Joell Ortiz Doc Premiers at Latino Film Fest Tonight

Joell Ortiz’s life will be coming to the big screen later today at the 11th annual HBO New York International Latino Film Festival. recently chopped it up with the Brooklyn-bred MC to find out about his documentary.

The 43-minute film, titled Joell Ortiz: Free Agent, follows the Slaughterhouse MC from his big breakthrough, when he signed with Dr. Dre until leaving the label two years ago.

“After the Aftermath situation I could’ve went down hill from there,” he said. “It was very discouraging as a kid to get a record deal at a huge label with a huge super producer get there and it doesn’t happen. I had haters and whole bunch of people like see I told you, and a whole bunch of other people just like it just wasn’t meant to be, and then there was me, and a crew that was like it didn’t work, OK.”

“I want the documentary to inspire everybody and let them know its not over because everybody else say it’s over,” he continued. “You can be any place you want if you really work at it, because it’s the truth and that’s that.”

Free Agent, which was directed by the ICU Lab, features nine years worth of footage as well as interviews with fellow Slaughterhouse comrades Royce da 5’9”, Joe Budden, Nas, KRS-One, DJ Kay Slay, Fat Joe and 50 Cent.

It will be playing at the Clear View Cinemas in New York City tonight at 9 p.m. For more information on the film and to purchase tickets, visit here. —Rosario Mercedes Velazquez

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  • yoprince

    why anyone would want to watch a documentary about someone whose career is relegated to internet fandom and a group album with the guy who got his food ate by Lil B is beyond me.

    but i guess i’m a hater.

  • justsayin

    how can you make a documentary when you haven’t had any kind of success in hip-hop and have no kind of impact on hip-hop he’s ok wit lyrics ppl do praise him more than they should for real but its just strange that he wants to make a documentary. He even said himself ppl thought that things would go down after leaving aftermath umm they did ppl were paying attention to u when you where in aftermath not many ppl know you and you don’t even have a buzz like every rappers has they’re own story that’s more depressing than joell’s and has had much success commercial and critical like you wouldn’t expect to see a jadakiss, nas, or jay make their own documentary cuz they don’t need to cuz they inspire other ppl to want to document how they struggle to reach the top that’s the thing joell is making his own documentary and nobody really wants to see a documentary on a guy that didn’t make it had no success had a bit of a buzz then nuttin popped off that’s just depressing to see in 5 years where will joell be just tell me cuz its been a few years since he started and nuttin has happened no critically acclaimed album and he was an unsigned hype and was told to be a promising artist yea he did slaughterhouse but he doesn’t have recognition as a solo artist just saying you can’t be in the game for a long time and not have an album look at saigon look at papoose man do u really want to be like them and just forever just be a wat if this nigga really got on type of artist and then sayin nobody is spitting like I’m spitting cuz I’m living it nigga every rapper is like that every rapper talks about their own struggle that’s the beauty of hip-hop is the struggle from rags to riches

  • El Tico Loco

    I agree with both of ya’ll yo p and just saying. It is very premature to be doing a documentary but you never know all the moves being made during the time gaps so he can’t be counted out just yet. Examples Rick Ross, Jay Z, and 50 cent, them dudes where out way before they really got it bubbling. Remember the time gap between Infinite and the Slim Shady Lp, Words from the Genius to Liquid Swords or better WuTang on Tommy Boy? IMO if you’re still a topic of conversation whether be failure or success you’re obviously not that irrelevant in fact people do get relevancy and success mixed up. The way Em is killing Billboard and Soundscan you know record execs are looking for a superlyrical dude to match that, and Joell or any other lyrical cat might fill the voids the majors will want to fill.

  • streets

    I think maybe before commenting you should do research on Joell. To say he hasn’t made an impact in hip hop is kind of ridiculous. If you weren’t impacted directly by his grind and determination, its not to say he hasn’t impacted other Latino youth from striving to accomplish their goals especially in a game when 98percent of artist are black….I know first hand in the Brooklyn area especially children look to him as an inspiration a sign of hope thats says if he can push to achieve what he wants to do then maybe we can too… So joell keep up the grind and keep destroying these haters with your bars eventually they to will see that your one of the best that ever blessed a mic….

  • streets

    one more thing he made it into LATINO indi film fest haters…so remark all you want no other artist can match his grind…..

  • that nigga

    Nice analysis streets. Niggas is just haters. What the fuck y’all did lately?? Cant make the function but I will be waitin’ to see this doc.

  • dbox

    lol.. shrugg dem off homie ! cant no one hold u down keep doing ya thing ,,, latin spitter wit fire aint that many around ! ! hopefully my bootleg man will have it soon ! lol

  • yunggee

    dis nigga wud shit on any industry cat… he take ur track n make dat shit way better.. niggas dont like being on tracks wit em cuz he’ll chew dey ass up.. i’ve never heard a wack track from dis dude… he is real hiphop,,, dat bullshit ya listen 2 aint.. da nigga yoprince in love wit dat lil bitch.. u dont kno shit.. keep dat fire comin Paterson got yo back..

    • yoprince


  • justsayin

    streets I am latino and I have no clue and wat you mean by having an impact on latinos when he really hasn’t to be for real I barely know any latinos that barely pay attention to his ass the best latin rapper to have an impact on hip-hop is big pun why cuz he always held his own against any mc even nas I’m not hatin on the guy just sayin sum facts like how can a rapper that hasn’t had a great album just have been considered to have an impact be for real now all great mc’s are considered great cuz they have put up forth to the the hip-hop community a flawless or near flawless album that impacted the way that ppl look at rap thats why pun impacted latinos he was the first to go platinum and have commercial and critical success that impacted the latino community because he paved the way for latin rappers the way that no other could have and he had one of the most lyrical album the game has ever seen Capitol Punishment he has also had good chart performances a platinum album praised for his lyrics regarded as the best of his time or even ahead of his time thats the type of mc that made a impact on both the latin and hip-hop community is joell ortiz remarked as a rapper ahead of his time is he the best of his era right now has he had any success other than underground so how do u want me to respect his grind when he barely has anything under his belt if he could be more consistent and made himself more relevant then wouldn’t you think the latin community would pay more attention to him plus as a minority in hip-hop you have to be better than normal so u can get ur props

  • $yk

    Ain’t this for the Latino Film Fest?

    So The ICP put together a visual about a Boriqua making some positive moves, at a forum where other Latinos, pretty much around the same age as Ortiz, will use this doc for their motivation and inspiration to try and be successful in the game, and it’s still a problem.

    If it was about the Devastating Tito would you co-sign this then?

    And I thought they did one for Pun already.

  • Anonymous

    more than deserved. do your homework buddies.


    Joell who??????????

  • williano from ct

    yo anybody on here hating on this cat is buggin, he is making major moves,he neva stopped grinding ,even in the face of disapointment and kept building his name wit raw talent,

    @justsaying, my man,your a fucking idiot.

    this cat joel has acomplished many goals that ,yhat any emcee thats trying to break into the game would be more than proud and wish for.

    yo joel keep doing your thing street dudes and real spitters are proud of you sun.

    this your boy williano from ct i gave you mixtape the otherday at the b ball game

  • el

    @just sayin,

    u really are a fuckin idiot.