Curren$y, Paul Wall & C-N-N Debut on The Billboard 200

Several new hip-hop albums hit the shelves last week, but none were able to take out Eminem, let alone even crack The Billboard 200’s top 10.

For the fourth week in a row Eminem’s Recovery sits at the No. 1 spot on the charts. Shady’s sixth solo LP picked up an additional 195,500 units this go-round, bringing his month-long total to 1,482,500, according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

Drizzy Drake got knocked down one spot to No. 3 this sales cycle as Thank Me Later was beat out by Korn’s new disc. Fans purchased 50,300 copies of TML this week, making the disc’s five-week tally stand at 833,100.

Sliding down from No. 3 to No. 14 is Big Boi’s Sir Luscious Left Foot…The Son of Chico Dusty. The OutKast MC’s long delayed LP moved 25,800 units in his second week on the stands, putting his overall figures in the 88,600 range.

The Black Eyed Peas continued to bolster up their numbers at the No. 25 slot as The E.N.D. was scanned 15,600 times this week. After 58 weeks the Peas’ total equals 2,670,100.

B.o.B. landed at the No. 32 position with his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, this time out. The ATLien earned 12,400 more fans this week, which brings his 12-week stats to 308,400. Six slots down at No. 38 are The Roots. How I Got Over was bagged up 10,800 times this week, making the group’s four week tally 96,800.

Curren$y managed to just make the Top 40 in his first week on the charts at No. 39. Pilot Talk, the 2009 XXL Freshman’s first album on Damon Dash’s DD172 New York imprint, sold 10,700 units.

Paul Wall and Capone-N-Noreaga also debuted on the charts this week. Wall’s Heart of a Champion sits at the No. 58 seat with 7,600 units while C-N-N’s The War Report 2: Report the War landed at No. 104 with 4,600.

Come back next week to see if Rick Ross’s Teflon Don can grab the top spot from Eminem. —Elan Mancini

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  • HUH?


  • General

    Damn, Stat Quo ain’t even make the top 100. His CD was actually better than I thought it would be. Aftermath kills another promising career…

    • jtm

      yeah i liked that album.

      • jburg

        I didn’t even know he had something coming out!?

  • gift

    eminem is gonna have the top spot for the rest of the summer. Ross is gonna put up good numbers, just not em numbers though lol! I’m gonna get both albums though. Always liked both mcs.

  • swype-matic

    It’s pretty sad that IN Houston, I harldy even knew Paul Wall’s cd was comin’ out this month. And I’m glad Stat actually got an official album out, been waitin’ on that for like 5 years now.

  • I got a dolla with a million dreams


    Nigga learn to type. It’s rapping not ‘raping’

    I swear you internet thugs are going to get these ‘RAPERS’ locked up on some sexual molesting charges!

  • Lloyd Sprayweather

    lol at CNN only selling 4,600 copies. What’s the point of even putting the shit out? You coulda made more money working at Hardee’s and then you could at least get a discount on what you spend all your money on anyways.

    I swear some of these niggas need to learn when to let it go, that they’re not even gonna be able to make a living off this rap shit because their skills are too piss poor, much less be the next JayZ or some shit.

    You wanna go platinum like the honkey? You better be able to flow and put together triple rhyme schemes like he can.


      Some of them Triple Rhyme Schemes that Em spits are crazy. Listen to the second verse in Seduction.

      And I’m not about to sit back and just keep rhyming one syllable, nah
      Switch it up and watch them haters not give it up, cause they’re just not good enough
      But I’m not giving up til I get my respect, and I won’t stop til I get enough
      Cause I’m not living up to my own expectations, aww
      That hater alarm is sounding off, and Obama took the bomb from my name, aww

      • Lloyd Sprayweather


  • Sha

    Eminem will sell. Congrats. But those are some seriously fucked numbers….

    There is no way anyone on this website can tell me that Eminem’s album is better than Rick Ross’s. No hip-hop purist can even dispute this…

    Why is Eminem selling?

    Yall do the Knowledge…..

    Ross won’t do Eminem’s number. Good job Eminem. The new fuckin’ Elvis.

    • jburg

      man get off that, “he’s white so he’s selling shit”!! He was white ten years ago when he came on the scene!! seven cds later he still going plat. Because the muthafucka can spit. Plan and fucking simple. This cd is selling like hotcakes for the exact opposite reason Drake’s has slowed down considerably, ITS GREAT. Fuck what anyone says, from front to back this is one of Em’s best albums. If this isn’t a classic is damn near close. Very close. Ross isn’t gonna sell well for the fact that first some can’t get over the C.O. shit. And because he doesn’t have a wide enough fan base. People get tired of the druglord fairytale rap, especially considering we ALL know he didn’t live it.

    • yeahemsalbumiswaybetter.

      by far emninems album is way better.. and .. quit hatin.. you probably aint even listend to the album

  • EmCDL

    Ya’ll buggin, that CNN album go hard, just got a chance to listen to that and Curren$y’s new ish; both are great albums.

    Actually all the really good albums that came out so far (aside from Em’s) got low sales…SMH….

    Well I don’t know about Paul Wall’s album haven’t heard that one yet. I hope The Roots at least get up to 150,000….

    Teflon Don is aight, it didn’t really phase me too much; last album I got from Ross was Port Of Miami, and I thought that album went harder than this new one. The production is dope but lyrical quality is eh. I can guarantee cats gonna be bumpin’ it in their cars all summer though.

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  • @NiztheKid

    Rick Ross will not sell more than Eminem..chill

  • BeerGangsta

    I remember when Ross call EM a Honkey LOL!! Ross will out sell the Honkey LOL!! BEP is a tought group. CD is a year old and it is still selling. Drake will go Platium soon. We see next week who is the # 1 champ.

  • real nigga

    Curren$y’s Pilot Talk was ill. Real talk

  • NefariousSun

    I’m from Michigan, and I bought Eminems first album… thats it.. Since most music buyers are white kids 12 and up is buying his stuff. Its just reality, and not suprizing

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  • jhuntdaprodigy

    SMH, the Black Eyed Peas did better their 58th week then Currency did his first. Worst promoted album ever. And it wouldn’t even that good anyway

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    Eminem is a white trash poser! I live in Detroit and can’t stand how he thinks he is from Detroit. I am going to buy 20 Rick Ross CD’s and hide the Eminem Recovery CDs even though both are posers Rick Ross is better

    • swype-matic




    • swype-matic

      What hype did you hear about Pilot Talk, besides on I heard no radio singles, saw no commericals, didn’t see any videos? Besides bein’ signed by Dame Dash, Pilot Talk may as well have been independent.

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  • ihateustupidmotherfuckasthatdontlistentothecd’sandjudge

    fuck everyone that says em is only selling cause he is white.. i aint ever heard anyone spit like him so.. quit dick riding the race bullshit.. recovery will go double platinum by the end of the summer cause its fuckinig great and em reaches and inspires alot of people with his music and his flow is untouchable so shut the fuck up with this bullshit about he sells cause he is white.. and fuck rick ross too. thats the wave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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