Slum Village’s Villa Manifesto Could Be The Group’s Last Album

Twitter is a unique platform in that it allows anyone to voice their thoughts without a filter. Artists have sometimes used the microblogging site to make announcements. This happened again Tuesday night (June 29), when rumblings surfaced that Detroit MC eLZhi was no longer in Slum Village.

In his first tweet since March 8, eLZhi wrote, “Not sure what’s going on….I hope Slum Village’s label and T3′s manager respect what I do for SV. Either way I appreciate yall support.”

Later in the night, T3 wrote, “1 of all I never kick anyone out the group…” followed by, “2nd there is no new members in slum village! !!!!!” and, “3rd don’t chime in if you don’t know both sides. …..” He then followed up by claiming, “oh yeah one more thing. ..This is the last Slum Village Album…..”

Hex Murda, eLZhi’s manager, issued the following statement on the situation to ”eLZhi is still a part of SV, however according to T3′s twitter, Villa Manifesto is probably the last Slum Village LP. Buy It!”

Slum Village’sVilla Manifesto, is set for a July 27 release. —Adam Fleischer with additional reporting by Rob Markman

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  • C lo

    Man….just seems like no one can hold it together through these hard times…hope this doesn’t end ya’ll friendship cause you guys made some hot music….much luck on future endeavors to both sides

  • Sha

    On some real shit…. Was Slum Village EVER a group? Starting with their first album, J-Dilla was the most lyrical and put forth most of the effort. The album came off as a favor he did for his boys and less as a group album. The lyrics from the other point blank SUCKED.

    Since ElZHI joined, their lyrics have improved. Minimally. Elzhi can spit. But once J-Dilla left the fold it wasn’t the same. Sure…. Black Milk had some fire on the production, but he is definitely NOT J-DILLA.

    This will probably hurt T-3 the most. He just doesn’t have the lyrical dexterity to hold himself up. He is the “Rapper Big Pooh” of the group. With this latest move, he’s definitely D.O.A.

    Elzhi is a little different. I never really considered him a full force stand in to replace other people in the group. And since he can spit, he will probably go on to make a decent impact (decent as in UNDERGROUND).

    To me, J-Dilla was and will always be the only true member of SLUM VILLAGE. All of the other cats just couldn’t measure up (Elzhi included). To me this group was dead when Dilla left. I barely gave them a listen. And now? We’ll barely even remember them.

    • ola

      I definitley cosign your statement mr. sha, but i think this definitley a plus for Elzhi this could be a good spring board for him

  • Anonymous

    slum village+break up=feeling like dilla and baatin died all over again….

    ..*in a bernie mack voice:”thissumbuuuullshit”

  • fame of SLANG AUDIO

    slum village+break up=feeling like dilla and baatin died all over again….

    ..*in a bernie mack voice:”thissumbuuuullshit”

  • gaddic

    About time
    Elzhi needs to drop that extra baggage of recording group albums and start solidifying a legacy
    He’s technically and lyrically an awesome rapper
    Just without a stellar catalog OF solid ALBUMS

    SV should have ended when Dilla passed they’ve still made great music though but it’s time to move on

    the preface was the appetizer and that was such a good album
    Imagine how great the second project will be with El solely focused on creating his magnum opus!
    too excited!!!

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    • B.

      “eLZhi is still a part of SV, however according to T3’s twitter, Villa Manifesto is probably the last Slum Village LP. Buy It!” – Elzhi’s manager

      “ELZHI IIS STILL A PART OF SV…” PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    first off…T3 is the only founding member of SlumVillage…Alot ppl are commenting on some shit they no nothing about….El was invited into slum village,and if he wasn’t ppl woudnt have know who he is…Its taken years for ppl to catch up to what slum was doing years ago…Everyone is entitled to there own opinion about whos’ more lyrical but, to me they are both dope,its like comparing apples and oranges they both have different styles and ways of getting there point across….If ppl were really feeling el like they say they are,his solo project would have sold more than 3000 copies!!!

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  • $yk

    Once you sign on the dotted line it is no longer about music, it’s about the investment.

    ‘Leftovers’ is in heavy rotation in my world.

  • Kraft_The_MC

    Its Kind of Funny that the SlumVillage Album is dropping July27th and all this Stuff Popping Up. I Smell a Publicity Stunt

  • Anonymous


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  • NastyDBoy313

    maaaan…wtf!! i truly hope this is a “50″ stunt they pullin’. as for el’ & ’3 respectively, they are just a few of the last remaining ambassadors of true hip hop. i’ve boycotted radio for the last 3 years. bad enough that our music has gone to shit. well, so much for that til “def do” shit. God bless TRUE hip hop. wtf!!

  • Anonymous

    Hip Hop needs ya’ll nigaas man!!!!!!!11 DAMM!!

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  • Big Felon

    hip hop need s.v. fuk what these lame nugga’s talkin bout they probably racist ass eminem fans s.v. the realist nicca’s outta detroit besides b.m.f shit el t3 go hard all day 4 real hip hop nicca’s ya smell me so fuk what yall lame ass nicca’s talkin mane! big felon west coast don

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  • dee

    something you can’t or won’t be without S-V, you need to be smacked open-handedly, by these playerrrs…thanks for all the gems :)

  • Ghetto GODfather

    That’s unfortunate. T3 is the most unluckiest emcee in the game. It ain’t all over, because he really does have talent, though that ain’t the popular thing to say. El will do fine whichever direction he decides to go.

    SV will be widely talked about and possibly studied in years to come. They never compromised themselves but, instead, made better music. True fans know this, even when Dilla left & Baatin was kicked out to get himself together. It ain’t about just one person, Dilla-dikk ridaz!! His attributes would have never seen the light had it not been for him and T3 forming the group way back when. Over time, all of the members got better & better with their craft, but hip-hop, black music, AND music found a way to blacklist ALL of them. The industry, itself, was their worst enemy, and we, as fans, failed to support what they were doing as a collective. All that came to a head when 10 died two weeks after Michael Jackson did. Instead of condolences, people either chose to ignore it or was still R.I.P.n’ Dilla as if 10 didn’t matter. And when T3 & eLZhi were droppin’ music, nobody had anything to say. Nobody said anything in the magazines. No one mentioned anything in the editorials. None of the music stations gave mentioned to any Slum Village news. ?uestlove even admitted that he held back about telling the world how dope this tandem was.

    The ONLY way to make this isht right to these brothas (T3, Dilla, Baatin, eLZhi & Illa J) is to buy their music, demand the radio stations play their music, don’t buy bootleg SV, and demand promoters to book them. Nuff said.

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