Saigon Speaks on Shelved Album, Beefs & Jay Electronica in Live XXL Interview [With Video]

Yesterday (June 30) Saigon stopped by the XXL offices for the second installment of our new weekly series, Channel Live, where we interview artists in real-time on Ustream.

In over an hour of candid yet laid back conversations, Sai opened up about both broad and specific themes. He spoke on his departure from Atlantic, his plans for The Greatest Story Never Told, and beef and lies within hip-hop. He also gave funny anecdotes, like when a pre-Eternal Sunshine Jay Electronica critiqued Sai’s raps in Just Blaze’s studio, or when a near-fight between he and Sticky Fingaz turned into a drunken night. Plus, he took many of the fans’ Ustream and Twitter questions.

You can watch the entire interview, split up into two separate videos, below. Be sure to check back to later in the week for more info on next week’s guest on Channel Live. —XXL Staff

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  • AJB4

    he needs to change that album title or that story never will get told

  • Teddy

    must suck to fall off and be washed up before you even got to put out your album

    • FLIP


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  • jay

    the greatest story will be told yall niggas better believe that saigon been holdin real hip hop down

    • mattox

      mmm no he hasnt.

    • W. J. Rice


      Based on what?

  • Mr. 306

    mmm yes he has. Sales reflect real hip hop now? fuck off Pushin Budden’s was the rawest diss record to date.

  • jay

    based on warning shots moral of the story all in a days work the yard father got a mad dope catalogue

  • Da Nang

    How, precisely, does this fraud make a living? How about it Mr.” Gangster Nut,” tell the kids behind bars and on the streets how you do it, given the “royalties” alone probably aren’t enough? Thanks for sharing, “Sigh.”

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  • balaramesh

    i always respected saigon as an emcee. dude is one of the few rappers that lived all the crap that he rap about. for what it is worth, saigon would be a great addition to slaughterhouse.

  • fireforreal

    I see his album still coming soon for another 6 years. As much as he knows about the business and rolling with Just blaze and seeing how these lables operate and shit on artist’s why didn’t they ever just released the album independantley ? he could have sold around 100,000 online and mom and pop shops for $8-10 each is a really good look.

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  • Wayne

    Just one typo here, Sticky Fingaz was not in the movie “Dead Presidents”.

  • Flores

    eyes cocked like a pistol lol…