Ludacris to Star in New “Fast & Furious” Movie

No need to adjust your rear view mirrors. Ludacris has signed up to re-join the Fast and Furious cast and star in the latest installment of the popular film franchise, Fast 5.

The rapper/actor recently confirmed his involvement in the movie on his Twitter account. “Just landed in Puerto Rico,” he wrote. “Shooting for Fast & Furious 5 is about to be underway…”

The action flick will also star Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Paul Walker and Tego Calderon, among others, and is set to hit theaters on June 10, 2011 according to

Luda originally appeared in the 2003’s 2 Fast 2 Furious as race host Tej. —Elan Mancini

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  • Federal Ranga


    Go get it my nigga! Just don’t pull a 3 Stacks on us and stop rapping… at least you can do both with ease.


  • Sha

    Man…. I didn’t like the other movie he was in. But I’m about to show yall how much I give a fuck….


    Fat Joe’s last 3 albums were garbage. But this DARKSIDE shit is pure fire! Cop your shit as soon as it drops. This is the realest shit I have heard in a long time.

    • Anonymous

      shut up fool. No one gives a fuck about fat joe. Your basically spammin right now.

      • jburg

        LMFAO!!! This nigga said fat joe!!! Get the fuck outta here!!

    • jtm

      fuck fat hoe! he has always been garbage and darkside will flop like all his other albums.

  • Worldizmine

    Luda one of top 5 southern artist no question!
    He must be super paid right about now!D@MN!

    • LEO

      Dont limit Luda to the south…he’s one of the best ever…

  • baba

    sigh, I hate how now if you dont sell, your nobody.

    Your not the man cuz u got the do’, boy!

  • that nigga

    Sorry but “SHA” is right. Fat Joe is on fire right now. Last two songs I heard were both hits. Congrats Fat Boy 560!!

  • HU

    Not sure why people are dismissing Fat Joe like he’s Waka Flaka or Boosie or some shit. And yes, The Darkside is some of the best shit I’ve heard in awhile. I just may go to Best Buy and pick it up like it’s 1998.

    • jtm

      fat hoe is almost as bad as those guys but what does he have anything to do with the article? lol.

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  • Supreme

    ey, thats true. no one gives a fuck about fat joe. i saw his piglet ass in a video with a v-neck on and immediately bagged all mine up and took them to the salvation army. Im born in the BX and i still dont like him. u got ONE hit, my dude. ONE.

  • marydu

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  • jtm

    why are they doing another wack fast and the furious movie? can you least not have vin diesal on it this time. luda should do a movie with al pacino or denzel washington.

  • jtm

    why are they doing another fast and the furious movie? can they least not have vin diesal on it this time. luda should do a movie with al pacino or denzel washington.