Death Row honcho was issued a bench warrant last week, according to, after missing a court date pertaining to a driving infraction in 2009.

Apparently Suge was supposed to make an appearance in an L.A. courtroom last week for illegally driving with a suspended license, but never showed.

This recent run-in with the law comes a little over a month after the ex-hip-hop mogul was fingered in two other crimes. On May 21 he was accused of commanding his associates to threaten an unidentified Los Angeles man. And a day earlier he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a man with a deadly weapon.

While slapped with a restraining order for the former case, he is yet to be formally charged in the later.

Stay tuned to as more information becomes available. —Elan Mancini