Yesterday (July 14), Styles P came by the XXL offices as the fourth guest on our weekly Channel Live Ustream series, rounding out the series' first month on the air.

For over an hour hour SP the Ghost chopped it up with the XXL staff and interacted with fans. The Yonkers MC both reflected back on his decade-plus in the game and discussed where he currently stands. He detailed plans for a LOX album near the top of 2011, and reiterated that he, Sheek and Jada are family, and always vowed to not let the money come between them—a promise they’ve been able to keep. Styles also mentioned the possibility of doing a mixtape with former rival Beanie Sigel, and said that even though there are many producers he greatly enjoys working with, he’ll never do a project with just one producer. The self-described "blue collar rapper" said he calls the studio his second home, and treats it as such, making sure to keep it a clean and livable work environment. [Watch below]

Plus, he competed in an intense, down to the wire push-up contest with our own Jesse Gissen and Rondell Conway.

Tune in next Wednesday for the next episode of XXL’s Channel Live.—Adam Fleischer