Twitter is a unique platform in that it allows anyone to voice their thoughts without a filter. Artists have sometimes used the microblogging site to make announcements. This happened again Tuesday night (June 29), when rumblings surfaced that Detroit MC eLZhi was no longer in Slum Village.

In his first tweet since March 8, eLZhi wrote, “Not sure what's going on....I hope Slum Village's label and T3's manager respect what I do for SV. Either way I appreciate yall support.”

Later in the night, T3 wrote, “1 of all I never kick anyone out the group...” followed by, “2nd there is no new members in slum village! !!!!!” and, “3rd don't chime in if you don't know both sides. .....” He then followed up by claiming, “oh yeah one more thing. ..This is the last Slum Village Album.....”

Hex Murda, eLZhi’s manager, issued the following statement on the situation to "eLZhi is still a part of SV, however according to T3's twitter, Villa Manifesto is probably the last Slum Village LP. Buy It!"

Slum Village’sVilla Manifesto, is set for a July 27 release. —Adam Fleischer with additional reporting by Rob Markman