Foxy Brown Addresses Arrest, Promises New LP at NY Concert

Foxy Brown’s New York concert went on without a hitch on Sunday (July 25), despite her recent run in with the law last week.

As previously reported, the Brooklyn rapstress was arrested on Wednesday (July 21) after an altercation with her neighbor, Arlene Raymond. Fox is being accused of yelling at the woman, who has a restraining order against the femcee for a 2007 assault charge.

Currently out on $5,000 cash and $5,000 bond, Brown made sure to address her recent visit to the courthouse last night. “This is what we all tell the haters,” she said, “you can’t keep a good bitch down. We makes bail.”

Excited to be in front of her hometown fans, Foxy ran through some of her biggest hits including, “Stylin’,” “Hot Spot,” and “Touch Me Tease Me.” She also brought out rap partners AZ and Cormega for a string of their Firm classics like “Phone Tap” and “Affirmative Action.”

Before exiting stage left, FB promised that her long-delayed Black Roses album would finally be out this year. Unless of course a judge sees otherwise. If convicted of breaking her order of protection, she faces up to seven years behind bars. She plead not guilty to the charges last week.

Stay tuned to as the story develops. —Donovan Moore

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  • Sha


    You’re facing 7 and these are you most intelligent words? If you go to trial, I’m sure the prosecution will play back those comments.

    And another thing….

    Is this chick permanently trapped in the 90′s??? AZ and Cormega?????

    I thought she was coming out with some new stuff. But judging by her “rap partners” I’ll bet this “Black Roses” LP will be a death knell to her career.

    R.I.P. Foxy…. We hardly knew ya!

    • El Tico Loco

      Kinda harsh don’t you think? Who doesn’t do a show without revisiting old material? That move probably saved her performance, remember the album she put out last year? Exactly. She may not have what it takes to remain relevant these days, but she has enough material to eat off the nostalgia circuit like them cats from the 80′s do, maybe even on cruise ships.

  • Slick

    Couple things:

    1. Why is she still having arguements or even living next to the chick that got her in trouble in the 1st place?

    2. Stylin and Hot Spot were hits??

    3. Too bad Nas couldnt be there for a Firm reunion. AZ and Cormega are the truth and still make good music.

  • Money Mitch

    What’s wrong with Az and Mega? They some of the best lyricists in the game? I don’t like Foxy at all but I’ll give her props for staying witht he people she came up with instead of jumpin’ on the drake and weezy bandwagon!! That’s one of the reason real artists can’t make it in hip hop anymore everybody waitin’ on the next big thing to be shoved down there throat and spoon fed garbage by the radio!

  • Sha

    @ El Tico Loco

    Yeah… It’s kinda harsh. But so is signing a multi-million dollar record deal and then showing your naked ass in public. Harsh words for a harsh chick…..

    @ Money Mitch

    Them dudes can flow…. I co-sign that. But if you sign a multi-million dollar deal, the last thing you want to do is dwell in the past.

    From a analytical position that’s what the game needs. MCs need to study their history. A little reminiscing to get back to where we were.

    But from a business perspective? That shit is pure cancer. That is the number one reason Jay-Z and Dr. Dre refuse to look back. It’s about forward thinking. You just signed a new deal…. Do you want your business partners to think you have a vision? Or are you the type of person that lives in the past? Biz is Biz.

  • Face Phoenix

    Who seriously gave her a multi-million dollar contract? Last time I checked she was signed to Koch/E1 and she still hasn’t dropped an official album since 2001. BDD is even listed as a mixtape. Even the E1 deal stated she was suppose to drop three projects a year – A YEAR. This girl is straight sweeping up crumbs. No one signed her to a Multi-Million Dollar Deal, even Stevie Wonder could see through that lie. Now, I believe she was signed but not for major figures. I guess when you are an agent/manager/publicist you have to bend the truth that is if you want to eat off a client who puts out an album about once every five years [once again minus mixtapes]. Maybe it’s time to realize that your time’s up, Foxy?

  • http://vision konan


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